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Hi! (First of all- I love this blog, it's completely fantastic. You guys rock!) So, I really want to make a webcomic, but I draw traditionally. I plan to upload panels to tumblr separately, making a photoset- but I'm not sure how to do that. What's the right size to make a panel? Should I scan them into photoshop and change the size of the panels then? What's the size they should be before I upload them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s awesome you want to start making a webcomic!!! I’m also glad you’re thinking about uploading panels separately, since tumblr can really mess with image size when you upload one full page of content.

I usually refer to this post when I want to know the sizes that tumblr uses for photosets. There are also plenty of GIF-reference blogs out there that list the image sizes for different photosets. 

I would suggest drawing your comic pages as you want to draw them (don’t sacrifice composition and page design for the sake of posting on tumblr, especially if you ever decide to move on to another posting platform!!), and then when you scan them in crop as needed. You may be able to split the page in half instead of doing it panel by panel each time, without sacrificing image resolution. :) It also may help you to make a digital template. Measure out 500 pixles x 750 pixels (tumblr’s default photo size) and then print it out on a piece of paper so you know the ratio your page should be. (It doesn’t have to be exactly 500x750, it just has to be a ratio of that.)

Good luck!

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