Only Us (Part Three)

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Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1550

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2 

Can’t afford that, can’t afford that. I thought my fingers brushing the soft fabric on the shirts. I stare at the one shirt that caught my eye. $25.99. Fat chance. I pushed it away pulling my purse closer to me.

“Can I help you with anything?” A girl smiled at me obviously a worker at the store.

“No thank you. I’m just looking.” I smiled before a crash sounded outside the store somewhere in the mall. “What was that?” My gaze shot to the shop worker who held a confused look in her eyes.

“I’m not sure.” She replied as I took a step forward determined to walk out of the store. “I really don’t think you should go out there.” I shook my head taking another step.

“I’ll be fine.” I told her walking into the mall that had groan quiet. I paused for a moment before walking down the hall looking into the shops desperate to see anyone. It was late at night the mall was almost closed so not a lot of people where here in the first place. A hand caught my arm pulling into their chest.

“Don’t move.” I heard a growl and I swallowed as I felt a blade press against my throat. Really? Again? I thought. A figure came walking toward me.

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Submission Time! / Cosplay Kickstarter Time!

Today I got the mail in Cosplay Blog’s inbox with a link to a pretty interesting Kickstarter project. It’s called Webble Cospaint Cosplay Series 2. Somebody might already know about the series 1, but let me tell in short what it’s all about: it’s a trading card series with images of cosplayers. Where’s the pitch? Their costumes are actually a body-paint (surprise!)

So, if you’re into collecting, if you like body-paint, if you like Aspen Comics, or you just simply love awesome cosplayers (such as LeeAnna Vamp, YuffieBunny, Ani-Mia, Rosanna Rocha and many others) here’s the link to the project. Pledges with physical awards begin with $5.