web of glass



A body, re-signed.

“is my body okay for you?”

You’d think his voice would be tremulous and delicate. That it would be a broken thread of a spider’s web, or a wine glass too close to the edge of the table. But it’s flat like a tire: overused. The question is practiced. It has pentameter and cadence; that doesn’t happen unrehearsed.

He is not good, but acceptable. He can’t believe he is for winners, much less an overachiever. His form is merely consolation. It is a yes/no question, but those aren’t the right answers.

He is multitudes, and reflects the honesty of a generation. The right answer is longer than that. It is a cry of indignation that asks how we could bring ourselves to this defeat. Where we could learn that this inquiry was justified, much less pre-emptive. It is an signed essay against servitude to marketing ourselves and appraising others like fruit at a store.

“Is my body okay for you?”

The question is a small death.


So I cropped out the many expressions of the lovely jekyll and hyde to make convos more fun and I thought why not so I’m guessing you can use these but you must credit the original artist who took there time for these

credit to @arythusa for the lovely art from there Web comic the glass scientists go check it out seriously its amaze balls