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No review this week! We’ll be back next week!

Calyssa, the writer, has a major project due for her class this week and has momentarily disappeared under a pile of papers. To allow for sufficient time to dig her out, we’re moving this week’s review. We’ll be back next week, bright-eyed and with a new comic review to share.

In the meantime, let us know: what’re you reading? Which webcomic has got you eagerly waiting for the next update? 

Thanks for following us! See you soon.

So Since Summer is soon!

I thought I should tell you all that I plan on streaming every wednsday of summer. Now I know what you may already be asking: But ZC why Wednesday?

Because it’ll be Webcomic Wednesday Streams!!! So I don’t know if Webcomic Wednesday is already it’s own thing but for me it’ll be me streaming every wednsday of summer while I either draw new pages of Space for A.N.G.E.L.S. or maybe draw some stuff from other people’s webcomics?? Requests sometimes too if I get enough support! 

I plan on starting this on the first Wednesday of my summer. (which is sadly shorter than usual because my school is having us go back earlier next year so we can leave in may.) I currently don’t have a specific hours for how long the streams will be so for now this everything you need to know! See you all on June the 14th!! :D

Note to self:

  1. If I work on my comic everyday, then I’ll have a finished comic.
  2. If I have a finished comic, then I can share with the public.
  3. If I can share a comic with the public, then I can ask for support.
  4. If I get support from the public, then I can make more comics.

I think I need this as a poster or something by my desk. Maybe tattooed on my arms.