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Five years on can we admit a few things about the Marc Webb reboot?

a) It was too soon

b) It was unnecesarry

c) They should’ve just recast and thereby done a soft reboot

d) It was a shite rendition of Peter Parker’s origin and his pre-Spider-Man self (why is he clearly coded as a hipster/obviously altruistic/has the attention of Gwen before he becomes Spider-Man as is supposed to be an ostracized nerd)

e) The retroactive Raimi movies hate was despicable and shallow and the equivalent of saying “Ugh, that colour is soooooo last year!” 

f) Dennis Leary was a shitty Captain Stacy because he was just Dennis Leary

g) Emma Stone was basically playing herself. Which is to say a charming actress to watch but still basically herself, not some groundbreaking performance

h) Emma Stone Gwen wasn’t revolutionary. She did nothing in the movie that Agent Peggy Carter or Pepper Potts, or Black Widow hadn’t done in movies which preceded ASM 2012

i) This movie is one of the single biggest contributors to the unearned bad reputation and bashing Mary Jane gets

j) That parents subplot was literally never interesting

k) That Spider-Man costume is fugly

l) Between the Gwen>MJ wars, the Raimi/Webb, Maguire/Garfield/Holland wars, the morons to shout “NOT ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY!” about the MCU Spider-Man, the lead in to what may well be the most disrespectful Spidey movie ever if the trailers are to be believed, and the “IT SHOULD BE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILES! HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN BORING PETER PARKER!” bullshit, the Spider-Man fandom would’ve been better off if these at best mediocre Spider-Man movies never existed.

Youtuber & Viner's Snapchat

I’m so sick of those accounts on IG that people keep tagging on YTers or Viners’ account, some of them are even fake just to get followers. So here’s the one that i know. 100% real and legit.

• Joe Sugg - Thatcherjoe
• Sam Pepper - sampepper
• Jc Caylen - chamclouder
• Lohanthony - aanthoony
• Mazzi Maz - mazzi_maz
• Harrison Webb - harrisonwebb007
• Ricky Dillon - ricky.dillon
• Marcus Butler - themarcusbutler
• Alfie Deyes - itsalfiedeyes
• Caspar Lee - casparlee1994
• The Janoskians - janoskians (mainly Luke and sometimes Jai)
• Beau Brooks - bobeaubobeau
• Kian Lawyley - swifferme

• Princess Lauren - lglaurennnn
• Nash Grier - nashgrier 
• Mahogany Lox - itslox
• Jerome Jarre - jeromejarre
• Carter Reynolds - itsmrcarterr
• Aaron Carpenter - aaron-carp
• Jacob Whitesides - jacubz
• Sam Wilkinson - sammywilk11
• Cameron Dallas - camerondallas
• Jack Johnson - jaaackjohnson2
• Matt Espinosa - notmattespinosa

• Mallory Thompson - mallorythompson
• Bryant Eslava - eslava

That’s all for now. If i know any more i’ll add it to this post! Feel free to reblog and add some more that you know, just make sure they’re real! ;)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any of the youtubers snapchats?

Umm the ones that I’ve got on snapchat at the moment are:

Harrison Webb: harrisonwebb007

Sam Pepper: sampepper

Joe Sugg: thatcherjoe

Caspar Lee: casparlee1994

Stuart Edge: stuart_edge

Maz Listhrop: mazzi_maz

Marcus Butler: themarcusbutler

Jim Chapman: jimchapman

Brad Corey: mrbradcorey

Sawyer Hartman: sawyerhartman

and yeah… I think that’s all the ones I have, I just scrolled through my friend list thingo, 

if anyone knows anymore you can just add it to the post :)


so I’m trying to say everything but omg
-JOE: so he was the first one who I stopped to take a pic bc alfie, zoe and louise went away quite fastly, btw he was obviously carrying his luggage and he told me “I wanna take this pic, just we have to move from here” cuz we were stuck in the middle of the crowd
-CASPAR: he arrived smiling and waving, he was soooo cute! he’s very tall so he had to kneel ahahah
-MARCUS: ok now let me breath cuz he’s my fave and I really was like “nope” I just stared at him all the time and before they left I filmed him asking “can u say hi?” and he said “heeeelloooo” bursting in laughs, he’s what I need to smile, that’s all
-TANYA: she was so tired, poor girlie! jim lost his flight, so I think she was also sad/disappointed, but still she stopped for pics
-LOUIS: he rocks, that’s all lol he smiled all the time and after they went out of the airport, he just went around using his skateboard cuz he couldnt find ben, it was hilarious cuz he talked to my bff like “do u know my friends?! I need them to come here” and then went away, he also told us that Jim had lost the flight
-MAZZI: I met him randomly at duomo square, he was just having a lil meet up together with harrison and sam, he’s really cute and soooo hot lol
-SAM: the faces he made were amazing and his ootd was so cool, he’s really funny and he also was filmed by my bff saying “hi chiara” who is a friend of my bff but he didnt understand the name so he initially was like “wtf” lol
-HARRISON: he’s so cuteee! he stayed there chatting about restaurants and food with all of us, than he looked at me and said “your hair is crazy, I’d like to grab it” and I can say his butt is perf
-JIM: so he arrived at 6.20 pm and at the airport there were 2 people of ITAtube staff and me with my 3 friends, just the 6 of us, so when he arrived was like “where do I have to go?” and my bff (whom fave is Jim) was like “jim! come here!” and he smiled, so he arrived and asked “how r u doin?” and we said we were fine, than we took pics and he asked “r u coming to the convention?” and we said “yes of course”, then the staff grabbed him but before they left we said “bye best friend” and he laughed so hard saying “bye” so since we were just 4 people we hope he’ll recognize us tomorrow
-we didnt meet troyler even if we stayed ALL day around where they were, sad but happy at the same time :)