Redes Sociales internas para Marketing y Comunicación

La idea de crear comunidades internas es que los empleados intercambien contenidos de forma directa sin la mediación de un administrador. Lo que fomenta la imaginación, la creatividad y la comunicación horizontal.

En este Webinar Zyncro va hablar sobre plataformas para los que se animen a desarrollar una cultura organizacional.

Happy Holidays from Web2Present

Holiday Greetings
Web2Present would like to thank you for your important support and we want to ensure you of our commitment of improving year by year. We do hope that we helped to increase awareness and knowledge on Solar, Wind Energy, Electric Vehicles and Cloud Computing… whilst not emitting additional CO2!

Happy news for 2012
This Christmas season, Web2Present is unveiling three new webinars on different topics and we look forward to seeing you online! http://web2present.com/upcoming-webinars.php

Merry Christmas and a venturous New Year!

Event software & technology Spotlight


Web2Present consists of professionals with many years of experience in Online Collaboration, Event Management, Multimedia Production and SaaS.

Web2Present brings together industry leaders in a sponsored webinar forum in which knowledge is shared with attendees. With a main focus on alternative energy and IT, Web2Present facilitates the exchange of ideas at no cost to the attendees. Whether the topic is wind energy, solar, carbon capture & storage, Electro Mobility or Cloud Computing, the company ensures a vibrant event on a current issue through the collaboration of industry experts sharing their knowledge with the audience.