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you: ugh peter was just given a spider suit with all the tech instead of coming up with his own

me, an intellectual: peter and ned hacked and altered / enhanced majority of the suit’s sub-systems and mixed-and-matched things tony didn’t even think of doing

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Muggle Born Ravenclaws heard about the website ratemyprofessor.com and were inspired. They spent long nights developing witchandwizardweighin.com. The site quickly spread across the school and ratings for each professor went live. Upperclassmen wrote detailed reviews of professors for the First Years; filled with tips and tricks to pass each class. 

Professor Longbottom was overwhelmingly rated the hottest teacher.


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

Leo and Leon... or was it Leon and Leo?
  • Treehouse team localizing Fates:
  • Person A: "So what should we change leon's name to?
  • Person B: “Dude, people get it,”
  • Person A: “Yeah but i need to spend more time on Fire Emblem so I don’t have start localizing {Insert game} tomorrow.”
  • Person B: “Just take out the n.”
  • Person A: *sights* “ok fine.”
  • Six months later:
  • Person B: “Oh shit,”
  • Person A: “What?”
  • Person B: “So remember six months ago when we made Leon’s name Leo at like 10pm at night for no good reason?”
  • Person A: “I HAD A REASON I bought you Starbucks with the extra money I made form changing his name!”
  • Person B: “Yeah well ok, thanks, but we just got the Gaiden remake from Japan and there is a Leo in it.”
  • Person A: “Are you serious?”
  • Person B: “Yeah.”
  • Person A: “Ah fuck it, just put the N back in.”
  • Person B: “I’ll buy you Starbucks with the money I make from adding the n, call it even.”
  • Person A: “K Cool.”

Whatever scared Marianne when she entered the dark forest, looked different and beautiful to her, when she was with Bog,which is my favorite part in the movie… I just love the fact that they have paid so much attention to all the small details, which makes it much more beautiful…

The time of day that each sign represents!

Aries: The colourful sky that the sun paints with its rays as it settles down, disappearing behind the other side of the tired earth (sunset). This represents their happy personality and mesmerizing beauty.

Taurus: Sunrise, which can either be really amazing or make one upset (wants to sleep obvs). It showcases their personality. They can be the happiest person alive but when they’re upset, you’d want to steer clear of them.

Gemini: Late morning, around the same time that they usually sleep in late until. It can be seen in two very accurate perspectives. They feeling really lazy or they’ve had an eventful night and now needs LOTS of rest.

Cancer: Portrayed as late evening (7-8pm) when the world is peaceful, supper is being made (NB lots of salt added) and it’s prime time for scrolling to find memes or literally making a cocoon in bed and sleeping.

Leo: They represent 3am because this is when anything is possible in your mind. This represents that their personality can either be as dark as the night will be or as as bright as the sun that will rise in a few hours.    

Virgo: 11:11 (am or pm) because they’re full of happiness and opportunities! Always able to count on them to make you feel better or offer some friendly advice. Literally the only wish you need.

Libra: Early afternoon, literally the peak of everyday when the sun is almost as blinding as their dazzling smile. Anything that happens at this time can either make or break your day, just like their presence.  

Scorpio: Midnight, when you’re all alone with your thoughts. Represents their love for being alone and enjoying some “me time” while absorbing the quietness.

Sagittarius: 10pm, the moment you remember the homework you should’ve done. In other words, represents their loving yet forgetful soul. No matter how tough it gets they always persevere and are determined to finish what needs to be done.

Capricorn: The early early morning before the sun rises when most of the world still sleeps in darkness while the other half buzzes with the on goings of people. This represents their exciting and busy life while still having another side of them that not many people know about.

Aquarius: Late afternoon, that time after lunch when you’ve just stuffed yourself with like five helpings of dessert and you can’t move anymore but you still want to get up to go get more but it’s too far so you just kinda lie around. Yeah that’s basically it. Food fanatic forever (check that alliteration).

Pisces: Time ??? what’s that ??? who has time for anything when staying in bed and exploring the dark inter-web is an important thing ???

anonymous asked:

I think your post about why antis are young is pretty good, but I'm not sure there's really been a change. When I was a young shipper I remember the stupid harry potter ships were just as vicious, heated and stupid. People just dress it up with a moral panic now.

Honestly I think about this a lot, anon.

I also believe that at its heart, most anti-shipping is just window dressing on ship wars. (that’s a link to a post I did a while back talking about my thoughts on it.) And the ability to use moral panic to discredit enemy shippers has incredible appeal and power, certainly. (here’s a link to an amazing reddit post where somebody breaks down the history of social justice as a weapon in fandom from the dark side of Racefail ‘09 to the present.) Any single anti-shipper strikes me as being very similar to any single shipper, to be honest: we’re all in fandom because we’re so passionate about a piece of media that we’re driven to talk about it and create for it and think about it with some consistency, and we all have things we just cannot stand about other fandom members. That’s nothing new, I agree.

I’m not really trying to assert that there’s something particularly new about the fandom motivations behind anti-shipping - it’s all the same passions at work. And anti-shipping as a phenomenon probably would never have gathered steam the way it has if it weren’t for the structure of social media on Web 2.0 in general and Tumblr specifically: I’m hoping to make a post about that sometime soon.

But now that anti-shipping is here being a noticeable force in fandom spaces, I think it’s gathering steam particularly among younger people (especially Americans) because it has built itself into a perfect storm of social forces:

  • Its surface motivations are appealing and pretty (enforcing social justice); 
  • the underlying motivations have base appeal (crushing things that make you uncomfortable or that you don’t like for personal reasons);
  • the methodology gives an illusion of power (intimidating others into doing the ‘right thing’); 
  • the dogma is familiar and simple (black & white thinking, some people are Good and some are Bad & you can never cross from Bad to Good, clear in-group/out-group designations); and
  • you can never leave once you’re in (a completely insular social web that enforces cutting social ties with defectors and non-believers). 

At the same time, anti-shipping is influenced/shaped by outside social forces such as:

  • rising authoritarianism in western society, 
  • post-truth society;
  • valuing ‘safe spaces’ over personal freedom; 
  • anti-intellectualism;
  • TERF/REG forces within queer spaces; and
  • religious dogmatic structure

to name a few.

Basically: anti-shipping is like the mutant child of ship wars, web 2.0, and the world being a very very shitty place to be right now. It’s a new coat for an old phenomenon, yes, but that coat is a coat of authoritarian armor, and it’s rampaging through fandom spaces in a somewhat terrifying way.

I did some cheap editing (using screencaps, Google images and Paint.net) and came up with this… I wish his hair were floofier, but I figured the pajama hoodie should be squashing a good deal of it (sadly, as I love Max’s hair).

An honest-to-God knee-jerk reaction to remembering that the character from “Where the Wild Things Are” is also called Max and… Well, what a fitting context anyway, no? He definitely is a ‘wild thing,’ hehe ^_^