We Believe in Park Bom

As far as the whole world is concern, Park Bom is innocent. Shame on Knetizen. She was born a Korean, and you guys should be protecting your own people. Not humiliating them. I wonder how these people sleep at night, taking joy out of someone’s misery is really a pathetic way to live your life.

 Park Bom, the rest of the world believe in you. Take your time, rest a while, but you need to get back on your feet. Only then we will be able to show these people that justice always prevails. Stay strong Park Bom.

 We are right beside you. We believe in you.

Me siento herida por lo que le esta pasando a Bom
*no pude evitar sentir trizteza por todo esto y derramar lagrimas por ella, si nosotros nos sentimos así, ¿como se ha de sentir ella? *ella tambien es humana y sufre*
Han revivido algo que probablemente ella no queria volver a recordar y tenerlo en la cabeza, además de que era algo muy personal por lo que talvez ella tampoco quería que fuera revelado al publico* /conozco ese sentimiento por eso me duele más lo que pasa/
(Una persona que es muy especial para mi, como para muchos de nosotros *que con verla nos hace feliz, su existencia!*,
No se siente tan bien saber que ahorita no se encuentra bien y que no podemos más que brindarle nuestro apoyo desde donde estemos.
No quiero profundizar… Sólo queda mostrar nuestro apoyo… Por siempre contigo Bom ♥ WELOVEYOU
Que ella sepa que nosotros creemos en ella y no la juzgamos, que estamos de su lado y esperamos que ella siga en pie y fuerte ante todo esto, que no es para nada fácil.
Que consiga mantener esa sonrisa que todos adoramos.

Se fuerte BOM!! Lady Spring!♥

Thoughts on Park Bom's news

Park Bom DID NOT “smuggle” (illegal transportation of objects in violation of law or other regulations) drugs to Korea via international mail. Let’s make this clear. She sent PRESCRIBED amphetamines (brand name not given–we have no right to know if she has some kind of disorder) to a relative addressed to her and reached Korea by October 12, 2010. Amphetamine was banned as drugs on November 23, 2012. Therefore, Park Bom did nothing wrong as they were legally delivered. Do you think a 26 year old (and some relative who’d accept that package) would be that stupid to knowingly send/accept something illegal? No, because it was clearly not illegal in 2010. I would think YG “swept it under the rug” (made the prosecution drop investigations) to avoid this whole fiasco. 

Scandals like this (if you’re new to KPOP) are usually used to cover up even bigger issues. Can you believe something from 4 years ago just suddently happens to come to light now of all days? It’s because it’s a cover up about the governemt’s misuse (construction of a new badminton court, I’ve read) of Sewol fairy funds/donation and a Seoul congressman’s murder case. I understand that Korea also has it’s own corrupt government. I understand very well coming from a country where some of our government officials pocketed the peoples’s taxes. I’m happy to say justice is currently being served. I can only hope the same for those corrupted in power.