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You know when the comic becomes serious because I add actual color.

Additionally, I’m thinking of opening up a Patreon for this comic, along with other artwork and things I make. I’m desperately in need of a new source of income, so I want to try it out in the future, possibly with the comic.

I’m wondering what kind of merch/rewards/other things you’d be interested in seeing attached to the Patreon, so I put together a little survey. You can fill it out here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfdkL-iCsJPUihEtdcHeDMJm4e_aDXOwDrcBhq7Slnw9DlWQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Radio Silence has updated!

If at first you don’t succeed… try subterfuge instead?

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If you’d like to support Radio Silence, as well as see pages early and receive fun stuff in the mail, check out the patreon! Or for a one time donation, buy me a Ko-Fi!

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This is Dylan and Ian mine and my wife's characters and this is them daily fucking with each other.

Would this be considered concept art? maybe?… yeah why not! it shows Ian’s house so heck yah!!

Btw we own these pants irl THEY ARE COZY AS FUCK



Rat Race - a short comic about surviving and falling into the rat race.

I made this (in a rush for an anthology with amazing friends) 3 years ago, and I have never posted it online! It’s incredible timing too, to remember to post it - when I wrote/drew this I hadn’t entered uni yet, and right now, I’m finishing it (graduation! adulthood! entering the actual rat race!).

It is an incredibly dark comic, but like, as the author of this, who had those fears then and still have those fears now, who wrote this when she was younger and now has some insight to the graduating experience -, I ask you to keep trucking. Considering how awful the world is right now, it’s more important and cooler than ever to embrace the things you love and that make you happy. Your fave books and shows. Exercising. Family you love (found and/or biological). That ice cream in the fridge. Your existence in this world is valuable; love is love is love is love is love. You’re one of those loves.

You may never achieve your dreams (still, be open) - there’s also the possibility that it may change - but you can still have parts of it in your life. What you must do, forever and always, is continue to hope.

PLEASE READ THE SEQUEL - The Road Well Travelled. Which is a newer (therefore wiser?), positive comic about the same topic.