[S] Make Her Pay | [S] Terezi: Remem8er (spoilers)

I love one particular frame in today’s update which is a visual callback to the time when Vriska made Terezi go blind and which serves as a nice, circular bookend to the Scourge Sisters saga. Redemption!


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Hey everyone! I am overjoyed to announce that the third volume of my ongoing webcomic Hotblood!, a m/m story about centaurs in the American Old West, is now available to purchase via Amazon’s CreateSpace print-on-demand service. The books are gorgeous 112-page, full-colour 6x9″ softcovers and include the entirety of chapter 3 as well as an exclusive appendix of materials, sketches, and a bit of extra comic you won’t find online!

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And that’s it for Chapter 3! Please stay tuned for an announcement on Thursday. Also, printed copies of Volume #3 are now available from Amazon CreateSpace. The books are paperback, full-colour, and truly magnificent, if I do say so myself! As with Volumes #1&2, Volume #3 contains additional content that won’t be available anywhere else.


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The flash that will go down in Homestuck history

Where the ghosts were given one final instance of plot relevance

Where Terezi’s powers were demonstrated and proved her worth

Where Vriska traveled the void alone with only her thoughts

Where the Scourge Sisters were able to reunite and sail together one last time

Where the fans all simultaneously burst into tears

We will never forget, we will always, remember