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Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming

This is for all beginners. Learning syntax is not that difficult, it becomes second nature to you as you practice. There is always documentation to refer if you need help with the syntax. The most difficult part of learning to code is understanding these programming concepts and paradigms. They are similar across all languages. Learning them will also allow you to learn new languages easily. Always start from the basics, have patience.

studyblr introduction!

Yo! I’m Anouk and since I’ll be starting my GCSE’s very soon (eek) I decided to set up this studyblr to keep myself motivated and inspired! I have been following the studyblr community for a while, and I almost immediately fell in love with not only the aesthetics and beauty, but the wonderful kindness you guys possess. It’s really inspiring and I couldn’t help but at least try to be a part of it! 

about me

  • I used to live in Washington D.C. before moving over to London a couple years ago. I’m a born and raised American, something I often get teased about over here
  • I go to a boarding school where I am a weekly boarder (so I come home only on the weekends) which proves difficult for me to take the train and lug most of my stationery with me
  • My dad is British (hence the move) and my mom is French, making me fluent in French (very cool, n’est ce pas?)
  • I am currently in a relationship with all things design (product, UI & UX, web, graphic) and typography- someday I want to be a product designer!
  • I have been using and self-teaching Photoshop and Illustrator since I was 9
  • For my GCSEs I’m taking German (uuuuugh), D.T. (Design and Technology), French, Math, English, Science, and History
  • Hard-core Gryffindor & ENFJ Protagonist personality type
  • I use a bullet journal and a planner (Mossery Co.)

studyblrs that inspire me/ i follow

@emmastudies @studylustre @sprouht-studies @intellectys @ohlookimstudying @procrastilate @studyoon @lycheestudy @scholarly @anateamy @focusign @studyplants @milkteastudies @journalsanctuary @oikawastudies @konmaristudies @ttstudys @sootudying @studycris @studyrach @studylightly @snowystudiess @cayliestudies @studypulp @acadehmic … and many more!!


Using After Effects for UI Animation Prototypes

In this screencast tutorial you will learn to prototype an app UI animation. We’ll take a Photoshop layout, then bring it to life using Adobe After Effects.

By Tuts+