webcomic panels

I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics lately so I just wanted to say:

Paranatural is on another level with its humour and facial expressions, and everyone should read it. Right now. DO IT. (also the outfits omg i want them all especially the insolent children hoodie but also isaac’s clothes shirt)

Cucumber quest has probably my favourite villain in anything ever, Rosemaster. (Chapter three is so good that all other comics are gonna need to step up their game with complex and loveable villains)

Monster pulse is an amazing read, and the simplicity of the style works amazingly to combat the arguably dark themes. Also all the characters are children? Like, realistically? They act how children would act but they’re not obnoxious or annoying? A+ characterization there.

ahaha i said arguably dark then showed the part where four children are watching a woman beat a man to death with a rock

Ava’s demon is so pretty, you’re hard pressed to find a more gorgeous comic. Also the single panel a page format makes it almost seem like you’re watching it rather than reading it.

Sleepless domain is like madoka magica crossed with x men? idk its really good and the characters are adorable. 

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Murata stream update: Garou vs Bang (plus Garou flashback)! The contrast depicted between their states of mind is amazing.