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Writing a three dimensional villain with personal goals, growth and a intriguing story arc is very important to the success of a story. Would Star Wars be so legendary without Darth Vader? How about Batman, without The Joker? These amazing stories all have incredible antagonists.

The new Netflix Original Castlevania is no different. Before meeting the hero, the first episode is spent introducing the villain of the series. Vlad Dracula. A vulnerable and tragic figure with a heartbreaking backstory that gives his actions meaning. He causes a lot of pain but at the same time you wonder if he is justified in what he’s doing.

The protagonist is a former demon hunter, now drunken drifter named Trevor Belmont. A interesting personality in that he isn’t your typical hero that just wants to do the right thing. In fact, he doesn’t want to help. He doesn’t care. But must act when he finds himself in the middle of the situation.

Heroes are at there best when they have personal demons they must conquer. Nobody wants to watch a perfect goodie two shoes save the world because real life isn’t like that. Real life isn’t black and white. People have problems. The best heroes, like Belmont, are the ones with issues that real people can relate too.

The animation is excellent and the art looks professional. This isn’t a cheap Saturday morning cartoon. It looks beautiful. But the care to the story and characters stand out the most. Castlevania is based on an old Komani video game from the 80s. Video game movies and television series like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider and Super Mario don’t have a great track record. But Castlevania could quite possibly be the greatest video game apdatation of all time.

A twisted and dark fantasy adventure with hints of black comedy from the mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of Red, Transmetropolitan and Iron Man: Extremis.


The first episode of “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny,” featuring Rey and BB-8.

Ok, I know I’ve really been spamming about Wayward Guide but GUYS!!! Carlos Valdes is gonna be in it! He is so good on the Flash and I love that he has the time to join his friends.

Please if you don’t know about this project The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye is about a pair of podcast hosts who investigate corruption in a mining town and find WEREWOLVES! They wanna make a 10 episode series and the in-world podcast but they are almost halfway to their goal and there are only two weeks left!


The final episode of the “Star Trek Continues” web series.

Out of respect, NO SPOILERS for the next week.

Meet ELISE BAUMAN. Originally from Canada, Elise moved to New York City to study acting at Circle in the Square Theatre School where she performed in many plays. After graduating, she returned to the stage in Toronto where she earned rave reviews for her performance in Red One Theatre Collective’s The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill. Since then, she was cast as the lead role in a Canadian web series #Carmilla and starred in the feature film, #AlmostAdults. Last year, she started collaborating with @ellevanmusic and released songs through Bandcamp.com. We are please to have @baumanelise as a guest on Rapping with Actors, premiering next week on @tv1Toronto. [x]

Carmilla Shooting Stars Meme I made. Not the best, but not the worst. @carmillaseries @natvanlis featuring everyone’s favorite little scrap.