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Zimbits Battle of the Blades AU

so. well. Y’all remember this post? About a Canadian TV show that makes hockey players learn how to do pairs routines with figure skaters? It’s Jack and Bitty now. Leggo. 

  • It’s a year or two after Bitty graduates from Samwell. He won the Frozen Four in his Senior Year, and Jack has a Calder trophy and Stanley Cup win under his belt. They are both publicly out, but they’ve kept their status as a couple lowkey for now. 
  • The execs in charge of Battle of the Blades decide they need a new gimmick to increase ratings. Enter: Queers!!! On Ice!
  • They want one F/F and one M/M pair of skaters, in addition to the regular straight couples. It’s easy enough to find female skaters willing to pretend to have a gal pal, and the NWHL has several out queer players, and yet…
  • The producers can literally find no male hockey players or figure skaters who are a) available, b) notable public figures, and c) willing to spend months within inches of another man at all times, except for Jack and Bitty. Fuck it, the producers decide, and make some calls. 
  • Cue the Intense Relationship Discussion.
  • Bitty would love to figure skate again, and Jack thinks the cross-conditioning sounds like a good idea, but both of them have reservations about the public scrutiny this will put their relationship under. 
  • Enter George with a life-saving idea: what if they announced their relationship via the show? They’d have to pretend to just be good friends early on, but then Jack could gradually dial up the heart eyes and Bitty could stop self-censoring, and by the end of the show they would have “started dating.”
  • The two of them agree to George’s proposal and filming starts.
  • All the hockey players are sent out on the rink in hockey skates first, and Bitty pulls off a flawless double axel the second he gets on the ice. “Dear me, I must have forgotten which skates I’m wearing!”
  • Jack Zimmermann, hockey god, falls flat on his face the second he puts on figure skates. He and Bitty unintentionally recreate the “Toepick!” scene from The Cutting Edge at least twice. 
  • Lift training is a total wash. Half of it is unintentional flirting- “Yes, Mr Zimmermann, your hand is supposed to go on my butt.” “I see you’ve been keeping up with your squats, Bittle.”- and the other half is Jack screwing up and Bitty nearly dying, as per canon.
  • The judges are always commenting on what great chemistry the two of them have, probably because they were linemates back in the day, right? “Well,” says Jack, “we’re a team.” 
  • Dear lord the interview segments are ridiculous. 
  • Half the time, Bitty’s explaining some bullshit heteronormative requirement of pairs skating, and the other half he’s slowly but surely unloading Jack Feels™ onto the audience.
    • “Rule number one, never fall for a teammate.”
  • Meanwhile, Jack isn’t even bothering to hide his crush on Bitty/Bittle/my partner/Eric- what he calls him depends on how adoring he is at the moment.
    • “Jaw-dropping. Awe-inspiring, the best thing that’s ever happened to me… wait, this was supposed to be about the Stanley Cup win, not being on Bittle’s line? Yeah, that was nice too.”
  • Around Week 4, the entire nation of Canada needs to know- are they partners, or are they partners? 
  • Every. Single. Song. fits the dramatic arc of their “new relationship.” Canadian hits? “Stop Desire,” Tegan and Sara. 80s week? “How Will I Know,” Whitney Houston. Hollywood? “I’ll Cover You,” RENT.
  • They get to the finale on the combined strength of Jack’s cheekbones and Bitty’s media savvy. Ransom sends them updates on his family’s latest adoring comments. 
  • Of fucking course their last skate is to “Halo.” What is this, amateur hour?
  • Of fucking course they win. What is this, Yuri On Ice?
    • Yes this headcanon was 37% inspired by the fucking Episode 12 pair skate but that’s a whole other kettle of fish
  • When Jack hears they’ve won, in the “heat of the moment,” (read: in a carefully choreographed move endorsed by George months ago) he sweeps Bitty into a show-stopper of a kiss. 
  • The nation of Canada gets a little weak at the knees. 
  • “So, yeah!” Bitty announces in his last interview segment, post-win. “Me and Jack are dating!”
  • This is getting super long but then they’re a public couple and they donate the money they won to You Can Play and the SMH Squad hosts viewing parties for every episode, thank you for your time.

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Which webcomics do you read and like? (if you read them of course)

DO I READ WEBCOMICS?!? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? I don’t think anyone can be a good comic artist if they don’t read a billion comics. I feel like this list is just a fraction of good online comics out there, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really good ones, but without further ado, here’s:


Brainchild by Suzanne Geary

I’m so proud to have Brainchild as Witchy’s sister comic because it is SO AMAZING!!! Please read Brainchild if you like coming of age comics, cool mutants, mysterious powers and cute girls dating. Even if those aren’t usually your thing you should still check Brainchild out because Suzanne’s execution of the entire thing is fantastic! I’m so excited to see where it goes. Suzanne has a fantastic grip on colour and her panelling is always beautiful.

Knights Errant: Pavane by Jennifer Doyle

Knights Errant: Pavane is actually a reboot of the original, but let me tell you it is a reboot that WORKS. Jen is a fantastic storyteller and the pacing of Pavane compared to KE is amazing, and I’ve immediately been drawn into the world. Read if you like chivalry, political intrigue and queer knights! Jen’s pages always have this perfect balance to them, and I feel like they get the most out of every panel. 

Best Friends Forever by Mickey Quinn

If there is someone that really knows how to write a good character drama, it’s Mickey. BFF has been running for a couple of years and I swear every update leaves me crying and kicking the wall in sad, horny frustration. Recently BFF has switched from a traditional webcomic format to more of a serial, heavily illustrated story, but that doesn’t make it any less gripping. It deals with the fine line between intimate friendship and romance, sexuality, and all that other good high school drama stuff. It’s also incredibly stylish and cool!

HERO by Hwei

I’m pretty sure Hero is the comic on this list that I’ve been following the longest, and for good reason. I don’t think any comic has ever made me feel sadness and yearning as strongly as Hero has. The dialogue and prose is beautiful, as are the illustrations, and Hwei draws fantastic page layouts. The first time I discovered it I stayed up till 3 am reading it, and it still has a lot of sentimental value to me. This was one of the first comics I read that really made me want to work in comics.

Raedus by Yossra El Said

Yossra is a fantastic artist and I wish more people read her comic! She has such a great sense of colour that immerses me in the world so well. It’s still relatively early on, but the story follows two children and a mysterious man who can commune with the spirits of a long gone civilization, and it’s super intriguing. 

(I’m sorry I had to stop inserting pics here bc the post would be WAY too long and also it was eating up my day)

This Is Not Fiction by Nikki

TINF has travelled so far since I started reading it; back when it was a little high school collab project on Smackjeeves. Nikki has such a unique art style it’s such a joy to see what she does with her pages! It has another high school setting but is unlike any high school story I’ve read, where the main characters hunt down a mysterious author named Sydney Morgan. 

H&J by G.C Houle

H&J is a super stylish murder-mystery type comic where the two main characters, Helvetica and John, run a slapdash private investigation agency. The writing is hilarious, fun, and engaging and I am in love with Helvetica.

Kill Six Billion Demons by Orbitaldropkick

I only read KSBD last week but I was immediately hooked. It has the most beautifully, intricately detailed art I’ve ever seen, great colour, and some SUPER interesting world building elements based on indian and other deities. It’s just super dynamic and interesting and you should read if you love a good blood bath (conversely, avoid if you’re feint of heart. also warning because the first few pages have a bit of sexual cohersion)

Hotblood by Toril

GAY WESTERN ROMANCE WITH CENTAURS? how can anyone say no. Hotblood has a great sense of atmosphere, probably because of Toril’s nuanced colouring and the balance of slow and fast pacing. It’s rare in webcomics that there are just pages that give the audience time to breathe, and I really appreciate that in Hotblood.

Arboreta by Kara A

Another comic that’s still in early stages, Arboreta has begun with a beautiful slow pace reminiscent of a ghibli film. I love that it takes the time to linger on the little details of life and nature. 

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

I have a weakness for magical girl stories, and Agents of the Realm is super promising. It has all the good stuff; magical amulets, scary monsters and weird and mysterious mentors, but at the same time feels more grounded in reality because of the down-to-earthedness of the characters.

Bouletcorp by Boulet

Boulet’s comics are weekly strips, but on a whole other level to what I’ve seen before. Most of it is slice of life stuff, but then he’ll knock you out of the park with a huge strip that keeps you scrolling for minutes, about a man who adventures down into the center of the earth. You never quite know what to expect when Boulet updates, apart from the fact that it’ll be amazing.

Balderdash! by Victoria Grace Elliot 

Do you like slice of life comics about witches and female friendships? then you should read Balderdash! It has a super cute art and some beautiful world building ideas, and a headstrong main character who just wants to bake.

Monster Pop! by Maya Kern

Another slice of life comic with some really great character development. I’m super invested in the lives and relationships of this cool, diverse cast of interesting monsters and humans. A lot of well executed queer relationships!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona just finished up and I recommend that everyone give it a read. It’s just an all around good comic. Great writing, great art, and some really sweet and unexpected character interactions. It subverts a lot of Hero/Villain tropes.

TJ & Amal by E.K. Weaver

TJ & Amal is another comic that finished recently and it was so, so amazing. I had been reading it from the very beginning and while I hated to see it go, it ended wonderfully. It is seriously one of the most subtle and wonderful comics out there, and E.K. Weaver has such a knack for small character details. I don’t know what you’re doing if you don’t read this comic!

Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.

If you’re into comics and you’re not reading Cucumber Quest hurry up!! do it now!!! It’s one of my favourites and has amazing art, hilarious writing and reminds me of my my favourite nintendo game so it feels cozy and comfortable and nostalgic to read. If you’ve ever played the Mario & Luigi RPGs or the Paper Mario games, I can bet that you’ll love this comic.

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Another one of my faves, another one of those “how are you not reading this if you say you like comics” kind of comics. There are a lot of stories about young people living in New York but I want to say this is the best of them. Super hilarious when it wants to be, super poignant when it wants to be, the story about the mysterious visitor legit made me cry. One of the few things where I care about the straight characters smooching.

So SORRY this turned into a colossal post, I hope everyone who’s interested in broadening their comic horizons will take a look! each comic here is gold.


Okay! I can finally kickstart this series because I have these all figured out: Keiran and Dimitri Caroline, the main characters for (what’s hopefully going to be a webcomic) The Hazard List

Do Not Repost!

Tumblr is fast becoming a popular hosting choice for LGBT webcomics! For more, see our first list of LGBT webcomics on Tumblr, or check out our LGBTQ webcomic masterlist.

Trans Girl Next Door (transgirlnextdoor): (teen, transgender) A weekly comic series about a girl entering the “girl world”… silly funny stuff ensues.

Portside Stories (portsidestories): (teen, transgender) A.K.A. Huggy Gender Dorks, an online webcomic about exploring gender and pink striped socks.

Impact Theory (impacttheorycomic): (mature, m/m) Fate is a matter of perspective. At least, that’s what Terri thought before Yue came literally crashing into his life. Bound with a curse that causes serendipity and chaos to be a daily event, Yue has been stumbling through the world ever since he first met Terri in high school.

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls (themanicpixienightmaregirl): (teen, transgender) A webcomic focussing on what it’s like living life as a transgender woman in a cisgender world.

NEIGHBOR (slashpaloozawebcomics): (mature, m/m) Due to bad past experiences, Paris hides himself behind his responsibilities. At least until his new neighbor, Adam, moves in. Adam has his own demons from the past and is trying to use the move as an opportunity to start over and change some bad habits.

Can’t Look Back (cantlookbackcomic): (mature, f/f) Rylie wakes up from a nightmare in which her girlfriend Naomi was killed by zombies, and afterward the two of them do a bunch of cute stuff while Rylie tries to forget her horrible dream.

T-Time (t-time-with-sime): (teen, transgender) A comic documenting the medical transition of an 18-year-old student from the UK.

Dragon Husbands (dragonhusbandscomic): (teen) A young citizen of the LG5 space colony 88HK3 meets a strange person, and a stranger fate.

Men+Monsters (regular version: men-plus-monsters | bonus boners version: men-plus-monsters-nsfw): (mature, m/m) A romantic fantasy adventure about a man and his monster.

All Our Cuts And Bruises (allourcutsandbruises): (mature, m/m) Tony Green, banker and father of one, gets roped into adventure against his inclination by Roberto Luciani, esteemed cat burglar and less competent time traveller.

Epic Loads (epicloadscomic): (ultra mature, m/m) A hunky adult parody of the RPG World.

Assigned Male (assignedmale): (everyone, transgender) The incredible adventures of Stephie (who happens to be trans).

Avialae (avialaecomic): (mature, m/m) A webcomic about a gross bird boy and his nerdy ornithologist boyfriend–Imeanneighbor who helps him out during the painful and bloody process of growing wings.

There’s something strangely ironic and nice and kinda sad about how Ava’s Demon portrays two figures who represent lust actually being lustful instead of being objects of lust, and that already makes them drastically more original than the ‘stereotypical’ depiction of lust.

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hey tumblr dad do u know any good webcomics I should read???

i do not know when i became a dad but i will do my best

fun fact i don’t read that many webcomics so,, this list will be kinda short?

but the big one that got me into webcomics was obviously homestuck
some other good ones are
Hanna is not a boys name
(it’s really short, but god what is there i love)
to follow homestuck Paradox Space is good too
and the property of hate
oh oh and one of my favorites, it’s horror and there is quite a bit of blood and body horror but it’s really good it’s called Rubyquest
i will say a lot of these i am not caught up on, and lots in my “things to read” folder on my laptop, and maybe this list will be updated as i actually read into those

i said i don’t read a lot of webcomics and it comes out i lied

LGBT Webcomics on Tumblr

Tumblr has been becoming an increasingly popular platform to host webcomics. Here are just a few of the fantastic LGBT webcomics that you can follow on Tumblr right now. For more LGBT webcomics on Tumblr and around the web, see our masterlist.

Queermo’s Journey (qmjourney): (teen, transgender) Life is confusing. One artsy queer dude’s attempts to muddle through it.

Get Your Man (getyourmancomic): (mature, m/m) The lovable tale of a Mountie in the Canadian North-Western territories and how he both did and did not get his man.

GQutie (gqutie): (teen, genderqueer) A comic about one artist’s gender adventures.

Check, Please! (omgcheckplease): (teen, m/m) A story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best four years of your life.

Becoming Me (bmcomic): (teen, transgender) A loosely autobiographical comic about life in hormone replacement therapy and not having a job.

Relativity (relativitycomic): (everyone, f/f) Fifteen years from now, Irina Novak sets off on the first manned lightspeed flight, with unexpected consequences to herself and her marriage.

Eth’s Skin (eths-skin): (teen, various) Under a sickle moon on an empty stone beach Eth mistakes a selkie skin for their own, and ends up having to make a journey to a distant cove in order to put things right. It’s a queer (and genderqueer) fantasy full of monsters and low tides, cool non-binary individuals, queer relationships, and a pet pygmy harbour seal named Goblin.

Sonnet (sonnetcomic): (everyone, m/m) A fairytale-inspired comic told in a series of seven illustrated sonnets, about two knights that meet by chance while slaying a dragon.

Knights-Errant: Pavane (knightserrantcomic): (teen, transgender) Wilfrid is on a quest. A quest for what, you ask? They won’t say. Either way, it’s going to be bloody.

Lost Pieces (lostpiecescomic): (mature, f/f, transgender) The summer Tora Felton turned eighteen, everything she’d come to know starts to change.

Hotblood! (hotbloodcomic): (mature, m/m) A comic following the adventures of James Evander Leicester Rook (a total washout Civil War vet who happens to be a centaur), Asa Langley (America’s most irreverent steel industry icon and Rook’s employer), and a great deal of money. The year is 1871.

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Do you know of any other lgbt books on webtoon and if so can you list them?:}


Featured comics:

ShootAround - a hilarious and occasionally hearwrenching story about teens surviving the zombie apocalypse. It really is funny, I have laughed so many times reading it, and the story has so much heart I LOVE IT (make Elise happy please ;_____;). Most of the cast is LGBT+ or PoC or both.

Under the Aegis - epic fantasy with fascinating worldbuilding and wonderful characters. The comic is nearly over and I am DYING everything hurts it’s so good. It takes a while before the characters’ sexualities are explored but about half of the main cast is LGBT+ in some way which was unexpected and glorious <3

Snailogy - magical realism slice-of-life-ish semi-autobiographical-ish comic. Beautiful art, that ranges from gorgeous to gothic and creepy (and still gorgeous). I don’t know exactly how Aidyn (the creator) identifies, but in the comic he makes it clear that he was DFAB and prefers male pronouns, and many of the strips deal with his thoughts on gender.

FAUST - urban fantasy inspired by Goethe’s Faust. The main character is unambigously attracted to men (though I’m not sure exactly what his sexuality is) Really crisp cell-shaded art with some incredible fight scenes and hints and mysteries and worldbuilding that I can’t wait to learn more about. 

Immortal Nerd - quirky sci-fi comedy set in a super diverse future. I’m pretty certain every single character is LGBT+ in some way. It’s essentially a comic about memes and at times it’s left me in stitches. It’s probably one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen. 

Also, Heroine Chic, Yumi’s Cells and Dents all have side LGBT+ characters. I think Cheese in the Trap does as well, though I haven’t read it yet (though I have heard very good things about it).


Springroll’s Daily Life - Really cute semi-autobiographical comic about girlfriends. The cutest girlfriends! The art is too adorable for words and it’s really charming and funny :D

The Unfitting Puzzle Piece - beautifully drawn contemporary romance/drama about two scarred girls forming a relationship. Deals with some pretty heavy themes, but includes trigger warnings at the beginning of episodes when necessary.

Let’s study, shall we? - Cute, colourful highschool romance/comedy (girlxgirl) The characters are bursting with energy and the art is great! 

And that’s all I can think of right now.

But there are probably heaps of LGBT+ comics on webtoons that I forgot about or haven’t even read myself yet, so if you know of any more please reblog and add to the list :)

(Self-promotion is encouraged! If you draw a LGBT+ comic and post it to LINE webtoon please add it to this list.)

For y’all making OPM OC’s ‘n stuff

So, there’s a shit-ton of heros in the OPM universe ‘n stuff so I went and made a list of all the mentioned heros and their ranks, if you wanna make a hero OC but don’t wanna be taking a canon heros rank, or if you’re writing a fanfic and cant remember about a certain hero, ect ect. (I also included the city that they operate in, for the heros that we know where they work/live)

(Warning, spoilers for the webcomic. I’ll update the list as we discover more heros)

S Class: 17 heros in total

Pri-Pri-Prisoner - Rank 17
(Badd) Metal Bat- Rank 16
Tanktop Master- Rank 15
(Genos) Demon Cyborg- Rank 14
Flashy Flash- Rank 13 (Note: that’s his name in the anime but I think his Japanese name is Flash Of Flash. idk. We’re all abit conflicted with his name.)
Watchdog-man- Rank 12 (Q-City)
Superalloy Darkshine- Rank 11
Pig God- Rank 10
Drive Knight- Rank 9
Zombieman- Rank 8
King- Rank 7 (M-City)
Metal Knight- Rank 6
Child Emperor- Rank 5
(Bang) Silver Fang- Rank 3
(Tatsumaki) Tornado of Terror- Rank 2
Blast- Rank 1

A Class: 39 heros in total

(Saitama) Caped Baldy- Rank 39
Biting Snake Fist Sneck- Rank 37
Chain'n'Frog- Rank 36
Air- Rank 35
Feather- Rank 34
Doll Master- Rank 33
Heavy Kong- Rank 32
Forte- Rank 31
Peach Terry- Rank 30
Spring Mustache- Rank 28
Smile Man- Rank 27
Golden Ball- Rank 26
Crescent Eyebroll- Rank 25
Green- Rank 24
Lightning Max- Rank 19
Lightning Genji- Rank 17
Butterfly DX- Rank 16
Great Philosopher- Rank 13
Stinger- Rank 10
Tanktop Vegetarian- Rank 9
Death Gatling- Rank 8
Magic Trick Man- Rank 7
Blue Fire- Rank 6
Heavy Tank Fundoshi- Rank 5
Bushidrill- Rank 4 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Slicing Sheman- Rank 3 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Iaian- Rank 2 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask- Rank 1 (J-City)

B Class: 101 heros in total

Mushroom- Rank 93
Tanktop Black Hole- Rank 81
Bone- Rank 77
Lily of the Three Section Staff- Rank 74 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Piko- Rank 65 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Jet Nice Guy- Rank 56
Darkness Blade- Rank 50
Butcher- Rank 49
Glasses- Rank 21
Mountain Ape- Rank 3 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Eyelashes- Rank 2 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
(Fubuki) Blizzard Of Hell- Rank 1

C Class: 390 heros in total

Red Nose- Rank 385
Saturn Man- Rank 359
Hyottoko- Rank 347
Bun-Bun Man- Rank 331  
Grad School Graduate- Rank 299
Studless- Rank 295
Horse-Bone- Rank 283
Monocross- Rank 203
Grave Eight- Rank 174
Gasmask Cowboy- Rank 141
Armored Chief Clerk- Rank 111
Red Muffler- Rank 89
Battery Man- Rank 85
Funeral Suspenders- Rank 40
D-Pad- Rank 22
Tanktop Tiger- Rank 13
License-less Rider- Rank 1

I hope this helped for whatever you could be working on!

Is anyone interested in a (short?) webcomic I’d post on tapastic (and maybe on a side blog here) during this summer break? 

Featuring: mythology, fate, feelings, romance, drama (angst or happy ending? who knows (i hope for happy endings)), ink, dreams, weird links between past and present, identity crisis and….I’m sure I’ll find something cool to add to this list


its here!! i have put my soul and 2 weeks of work into this thing pls check it out @theadventurezone