skarnersenpai  asked:

So i'm trying to build an Animar, Soul of Elements deck based around trying to storm off with Mind's Desire. So far, the best strategy i've found is to play a lot of cantrip creatures as well as untap effects like palinchron, peregrine drake, turnabout and high tide. However, i'm having difficulties making the deck consistent. I've considered making riku of two reflections the general, but it seems to me that creature storm sounds like a lot more fun.

You may be better off focusing on creatures that can return themselves to your hand repeatedly, so that a single card can provide a ton of storm.

Good options include Grinning Ignus, Shrieking Drake, Dream Stalker, and Man-O’-War. You can combine those with Earthcraft to make them pay for their own colored mana requirements and produce infinite storm.

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skarnersenpai  asked:

If my opponent casts Black Sun Zenith, and in response i cast momentous fall, would i be able to keep my creature, or would the black sun zenith resolve after the persist does.

I’m assuming the creature you’re sacrificing to Momentous Fall has persist. If so, persist will trigger and go on the top of stack.

Objects on the stack always resolve FILO (first in, last out), so persist will resolve and return the creature to the battlefield before Black Sun’s Zenith.

Finally, Black Sun’s Zenith will resolve (and presumably the creature will die again).