21 Web Comics That Explain What It’s Like To Be A Lesbian

Everyone with a best friend knows that imagining life without a bestie is terrifying AF. What would you do without your partner in crime? Your ride or die? The peanut butter to your jelly? Your life without them would have a lot less joy, less laughter, fewer chick flick binges, late-night fast food runs, sleepovers, and inside jokes. You would so anything for your bestie right? Sometimes, “everything” even includes lying to them… and whether those lies are necessary or not remains to be determined.


Crowd Funding for Chapter 2 Has Begun! 

Read Kings Folly For Free at: http://tapastic.com/series/Kings-Folly

How much is needed?
The publisher I have chosen uses offset printing which provides the highest quality print, crisp lines and vibrant color! However this means that the lowest quantity of books I may order is 1000 copies.

The price for these books is set at $1,919.04 USD.
If my funding goal is not met then I will seek out a different printer and publish the book with much lower quality prints, but the comic will still be printed.

How does this benefit you, the donor?
Obviously getting my comic printed is a personal endeavour and is not a necessity to you, the donor. Therefore I have decided to create a few incentives to not only encourage donations but to also say thank you! These incentives will be “must haves” for any Kings Folly fan and will only be offered to those who aid in this crowd funding campaign.

How long will the Crowd Funding Campaign be running till?
The campaign will begin on December 12th 2015 and run until January 16th 2016 at 23:59PST.


PreQella: Test Prologue
Yes, it finally started.

These pages are supossed to serve as a prologue to chapter 1, but also serve as the pages i tested with, that’s why the backgrounds are so different in each page and the art too. It gets better and consistent when chapter 1 progresses, i swear.

This thing will be updated from next tuesday.