web series: the lizzie bennet diaries

😂 from an unexpected character too. Mainly, I hate Lydia from the book and from the 2 adaptations (1995/2005 especially the Lydia from 1995) that i’ve watched but this web series makes me love Lydia. She isn’t just an annoying character anymore she has a personality that a lot people especially young people can be related to (well not me bc I’m not really a rebellion ). And Mary Kate is awesome in it. I may not be a rebellion but I adore every rebellious character that I know.

(Literary) Web Series Tropes

I made up way more of these than I expected so most of them are under a read more. Most of these only apply to vlog-style series.

  • Exposition Episode: Usually the first episode of the series. The Main Character(s) (MC) decide to make a vlog but don’t know what to talk about so they list out all of their friends and family, along with details about where they live and (usually) their school. Notable examples: literally every show.
  • Whose Vlog Is This Anyway: The MC is supposed to be vlogging solo but their best friend and/or significant other is in almost every episode, occasionally even without the MC. Notable examples: Mac and Beth, TAJWASH.
  • Let’s All Vlog: Several characters who don’t know each other all decide to start vlogging at the same time. Notable examples: Like, As It Is, In Earnest. Subtrope: Let’s All Tweet: When all the characters get Twitter accounts at the same time.

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Judging by the reactions to Zoe Suggs’ and Alfie Deyes’ rising stars, vlogs are the end of civilisation as we know it and – like Zoella’s ghostwritten novel – they certainly don’t have any place in literature. But fresh-faced teens and twentysomethings aren’t only vlogging about their own lives; they’re dressing up as fictional characters and telling modern reworkings of familiar stories into their webcams as YouTube adaptations of classic novels go viral. The teams behind them may be professional actors or simply fans of the books, and the quality of both scripts and production can vary, but at their best they could give the BBC a run for its money.
—  The best vlog reinventions of classic books – The Guardian

With particular praise for “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” “Carmilla,” “Green Gables Fables,” “Jules and Monty” and “School of Thrones”


Hey guys, I’d like to share with you the premiere trailer for my first live-action web series ‘UNCANNY VALLEY’. It’s a supernatural LGBTQ+ female driven vlog-style scripted series centered around a girl who meets a ghost.

I’ll be honest with you, it’d be great if you stuck with us for this first season but that’s not my priority. I just need you to watch the trailer, have your friends watch the trailer, and share it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of this first season but it’s not the best it could have been but that’s all on me. We did this show on NO budget and on a really tight time crunch. If there are union laws about working people long hours with shit food, I probably broke ‘em all.

But I’ve got an AMBITIOUS second season planned. A 40 episode season, physical stunt work, VFX work, and much much more elaborate locations and set decoration. But that’s going to cost me money. Luckily, there are several production grants we can apply for and they require a sort of ‘pitch piece’ and analyze the views and analytics around the piece to see how people respond and base their decision on that to fund us or not.

I am NOT going to be filming a Season 2 without any sort of funding. I can not ask my cast to work again for free and our ideas are too ambitious to do without money. We had to cut a lot of content out of this first season because of it. But instead of waiting around and prolonging this project, I wanted to put a first season out there to show you the idea I have in my mind and what I want to bring to you guys.

So please, don’t just like and HIT REBLOG.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat WHATEVER. Right now, how many “views” our series gets does not matter. All that matters is how many views our trailer gets as that is the pitch piece they will be studying.

Thanks so much you guys and your support would mean a lot! My askbox is open for any questions and such but also feel free to visit the newly made page @uncannyvalleytv tumblr blog, follow and ask questions about the series there as well. Plus, I’m already kickstarting the groundwork on another series!

Web series are their own thing

Developing my own web series has made me more aware of how people, even within the industry, simply do not get it. They see web series as TV episodes, but only shorter. 


Web series are there own medium, different from TV and film. I think the web series that fail are the ones that don’t understand this. If web series were like TV, then I’d just watch TV. 

Web series are experimental. They have the ability to try different narrative and shooting styles that wouldn’t be accepted on TV or film. That’s what makes them unique. The best web series are the ones that could ONLY work as a web series (e.g The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

Some see web series as a stepping stone to turning their idea into a TV show or film, but I think this is wrong. Web series should be recognised as their own separate format.