webcomic week


To celebrate transgender remembrance day, we decided to illustrate this loving text by @sunsethighh rather than mourn the loss of life over the past year.

(Though if you wish to celebrate loss, check out our tribute to trans activist Blake Brockington from a few months back.)

Also: T shot illustration based loosely on @cooperxv‘s photo post here.

Update: Reddit users myiuki and MaliceDespie responded with an important cautionary note:

myiuki: Well this strip seems super into medical transition as though shots are the only way to transition

MaliceDespie: Exactly my thought. As if hormones and medical transition is the end all, be all. It’s a goal for me and others, sure, but I think everyone could agree on both that it’s not for everyone and that the problems you face don’t stop there.


This week’s comic is based on different prejudices that me and my girlfriend have received regarding our looks and sexuality. Last week I ran into some guys who were commenting on my looks and it has been a topic we’ve discussed a lot at home, because my girlfriend has never received anything like the things that were said to me, whilst I’ve never been questioned (except for by my mum, obv) about my sexuality.