What, you thought you’ve seen the last of these two? ;)

Tony. Did. Not. Blackmail. Peter Parker.

If you actually pay attention in that scene, Tony’s words before Peter cuts him off are “Could be a little dangerous. I’d better tell Aunt Hottie I’m taking you on a field trip-“ then he stops as Peter shoots web at his hand.

Tony did not at any point say that he would tell anyone about Peter’s secret. In fact, he actually said that he would cover for him.

Think about that the next time you throw ‘blackmailed a kid‘ around to make him look bad.

I think I might know what the Grimm from RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 10 is


Okay, so the new Grimm is freaking creepy. It’s the hybrid of a horse and a man with long arms and with the fact that it’s huge

So my friend and I went searching and we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a Nuckelavee

So these little beasts are demons from Orcadian mythology (also has origins in Norse mythology). It’s called the “Devil o’ the Sea” and has webbed hands so it can swim. The beast has been known to travel on land with a horse as horrifying as it is. However people believe that the true form of the beast is the hybrid that’s depicted above and in the show itself.

Here’s another picture for a better look:

Now I’m not certain the significance of using the Nuckelavee in this, but I’m sure there is one. Just food for thought, though… the only entity able to control this beast is the “Mither o’ the Sea” which is an ancient spirit who kept him confined during the summer months (he couldn’t go out during winter because of his terror of fresh rainwater). So, who knows if they’re gonna keep to the Mither o’ the Sea lore, or maybe that might give way to something else for Ren and Nora…

Whatever happens, this is a terrifying Grimm.

Awkward Dork (Peter Parker x Reader SMUT)

Hi! This is inspired/ based upon @vivabucky‘s Intimate with Peter imagine thingy, I will also tag @wlntrsldler bcd she reblogged it saying she wants an imagine of it so yh here.

Also this is my first time writing smut so please don’t be too harsh on me!

Warnings: Smut 

Peter Parker x Reader

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It was late at night, around 1 A.M. You had stayed up doing homework when you heard something hitting your window. You stood up to investigate and when you looked outside you saw your boyfriend, Peter Parker throwing rocks at your window.

You opened your window and stook your head out. “Peter what are you doing? Come up here!”

“Will do, angel.” He said as he shot a web out from his hand, which led to your window and before you knew it he was on the wall next to it.

Ever since Peter had become Spider-Man, he would do these types of things, you didn’t mind them but you were worried, all the time.

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