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as a prompt "Sulla and Al talk Gender"

Sulla and Al are characters from @bluedelliquanti‘s O Human Star, one of my favorite webcomics and a brilliant queer sci-fi story. You should definitely read it!

Also on AO3!

Alistair Sterling paced.

He was doing that a lot lately. Pacing. He wasn’t usually much of a pacer - he preferred to work rather than wander around aimlessly. But he had little to work on these days, with Brendan handling everything while he adjusted to his new life. Still, his brain went stir-crazy if he sat around in one place too long.

But, as Alistair paced down the hallway leading to his room, he noticed something… odd. He found himself suddenly covered in darkness, as if there was a shadow over him.

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Why You Should Read Long Exposure by Smokeplanet

Long Exposure is an online webcomic created by the artist @smokeplanet who also goes by Mars. It includes superpowers, lgbtq+ charcters, topics of abuse, and much more.

Read it here: @longexposurecomic

This is going to be a long well thought out rant on why you should read this spectacular comic and support the artist as well in her work.

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today’s beautiful pirate-y guest art is brought to you by our resident buff babe and pirate captain Noella herself! you can check out her twitter right here, and also you should be reading her webcomic about kickass queer lady pirates @broadsidecomic 

Unconvent will be back with chapter 2 “Snake in the Garden” on February 22

Olivia “Wavebird” from @pan-pizza‘s incredibly awesome webcomic @lokiirl which you should most definitely read. I’ve always loved her design: the cool blue color palette, the fluffy hair, the almost “cyclops” look, and that fang…

Anyhow, she was seriously fun to draw. Pan’s super-thick outlines made for a fun experiment, as I’m still getting used to drawing with nice markers. All in all, I’m calling this one a runaway success.


Fan art of always human, an amazing webcomics you should already be reading okay it’s ending next week AND IM SO NOT READY I don’t want to let my babies go I’m gonna cry so I had to draw them and they have changed so much since it started and i have improved and oh my

Anyways have these adorable girlfriends to be honest Austen doesn’t care to much about the spacey stuff Sunati is going on about but she loves seeing her all happy and excited so she is more than glad to be spending all night out watching the stars instead of sleeping like she should


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You should totally make webcomics of all your Greek mythology ideas! I'd read them all in a heartbeat~!!! 😍😘 If it's a money sorta deal, do you have somewhere where we can donate?

AHHHH, im so glad ur so invested in those!!!! 💕

but it’s really more a question of time? and my schedule’s already wickedy wack coz I gotta concentrate on my studies and my portfolio ;v;


I finished the last page of chapter one today! All 16 remaining pages are queued up and raring to go, with a 6 page batch update at the end! I’m going to be working on adjustments in the prologue, and chapter 2 pages, in the meantime.

I’ve been wanting to do a side-by-side comparison post since New Years, so consider this your last preview of upcoming pages! Also if you follow me and don’t read my webcomic, you should totally go read my webcomic. The current page has a sad child on it!