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I've learned some HTML and CSS on CodeAcademy, but now I have no idea what to do. I wanna do programming, scripting or coding. What do you suggest I start out with and where to learn it online?

Hi there!

I would exhaust the free online resources as much as you can. Read web development/design magazines and blogs. Download tech podcasts. Try to immerse yourself as much as possible. Nothing you learn will be superfluous; it all helps to build up your vocabulary, which will make learning in the future exponentially faster.

First, try out Ruby. Ruby on Rails is a fairly hot full-stack framework. You’ll be able to do cool stuff like build your own Twitter or Blog or Reddit in a super short amount of time.

This short tutorial lets you try out Ruby for free: http://tryruby.org/

And Codecademy has a free course —

Learn Ruby: http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/ruby

Another really great resource is the Flatiron School’s open source Pre-Work for their Web Dev/iOS immersives. Essentially, they ask students to complete all of this pre-work before beginning their 12-week courses. Much of it is free, but a few subjects require a Treehouse or Code School account. These are pretty inexpensive services, less than a programming book. I highly recommend them, especially Treehouse.

You can see the Pre-Work here: http://prework.flatironschool.com/

If you want to try Treehouse, this link will get you 50% off your first month.

The Pre-Work is divided into Web Development or iOS Development tracks, so pick the one that interests you most, or do both!

I’d recommend learning some JavaScript since it’s essential to know if you want to be a web developer. I’d also recommend building a few sites and playing around with jQuery plugins to learn through trial and error.

I think Learning By Doing is the best way to learn, so the online resources that let you actually build things along with the instructor are SO much better than a dry programming book. Leave the dry books for when you need to delve into a topic on a deeper level. Not for starting out.

Some Fun Stuff to Read / Listen to:

Smashing Magazine: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/

Net Magazine: http://www.creativebloq.com/net-magazine

This Tweek in Tech (TWiT) - http://twit.tv/twit

Lifehacker - http://lifehacker.com/tag/podcast

Gweek - http://boingboing.net/tag/gweek

Does anyone on here design websites and if so would anyone be able to give me a ballpark for pricing on web design for a blog based webpage?

Yes, it’s been over a year since this project was started.

Yes, it’s still being worked on.

Yes, a demo will be available soon.

And yes, we still need development help.

If you forgot what this was about (or perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of it), Mark is planning a trip to Cincinnati to see his family, but after experiencing a strange dream warning him of danger, he wakes up to find that his reality has gotten all fucked up via a strange corruption. He, along with three lovable companions, must travel through various distorted realms to save his friends and discover the corruption’s source.

Allow me to give you a quick recap of the special features we plan on having in this complex af Markiplier fan game:

  • Play as Mark, Tiny Box Tim, Chica, and Septic Eye Sam! (It was Lucy originally, but Chica replaced her for obvious reasons.)
  • Actual battles and stuff along with the story!
  • Cameos and references galore!
  • Glitch Puzzles, aka breaking the game…ON PURPOSE!
  • Three different final bosses, each with their own ending!
  • Easter eggs and secret bosses!
  • Plenty of costumes!
  • A cute little robot that gives you cookies!

We hope to have this game completed by June 28th (Mark’s birthday).

So far, there are 11 people working on the game (including Devon from this very blog). At first, we thought that this would be enough. However, due to our efforts being continually interrupted by school, work, personal issues, and unexpected life events, we have fallen way behind schedule. It has come to our attention that we’ll need even more people to make up for lost time.

What we currently need:

  • Programmers - Anyone who has a decent amount of experience with RPG Maker (XP) is invited to help us figure out the game mechanics. We have ideas on how things will work, but we need assistance in making them a reality. We currently have no actual programmers, and that is a serious issue.
  • Artists - For consistency’s sake, we are looking for certain styles of art for different components of the game, such as dialogue and overworld sprites. Animations may be necessary for various moves used by both playable characters and enemies. However, promotional art might also be needed further down the road. All art must be digitally drawn unless used primarily for promoting the game.
  • Composers - Again, for consistency’s sake, most of our music is made through MuseScore, a free program that can create songs through sheet music. We’re actually pretty good on music right now, but we could always use one more composer just in case.
  • Blog/Web Designers and Admins - We hope to eventually start a tumblr blog and even our own website for the development and launch of this game, so we need people to manage them as well as people to build them up. This is because we plan on using the game’s launch to raise money for charity.
  • Map Makers - That’s right, cartographers. You’re needed, too. We need at least one person who is good at mapping out game sections to keep them interesting.
  • Secretaries - Yeah, sounds kinda weird to request, but having a secretary on our team to organize documents, set up schedules, and overall just keep everything nice and orderly has been really useful. Therefore, having more than one will be even more useful, especially as our team grows.

There may be other things we forgot to mention here, too.

If you happen to be interested in any of these positions, please email coralofembers@gmail.com. If you happen to have developed a Markiplier fan game in the past, you are more than welcome to join us here as well.

And if nothing else, please spread the word around as much as possible. We can make this dream come true, but only with your support.