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On the rare occasion I make singing clips on Instagram there’s always someone who asks me to upload the full video, so this time, I have! Enjoy/don’t enjoy this short Bruno Mars cover in which (because of my webcam) the audio becomes out-of-sync very, very quickly.

And don’t worry - I won’t quit my day job.



On that note; the box I sent her came today!!! Behold the goodies inside it!

First set: Opening the box all grumpy and shy, blushing over the note and the card I sent her that everyone in my family signed ://) (And a little pic I took of what the card looks like lmao sorry I’m a royal fucking sap)

Second set: That green box she’s opening is a new webcam!! I got one just like it and I agree its high time she should have a webcam she’s proud to gpoy on too. So the rest of this is with the nice new cam!!

I got her some pencils that she likes because I think it’s the cutest thing, a pink tie (it was the last one I couldn’t help myself!!).

annnd the grand finale; a blazer she’d really been eyeing since she visited in November, and my JCP is closing so I got it for a bargain. She’s gonna take her own better GPOY of that badass thing.

Bonus Third Set: I bought her a Littlest Pet Shop shark because we were looking through them online and it was her favorite. I didn’t actually think I’d find it in my store. Needless to say… she’s very attached. We’ve already started calling it Rilu. HAHAHA

Happy birthday, angel! <333