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Hey guys!! It’s been quite awhile since my last update. I’m sorry about that! I was trying to focus on self care for the past month or so, but I promise MGP-MGS was never far from my mind!

I hope to focus on updating (at least semi) regularly once again!

A big thanks to @Notcathi for flatting this strip for me so I could get back on the horse. The best friend a gal could ask for.

Castlestaff Voiceover Auditions are open!

Auditions for the dub of Castlestaff! You have a chance at voicing a character in the voiceover edition of the comic. We’re looking for a wide variety of voices, so there should be at least one character that anyone can audition for!

How to audition:

  • Reblog this post (likes to bookmark are ok, but you must reblog to get a role!)
  • Read the audition info
  • Use a good mic and software (I recommend Audacity
  • Record your lines for as many characters as you want!
  • Submit the audio to the Castlestaff blog OR email it to

HERE is audition info and lines!

Thank you and good luck!