There’s a spoof soap opera that was secretly filmed inside an IKEA in Burbank, CA. Every episode of the ‘IKEA Heights’ web series was filmed entirely within the store and was unauthorized by the management. Source Source 2 Source 3

This is episode one:

Slow clap.

We’re happy to announce that all six episodes of Her Story will be released, for free on YouTube, on January 19th, 2016!

If you’re not already familiar, Her Story is a web series about the dating lives of trans & queer women, which stars trans & queer women, and was written and directed by trans & queer women.

Here’s the trailer:

We’re excited to finally share all of our work, which was made possible with your support, with the world soon.

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The 3rd & final season is coming September 15 2016. Check out the #CarmillaS3 trailer!

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I am an aspiring screenwriter in NY working on my first web series “The Young, Black, & Gifted” which is a sci-fi/fantasy series about a group of young Black people with superpowers who decide to form a coalition to combat police brutality. 

I am in the casting process for the pilot episode right now and I am receiving great submissions for every role except the role of a young Black transgirl that I wrote. I keep having cis women apply for this role and I will not cast a cis person for this role. I am really trying to create good representation for all Black folks through this series, and I really don’t want to rewrite this character as cis because I cannot find a Black transgirl to play the role. 

So please reblog this to share, and if you know any young Black transgirls who are non-union actresses in New York looking for work to add to their reel please inbox me for contact info and audition dates. 

Rehearsals would begin in mid February and production begins late February through March. 

* Character Description 


A young adult with cyber-communication abilities; brilliant, poised, calculated, and witty; she is/they are a passionate social-justice activist.

Age Range: 18- 21 (you don’t have to be this age, you just need to be able to                       look and play someone this age)

Thanks for reading, please share if ya care.
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