web suite pro

A Letter To Web Suite Pro Customers

Dear Valued Clients,

On behalf of the everyone here, I would like to thank you for choosing Web Suite Pro. We appreciate your business and continued support. Your participation and feedback has allowed us to continually improve our product.  We’ve been able to add more functionality to our Apps while simplifying usability even more.

As your account approaches the end of your 60 day free trial period, the next time you login, you will be prompted to update your future billing information.

Feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you and thank you again for your continued support.

Reg Ching
Web Suite Pro Inc.

New work in progress browse pages! If you’ve gone to our browsing pages recently you’ll see the new version of our browse pages. These will change in the coming days. No worries they’ll still be fully usable. We’re just testing our usability and usefulness of these pages on you. So, if you’d be so kind as to write us what you think through our support page it would be very appreciated!


New to Web Suite Pro

We have re-designed all the Sales browse pages, they include the following pages:

  1. Browse Clients
  2. Browse Staff
  3. Browse Leads
  4. Browse Vendors
  5. Browse Contacts

We have added thumbnail pictures for all contacts in addition to the easy to view design. We’ve also removed the old actions menu and replaced it with Edit and X buttons. You can view by just clicking the name of the contact. Edit by clicking the blue edit link. And archive by click the red square with the “X” in it. Browse Clients now shows outstanding balance on each account when browsing. The outstanding balance is based on the invoices paid and owing. Also Browse Leads has a default sorting of most recent first. We are hard at work to bring you a more advanced sorting system. 

Before we forget, we’ve added an outstanding customer balance on the profile pages for your convenience. Enjoy

Mail & Reports Modules are offline

We’re currently awesome-izing our Mail and Reports modules. We like everything to work fast and well and look pretty(because our graphic designer is really mean and is making us do it). We sincerely apologize if you were using/need to use Mail or Reports. 

Meanwhile, you can leave us a message regarding any concerns or comments on this post. Please be nice, I’m really sensitive.

New "Bids" system on the way!

Upgrading our current bid system. New features will include:

  • E-mail notification bidding
  • Easily solicit quotes from vendors
  • Allow vendors to bid on projects/products/services
  • Automatically convert bid into invoice after bidding is done
  • Manage all your vendors in one place
  • Allow vendors to add products
  • Set discounts

Coming soon to a free update to your Web Suite Pro account. And remember No Addons Required!