Would you look at that!
Victubia is changing format! 

From now on Victubia will be published as an webcomic, at

3 pages are already up!
Page 4 can be found on my Patreon!

So what does this mean for you guys? REGULAR UPDATES! That’s what! XD No more waiting for months to get the story moving!
The comic will be updated once a week* and will always be free to read!

*Once a week is the minimum amount, but there might be more if my Patreon goals are reached.
If you want to support the creation of Victubia and get some bonus content along the way, be sure to check out my Patreon page! <3 Every little bit helps.
Tapastic -coming soon-

That was the TL;DR information.
Now follows a longer explanation of what, why and how things have turned out the way they have.

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Valentine’s day pic, my most detailed picture to date!

Also the first time I didn’t have to rely on editing the hues/saturation/values on Photoshop to make the colors look good, all color bby :3

Sweet decided to wear a button-up shirt, she doesn’t care if wet 0:


✧Newest Update✧


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Engelbaum: Page 36


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Fanart for the amazing @trackalaka​ of her character, Attley (yo, another improvment compared to the drawing I did two years ago) from her comic The Sanity Circus

You guys can check out the comic on SSP and on Tapastic (tho on SSP the comic is further than on Tapastic by one page) You should read it, it’s really cool +______+ Oh yeah! The comic also has its Tumblr ( @sancirc )

Dear Windy, thank you for sharing with everyone your comic UvU Love the characters, story and concepts and I can’t wait for more! You are one of my inspirations and I hope I soon get my webcomic out this year ;;;v;;;; Looking forward for SanCirc and any of your projects >w<b and hope your wrist gets better soon ;;;0;;;

(Just a btw, I know you love the anime/manga “Tokyo Ghoul” so I based this drawing a bit of one of the manga covers ;’D)