Hey guys! Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made a post for Bi Visibility Day. I wasn’t expecting nearly that much response and it made me really happy to see so many people participating.

So, Ace Awareness Week is next month. Looks like this year it’s going to be October 23-29. I’ll post more about it closer to the date, but I’ll be taking posts about your ace spectrum characters for that as well.

Also, I’m trying to be more social! Mostly by leaving comments more often on the webcomics I read. I’d love to have more successful event days/weeks in the future, and I think a key part of that is people feeling comfortable enough to send their stuff in.

So, hey. I’m Potatoe. Sometimes the way I type makes me seem more formal/standoffish than I actually am. I use this icon of my cat usually:

I reblog mostly cute animals and things I find funny on my tumblr and post random thoughts and pictures of my pets on twitter. Feel free to follow me if you want to.

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Can I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for not leaving us on a cliffhanger this weekend, I know so many webcomic artists that would've been like "Tune in TWO WEEKS FROM NOW after I go on vacation <3" and leave everyone screaming the entire time, you're a life saver

hahaha of course! i didn’t feel right leaving it like that, plus i’m taking a majority of today sketching the rest of this week’s comic pages. see you at midnight!

So I thought “Oh what the hell!” and started another comic project! This one’s about a girls’ basketball team that suddenly has to deal with a zombie apocalypse, and the coach, Jeff, soon finds out that the teenagers may be more suited to handle the situation than he is.

It’s gonna be a ton of fun, no gore and no excessive violence, zombie entertainment for everyone! Read it here, and if you like it, please leave a positive rating and share it on your social media of choice. :~)

Go read it here, on Webtoon! I’ll love you if you do!

This is a story about Vincent. (But not really.)

Vincent’s been on sabbatical recently, and promised the Professor to visit his old friend. Because of this, some would say Vincent’s a nice fellow. But he’s not, honestly. 

(Nice people wouldn’t try to run away from their families, homes and responsibilities.)

Lucky for him, Vincent finds all the excuses he needs when the “old friend” turns out to be Victoria, a mysterious vampire with two wicked children. 

A quick promo image for the webcomic launch date, December 9th! Mark your imaginary calendars and keep an eye on the website! (there’s still nothing on it yet) (but there will be things soon) (exciting things)



If you want to read the secon part go HERE to download it, it is a pay what you want purchase, so you can get it by any price, even 0 if you want, but any amount help me to keep making this comics

and if you want to read the rest of the series go HERE, to my gumroad store where you can find them, and just like this one, everthing is pwyw, thanks once again for your support!

on a side note…

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