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is prince shi reincarnate as that phoenix bird? (edit : more looks like cendrawasih…what the english word for this bird? hehehe…)

spoiler a little bit  :

I am not watching all series yet so maybe I made a mistake to understand some parts,  just read it from fans’s post , but that scene was the ENDING scene of Ice Fantasy Destiny. Prince shi woke up on ice kingdom and met Phoenix!shi ….and then prince shi smile - feeling satisfy. I don’t know how to interpret this scene.

and….I just can’t stop laughing cause couple of china fans noticed some of shi’s clothes in IFD series are actually his own clothes (not belong to film’s properties) LOL ….. so tianyu wore some of IFD’s clothes in his daily Real Life hahahaha…. 


Yay, another tutorial!  This is the second in my armor attachment series.  Here I talk about how to make a belt with clips to attach leg flaps / tassets.

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@that-dashing-moron you don’t have to match the length I just have tons of muse ;;

Footsteps draw near his chamber. Ah, he’s coming, he thinks. About time he gets curious about the change.

He adjusts his position in the chassis. It’s more like some kind of chair, a throne, with twisting cords connecting to various parts of his body, like his neck, shoulders, and back. Black and red quickly shifts to white and orange, his demeanor lightening at the thought of seeing that friend of his.

“…ah, hey! It’s been ages, yeah? Almost literally. Wheats, isn’t it? Unless I’m not remembering that correctly… nonetheless, I’m guessing you were wondering why this place isn’t so sadistic anymore. Am I correct on that?”

He turns to face where Wheatley will be coming into the chamber, one leg propped over another, hands folded neatly in his lap, a friendly expression on his face.

There’s something gnawing at him deep in his mind. Something bad, something coming from that chassis. It’s… nothing, right?

Everyone is freaking out about Donald Trump, but I’m just here like...


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  The corrupt, chassis-bound android narrows his eyes, catching a glimpse of another android in his range of vision via one of the cameras. Ah. That testing intiative is still around. The testing tracks may be long gone by now, but.. there’s still the androids.

“Ah. There you are. Just so you know.. there’s been a change in management as of now.”

Quirky Cat and Dangerous Gator Go to the Park (Part 2)

Shaun Spalding here, creator and co-writer of CPD:Unleashed. Sometimes a picture doesn’t say 1000 words, so I have to fill the rest of them in below the comic. 

So as you can see, Dangerous Gator and Quirky Cat are still at the park from last week. This wouldn’t be strange or notable except for one thing: CONTINUITY! This is “part 2” … I want to start telling stories that last more than 4 frames; I hope you enjoy it. If you do, let me know.

Second thing: Thank you so much. We’re about to reach our 4000TH FOLLOWER on Tumblr. This is crazy. Thanks for telling everybody about the comic and following and liking. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Third thing: As a present for your help, I hope you notice the new tumblr header. I’m so excited about it. Pine made it before we knew what the characters actually looked like. This one shows all the main characters with their final designs.

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