Paranatural Episode 1 - Mayview

Hello everyone! We are doing a dub of Zack Morrison’s webcomic, Paranatural! I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to check out the full webcomic by Zack Morrison at: 

Thank you!

Sound Engineer/Mixer - Philly-Spidey
Video Editor - Figgy


Philly-spidey as Max
Jacob West as Dad
Georgie as Zoey
Hit&Miss as Johnny
JDExists as Ollie
MajinBoo0111 as Stephen
Nad as Suzy
Figgy as Collin
Hit&Miss as Isaac
JDExists as Dimitri
Jacob West as Mr. Garcia
Spidey-Bro as Jeff
Saeko as Violet
Perilou as Lisa
Spidey-bro as Cody
Figgy as Ed
Georgie as Ms. Baxter
JDExists as Man in the Shadows