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sumrallmind  asked:

Ask Cal if you keep one to read before sleep and to learn how to read.

{[Ask]: [Cal]: [“To Keep one of the books to learn to read.”]}

Cal is very excited to help you read, and they are right, you are a fast learner. You did learn most of Cal’s language in about 3 days, even if you flub a word or two every now and then.
Let’s hope you find enough loot in the Sunken City so you can afford to hold onto this book. 


What Should We Do Now?

sumrallmind  asked:

Check out the books, maybe you or cal can read them

{[INVESTIGATE]: [Musty Books]}

There are [7 books] on the bottom shelf, all with a thin layer of mold and moss on the covers, but the structure of the bookshelf seems to have protected them from most of the wear and tear. The contents of the top shelf have been pretty much dissolve, but the books on the bottom shelf look readable. Not that you can read them, you are still trying to learn the alphabet.

Cal mentioned that books were expensive, they might be beaten up but you might be able to sell them if the contents are worth anything. All of the books are different colors, sizes and thicknesses.


What Should We Do Now?

Olivia “Wavebird” from @pan-pizza‘s incredibly awesome webcomic @lokiirl which you should most definitely read. I’ve always loved her design: the cool blue color palette, the fluffy hair, the almost “cyclops” look, and that fang…

Anyhow, she was seriously fun to draw. Pan’s super-thick outlines made for a fun experiment, as I’m still getting used to drawing with nice markers. All in all, I’m calling this one a runaway success.

today’s beautiful pirate-y guest art is brought to you by our resident buff babe and pirate captain Noella herself! you can check out her twitter right here, and also you should be reading her webcomic about kickass queer lady pirates @broadsidecomic 

Unconvent will be back with chapter 2 “Snake in the Garden” on February 22

Why You Should Read Long Exposure by Smokeplanet

Long Exposure is an online webcomic created by the artist @smokeplanet who also goes by Mars. It includes superpowers, lgbtq+ charcters, topics of abuse, and much more.

Read it here: @longexposurecomic

This is going to be a long well thought out rant on why you should read this spectacular comic and support the artist as well in her work.

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  • Van Helsing: We'll get through this! We've defeated a master vampire!
  • Mina: You didn't defeat him yet.
  • Van Helsing: Well...we FACED a master vampire!
  • Mina: He bit me and got away!
  • Van Helsing: Okay, fine. We were NEAR a master vampire. For several seconds.
  • Mina: Wow, you must be so proud. Maybe you guys can find a bard and have your story of heroic master vampire proximity put into verse.
If you like OnS, check out these other vampire-y manga series!

Because they’re pretty underrated at the moment and deserve more attention :)


Shoujo, Action, Supernatural 

this is the story of a boy called Mahiru Shirota who takes home a stray cat one day, only to realise that it isn’t a cat at all…it’s actually a vampire.

 this series also kinda reminds me of Black Butler (even though I haven’t read much of it ) because of the servant-demon thing…but with vampires instead. 

 Also, this series has an anime due to air this summer! 


-lots of cool action

-bishounen vampires (too many to process)

-vampires and humans working together :D 


-main character called Mahiru (that counts right?)

-Suzuki Tatsuhisa is a VA in the upcoming anime :3c (ironically though, he’s a vampire this time haha)

-no but seriously, just look at this god tier cast what more could you ask for

Bagjwi Sayug a.k.a Raising a Bat

Shounen ai, Psychological, Drama, Comedy

Okay, i lied, this is a korean webcomic not a manga but yOU SHOULD STILL READ IT. This tells the story of the relationship between a boy with hemochromatosis, and a vampire.   

don’t be fooled by the comedy tag listed (I don’t even know why it’s there) because the author loves to cause INTENSE PAIN AND SUFFERING to both the characters and the reader…


-excessive amounts of angst 

-main characters that you just want to protect

-also gay

-really pretty art (also–it’s coloured!)