webber falls

Sadly in the London Production [the chandelier] falls very slowly because of Health and Safety. I always wanted to have a block of seats in the middle of the stalls that were 50p each and you had to sign a form, saying “I sit in this seat at my own risk” and really have the chandelier belting down.

In the Australian Production - naturally, them being Australians - the chandelier comes down at a hundred miles an hour and stops an inch above the heads of the audience, and is much more exciting.

I’ve seen chandeliers fall now at productions all over the world and you can kind of tell which country you’re in by the speed of the chandelier.

—  Richard Stilgoe, Co-Lyricist on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Phantom of the Opera [in regard to his feelings on the Falling of the Chandelier and International Productions]

Northwest Mansion Mystery promo GIF by Emmy C

Man, was this a great episode! I really like the blue colors mixing with the darker shades in the pic, and the neon outline for the Lumber Ghost when the lightning flashes! 👻👻📒📔


based on that one scene from gravity falls, yknow the one

…i wanted to do this mostly because walani lmao gf!wendy is totally my hc voice for her and then, i decided to make it a little longer

  • Wendy: Hey, hey! Let go of my friend!
  • Spider: Oh, hey there. You know, this is all really just a big misunderstanding. You see, your friend’s not in any danger. He’s just marrying all 1,000 of us and becoming our new spider queen for all eternity. Isn’t that right, honey?
  • Webber: You guys are butt-faces!

the stream conversation quickly moved on to pokemon and then specifically to rotom and thn how to give a thumbs up with no fingers

wendy’s team was about half audience-suggested and half me just pulling ghost & fairy types i thought were suitable, i didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it

June 1939. Muskogee County, Oklahoma. “Near Webbers Falls. Sons of agricultural day laborer after washing up for dinner.” 35mm nitrate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. 


Ric: I know this is a lot to take in – you know, my being back and everything I’ve said. Just, you know, think it over. But I hope that you do feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Elizabeth: Ric, I dreamed of this.
Ric: I never stopped.


Twilight on the Banks by cg photography