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Dating Peter Parker *Tom Holland* Would Include
  • fighting over which Star Wars trilogy is better
  • “The original trilogy is better, babe!”
  • “Pfft, the prequel is so much better.”
  • him being mad at you when you side with team cap
  • him getting jealous that you have a crush on bucky
  • “Y/N, all he has is a metal arm! I-I can shoot webs!”
  • “Peter, didn’t you say his metal arm was awesome?”
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • kisses
  • Peter wanting to lay on your lap a lot
  • him being fascinated by makeup
  • him being too shy to ask you to put makeup on him to cover a bruise so Aunt May doesn’t see it
  • a lot of accidental sexual jokes
  • study dates
  • you’d be in short shorts trying to study for a biology test with Peter and you’d groan and say, “This is too hard.”
  • Peter saying, “That’s not the only thing that’s hard.”
  • Peter blushing when he realizes he said that out loud. 
  • make out sessions
  • hickeys on you
  • love bites on Peter because you being rough turns him on
  • Tony giving him the talk when he shows up with ten thousand love bites from his neck and down to his stomach

the team teasing you about his love bites the next time you visit

Tony. Did. Not. Blackmail. Peter Parker.

If you actually pay attention in that scene, Tony’s words before Peter cuts him off are “Could be a little dangerous. I’d better tell Aunt Hottie I’m taking you on a field trip-“ then he stops as Peter shoots web at his hand.

Tony did not at any point say that he would tell anyone about Peter’s secret. In fact, he actually said that he would cover for him.

Think about that the next time you throw ‘blackmailed a kid‘ around to make him look bad.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming 2’ Shoots Web Around Independence Day 2019 Frame; ‘Bad Boys 4’ Moves To Memorial Day
EXCLUSIVE: Based on the success of the global trailer launch yesterday for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Culver City studio has announced that its sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will op…
By Anthony D'Alessandro

EXCLUSIVE: Based on the success of the global trailer launch yesterday for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Culver City studio has announced that its sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will open on Friday, July 5, 2019.

What kind of kinky stuff are you into? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: First off I just want to tell you I’m in love with your writing. I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader finds Peter’s web shooters and it goes off and shoots a web maybe on the reader and the reader freaks out, and then Peter has to tell the reader that he’s Spider-man. I’m sorry if that was an awful description by @5-sos-16 (the blog has been deleted, I think)

Wandering around Peter’s room, you didn’t know what to do. You had been waiting for him for thirty minutes, and no matter how many messages you sent him, he didn’t answer any of them. You were worried, but that had been happening a lot lately, so you didn’t know what to think. Would he be hurt? Would he be in trouble with some people?
You started to roam through his desk drawers, finding nothing appealing. Or so you thought, until something caught your eye.
You took the weird thing in your hands, taking a closer look at it. It looked like a bracelet, but it was way too big to be something you wore on a daily basis. You decided to put in on your wrist, trying to understand what it was for.
‘’What the heck?’’ you said as you saw it had a button.
You decided to press it, and suddenly, something white and sticky flew out of it, sticking to the wall. You screamed out of surprise, startled by what had just happened.
Just as you were about to take it off, Peter entered through the door, his hair messy and his clothes  wrinkly.
‘’What are you…’’ he started. ‘’What are you doing with those?’’ Peter exclaimed, removing them from your wrists to put them back in the drawer.
‘’Peter Parker,’’ you said ‘’I really don’t want to ask this, but in what kind of kinky stuff are you into?’’
He opened his eyes and his mouth and shook his head, trying to say something but, for some reason, no words coming out of his mouth.
‘’It’s not that!’’ he exclaimed. His cheeks were red, and he didn’t know what to say to make you believe him. ‘’I’m Spiderman, okay? That is why I’m always late and why I always go to school with bruises. And those are my web-shooters. I… I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry’’ he told you, scratching the back of his neck.
‘’Yeah, and I’m Cat-woman’’ you told him, laughing. You were not that stupid.
‘’[Y/N], I’m not joking. I really am Spiderman’’ he said, looking straight into your eyes.
You held your breath and realized he wasn’t joking. Just as he thought you were going to insult him, you smiled and stood up straighter.
‘’Well,’’ you said ‘’when are you taking me for a swing?’’

Peter: You didn’t even get a single cut tonight, nice patrol!

Ben: Thanks, Pa!

Peter and Ben would most definitely patrol NY at night together, so here’s sleepy and tired, but happy Ben :3

i have no idea how his suit looks from waist down, so i had to come up with something, i love Deadpool’s calf pads and i also thought Ben would use his legs a lot while fighting. Cause he needs his hands for shooting web, obviously OR using katanas, either way calf pads are awesome *U*

PeterParkerXReader~ Spider Women Part 1

Summary~ Your dad was a major and famous scientist. One day you went to his lab and started messing around with things. He was working on extracting the DNA from radioactive, genetically modified spiders to help with curing diseases and other things. When you were playing one of the spiders it bit you. Ever since you were bitten you could shoot webs, climb walls, have spidey senses (vision,hearing,etc…), you had super strength, you could fly using your webs, and could heal quickly. Him and your mom were murder when you were 8 because his discovery was falling into the wrong hands and he refused to participate, so he destroyed his work. But somehow he knew you were bitten so he actually saved his work, gave it to you, and then destroyed it. When you moved into your Aunt June’s apartment, it was right next to Peter’s which was how you guys met. You guys had been best friends ever since and you were the only person who knew he was spiderman, so when he kept coming to your apartment for you to patch him up, he started to come more and more which made think you that he could use your help out there.

Superpower~ you’s a spider!

Warnings~cursing, things probably spelled wrong

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!Takes place after Spider-Man: Homecoming!

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yo since it’s almost halloween think about finn, rey, and poe taking their little babies out for their first trick or treat.

they have twins, a boy and a girl (when poe told leia that she thought it was hilarious) and even though they’re barely two, they want to have a fun halloween. plus any excuse to show off how cute their kids are is a great one.

so they dress little jynne and layla (because that’s the closest leia would let them get to naming their kid after her) up, and layla’s a witch while jynne’s dressed as spiderman. han made little web shooters for him, and finn helps jynne shoot the webs as they walk, making little sound effects while jynne shrieks with happiness.

and yeah, they’re just babies and they can’t really have candy yet, but it was worth all the cooing they got over their kids.

they also might have gotten a small sac’s worth of candy from trick or treating to split between the three of them after the night was over and done with and the twins had passed out for the night. they’re only human, and you’re never too old for candy.

anonymous asked:

Should any of the mid-2000's spidey powers ever come back for Peter? I'm talking about organic webs, bone claws, etc. I always thought they worked better when they gave them to Kaine, but I'm interested in your thoughts. Miles seems to do fine with the extra powers, despite venom blast being a cop out most of the time.

Nah. I don’t find the bone claws offensively dumb or anything in the way some people did, but it’s off-brand enough that I really don’t think it fits. And oh sweet god, no organic web shooters ever again, gahh. Not because I find the mechanical ones conceptually superior - I mean, I do, but not so overwhelmingly that I find that in and of itself the only acceptable option - but because organic webshooters are creepy as hell. People make their jokes about how if he was anatomically correct his webs would shoot out his asshole, but at least things are supposed to come out of that! He’s got tiny little slits in his wrists that aren’t supposed to be there, and every time he moves his hands just right they pull themselves open and violently shoot steel-hard sticky cables everywhere at like 100mph. That’s unpleasant, right? That’s not just me? And nevermind even the rest of the alterations to his body from the powers, entire new organs would have to grow basically overnight to produce and store the webbing, which sounds pretty damn uncomfortable. And what if too much stayed in the…tube? Joint-utherea?…and there was blockage, or a misfire? Does it itch, or sting? What the fuck are the sanitary procedures for that thing? If it gets sticky, would he have to clean the inside of his wrist-hole with a cue tip, and hah hah hah, this is viscerally uncomfortable to even think about, I hate literally everything about the concept. Please continue ditching it forever and not making me think about these terrible things anymore, Marvel.

…Actually, now that I think about it, this is pretty perfect for Spider-Man as a metaphor for teenage hell, so maybe it can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis for certain takes. My base answer is still no though, because no no no no no.


so this is a great web series with amazing LGBT representation! if you haven’t watched it yet you definitely should. They need our help finishing season 2!


•Him dressing up all nice
•Showing up at your place and giving you a single rose
•"I’m taking you on a surprise date y/n!“
•Peter jumping up and down in excitement
•"That was really lame. I won’t do that again”
•"It was cute Peter"
•Him tickling you as he picks you up bridal style
•Putting you in his bike basket
•Biking you to the brooklyn bridge while blasting your favorite song
•Him lifting you onto the ledge of the bridge and holding you steady by your waist
•"Do you trust me y/n?“
•"I don’t trust anyone Peter”
•"As a good agent does"
•Him holding you in his arms and jumping off the bridge
•"This is why I don’t trust anyone Peter!“
•Him shooting webs to swing you guys under the bridge
•You clinging to him, your head on his shoulder, eyes shut tight
•"Just look y/n! You’ll miss the view!”
•You tilting your head back to see the city upside down
•Him whispering in your ear
•"Don’t be scared y/n"
•"Be scared of what-“
•Him letting you go
•Flying down at the last second to catch you
•Landing right on a picnic blanket
•You hitting him with a paper plate for scaring you
•"It was fun y/n! You know it was.”
•"Maybe a little…“
•Peter opening a picnic basket and setting out your favorite foods
•Feeding each other
•Feeding yourselves instead because it’s taking too much time and you’re both starving
•Peter giving you a small silver box with a teal ribbon
•"Is this half of a…friendship necklace?”
•"I mean it’s got a peanut butter charm and I have one with the jelly charm on it so I thought it could be like, boyfriend and girlfriend"
•You laughing as he clasps it around your neck
•Him taking both your hands in his
•"Y/n…I was wondering…I mean I don’t know if I’m supposed to ask…or if it just happens…but I did this whole thing…because I mean I like you a lot and I mean…“
•"You can kiss me you idiot”
•Him slowly and carefully stroking your hair back
•And finally kissing you