New York Fashion Week, which ended last Thursday, brought together the biggest names in haute couture to showcase some of the weirdest and wildest designs people could hang off their bodies. A number of bloggers took the opportunity to use NYFW as a backdrop to talk about science.

Our science comic contributor, makinaro, took it one step further. He wondered what would happen if designers took the most advanced technologies and scientific concepts to put into their fashions. We present his imagination at work.

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Lighter than Heir: Volume One in FULL COLOR! GO BACK IT!

Preorder the 1st collection of the comic, Lighter than Heir! It’s a military fantasy with flying girls! Now in gorgeous color!

Hey you! Yes you, the one who’s scrolling past this more than likely. Stop right there and allow me a moment of your time if you will.

Are you looking for something new to read, a new webcomic/comic to geek out over, or just looking for something different to try?

Maybe you’re a military or military-fantasy aficionado, like flying girls, plot, comedy, action, hungry for an original story? Or just hungry in general?

Then Lighter than Heir is for you! 

Now what is Lighter than Heir you ask? Well as of right now it’s a web-comic done by my friend Melissa, or nalem as she’s known here on tumblr, go check out her tumblr, she’s really fun to talk to and does commissions as well. A charming person with a fun art style. Someone who really strives to be the best she can be and aims for her dreams. She’s constantly updating the comic so there’s no long wait between pages either.

As for Lighter than Heir itself, I could describe it as an interesting mix of military fantasy, a bit of steampunk, hilarity, and action. But it’s much more than that. 

External image

(Art by Nalem)

“The famous Zeppelin Von Schultheiss is tired of living in the shadow of her father. So what if he was a war hero… there’ll be other wars! And who cares if everyone loves him? Love is for people without true ambition! And it’s not like it’s a big deal that he could fly. I mean… well okay, that was kind of a big deal. But Zeppelin can fly too! And unlike her beloved war hero father, she isn’t dead.

So join Zeppelin on her personal quest for praise and glory… or just sit back and get on with the praising and …glory-ing. Because military boot camp is going to be a cakewalk for someone this headstrong and arrogant.


(Start reading here to find out!)”

Sounds fun right? Well it definitely is. It’s honestly had me laughing quite a number of times and has a lot of charm to it. Now what Melissa is looking to do is to release a full color version of the first six chapters, both in print and via PDF.

External image

(Also by nalem)

“ Lighter than Heir Volume One will contain the first SIX chapters (224 pages!) of the comic with revised art and a never before seen bonus epilogue chapter detailing the final days of basic training.

Supplemental materials planned include early character sketches and rare behind the scenes insights.

And for the first time ever, Lighter than Heir Volume One will be presented in full color!”

Pretty nice right? I highly recommend that you guys go give this Kickstarter some love, she’s got some really awesome reward tiers up and is planning on adding more soon! Plus she has tons of information on the Kickstarter page and a really nice promotion video and animation to boot with it. So go and join Zeppelin and the gang for some flying fun.

Kickstarter Page - Comic 

Eve’s finally emerging from her anti-social shell. However, she still continues to only be able to relate to the fellows in a sexual way.

Can’t say I’m not a fan of the Eve-Will saga though.

And their playful foreplay leaves me give-a-damn-less about Will technically being in a relationship with another character (who, in my opinion, is a hollow, emotionless pit of a human).

This has been a long time coming.

Also, if you aren’t reading Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran, you need to get on it. Otherwise I will question our friendship.

Smash out.