webcomics you should be reading

Olivia “Wavebird” from @pan-pizza‘s incredibly awesome webcomic @lokiirl which you should most definitely read. I’ve always loved her design: the cool blue color palette, the fluffy hair, the almost “cyclops” look, and that fang…

Anyhow, she was seriously fun to draw. Pan’s super-thick outlines made for a fun experiment, as I’m still getting used to drawing with nice markers. All in all, I’m calling this one a runaway success.

Why You Should Read Long Exposure by Smokeplanet

Long Exposure is an online webcomic created by the artist @smokeplanet who also goes by Mars. It includes superpowers, lgbtq+ charcters, topics of abuse, and much more.

Read it here: @longexposurecomic

This is going to be a long well thought out rant on why you should read this spectacular comic and support the artist as well in her work.

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valiantlyscentedpolice  asked:

What got all of you into homestuck?

Surprisingly (not really) about a year and a half ago stew told me “hey you should read this super cool webcomic it has thousands of pages!” and i did - mod a

haha yeah, i actually saw it a few years ago and read the first act and then got bored. about a year later i actually read through it and haven’t gone back since then! -mod stew
  • Van Helsing: We'll get through this! We've defeated a master vampire!
  • Mina: You didn't defeat him yet.
  • Van Helsing: Well...we FACED a master vampire!
  • Mina: He bit me and got away!
  • Van Helsing: Okay, fine. We were NEAR a master vampire. For several seconds.
  • Mina: Wow, you must be so proud. Maybe you guys can find a bard and have your story of heroic master vampire proximity put into verse.