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My vibrator that I ordered just arrived!……….and it doesn’t work. Great. Now I gotta ship it back and order a new one. How annoying. It’s just annoying because this is the second vibrator that I’ve ordered. The first one, a few months ago, was stolen when the mailman left it & I didn’t get home until late that night. 

Earnings have completely tapered off on my usual camming site so I signed up for a few more today, or at least tried to. One site kept rejecting my ID’s and I’m pretty sure I give up on that one. The other site is taking it’s merry time approving my ID’s. The one site that did approve me, is apparently very strict with what you can do & a lot of girls complain about it. I hopped on for like 20 minutes and didn’t get one customer in my room. 

I’m so frustrated to be perfectly real and honest right now. Those first few days were glorious compared to the barren wasteland that I’m in now. It’s been 2 days, at least, I think we’re going into day 3, that I have gotten nothing in the way of tips. I’ve had a few guys say they “really wish they had tokens right now omgggg”. 

I feel like I’m not the most perfect, thinnest, prettiest girl in the world but that’s what works. I’m real and I’m flawed, I’m also funny and I’m excited. I’m trying to give a better show but seriously no one out there is here for it. I feel like the guys can just tell i’m on my period and I won’t be shoving anything in my vag this evening. I mean, I have to be giving it off somehow. 

I keep going back to blaming my shit camera & webcam. I was this close to driving to Best Buy and just putting a new laptop and cam on my credit card. I want it to be the solution I need so badly that I’m willing to max out my credit when I know damn well better than that. I need that credit if something really happens to me, not just my laptop is a piece of shit.

Maybe that’s me making excuses for my poor performance though. I see other girls with shit image quality making money. They’re fully exposing their faces and are getting double-fisted, but still. I’m not there yet. I’m still a new girl. I don’t really show my face unless I’m in a private chat or at least getting tips. I’m game for almost anything but I still have innocence about me. Does that count for nothing in this world?! Damn.

Maybe it’s my hormones. Maybe it’s because I need a real day off where I don’t hop on cam, even just for a little bit. The allure of money is great…but when i’m not making any money I’m just sore and angry. And bloated.  Ow. I feel like crap and I’m not having a good day in cam land.

The only silver lining. The “massager” wand I ordered, did work, and that felt amazing to use for the first time. It’s just a shame nobody wanted to tip to watch it.

Till next time, be safe & have fun out there. :) 

-Webcam Girl