New York Fashion Week, which ended last Thursday, brought together the biggest names in haute couture to showcase some of the weirdest and wildest designs people could hang off their bodies. A number of bloggers took the opportunity to use NYFW as a backdrop to talk about science.

Our science comic contributor, makinaro, took it one step further. He wondered what would happen if designers took the most advanced technologies and scientific concepts to put into their fashions. We present his imagination at work.

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“The Lonely Giant” by Jeaux Janovsky

My brain is weird.

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red // blue

you guys prob can’t even read this, but here’s a lame comic i’m making over memorial day weekend (note that i don’t know how to make comics) – maybe it’ll keep going and evolve into smthn cool? who knows!

check it out!! read it here@red—blue (don’t expect too much lmao)

pls be kind i literally made it in one and half day

Because men can absolutely be sexy so lets give them the spotlight this holiday season rather than plaster half naked santa women and naughty elves everywhere. (That and I kinda wanted to do a silly holiday doodle before i bombard you guys with a winter au and a few more holiday doodles.) For now, please enjoy the SWAH boys doing their little thing xD

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I have this stack of paper that I’ve accumulated that I’ve erased on too many times while working on a commission (which need to be clean, finished products), or that I’ve accidentally splashed coffee on while working on something else, and those pieces of paper are reserved for drawing my personal comics on. I know that I’ll ultimately clean them up in photoshop and no one will see the original anyway, so I don’t care if the paper looks fresh or not (whereas commissions that are going to someone else I try to keep as clean as possible).

When someone discovers my boxes of original drawings, they’ll think I was nice and sloppy. But really I’ve just told myself that my drawings can’t be precious or it will be a barrier that prevents me from making work, and making work quickly.

Comic-a-day: Day 11 of 31

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