50+ fantastic freebies for web designers, January 2015

We’re back with another huge collection of free resources to fill up your designer’s toolbox. This month’s collection includes icons, mockups, templates,

If you never try, you’ll never know.

MyTree Networking


Please message me if you would like to learn more about the package I’m putting together for the MyTree team. There’s a reason I have so many backing MyTree Networking. Join this team of business strategists / entrepreneurs / Online / Mobile / Marketing Pro’s now!


So I’ve been messing around with php a little. Coming from Java, I find the syntax very unattractive (a $ before every variable? really?), but I also find the language pleasantly concise. It reminds me of python in that I can get a small program up and running with minimal boilerplate compared to the verbosity of an equivalent Java solution. But I guess that’s the point of scripting languages. Anyway, from what I’ve tried so far, it’s not so bad. The lack of object orientation makes me afraid to attempt anything larger than even the smallest scripts, but I think i might stick with this language for scripting from now on. It seems extremely easy to deploy given its concision and web-based nature.

Got stumped on this all day and all because I missed one line of code… what else is new? Anyways, I finally added functionality to the “accept task” button! When someone accepts someone else’s task, it automatically sends the employer an email with the worker’s email, telling them they’ve accepted it. Just like I planned! Nice.

And yes, the MS paint was totally necessary. Hehe.