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Using After Effects for UI Animation Prototypes

In this screencast tutorial you will learn to prototype an app UI animation. We’ll take a Photoshop layout, then bring it to life using Adobe After Effects.

By Tuts+  

introvertized  asked:

Hello, i'm currently in 10th grade and i hope i can be a graphic design uni student soon, do you have any advices in applying for a graphic design major? maybe there's something i can prepare from now on that can help me get accepted easier? thanks in advance!

hey there friend! thank you for sending me this question o/

yes, i do have some advice! the most important being:

prepare a portfolio, practice and expand your skills early

  • most design institutions will require a portfolio filled with 5-6+ bodies of work which showcase your different skills. this portfolio will need original work, so if you add anything owned by other people- like images and graphics with pictures of tv show/cartoon/movie characters- don’t add it in- a big mistake i made haha.
  • your portfolio will need to showcase your different skills. you should at least have basic skills in:
    • drawing – however you don’t have to be a master at it.
    • photoshop
    • illustrator
    • indesign (not really, but this is a big bonus!)
    • typography
    • if you do have some other craftmanship skills like ceramics or textiles or such, do put it in too! but keep it appropriate for the institution you’re applying for. variety in skills is what draws your application out from the others!
  • showcase different types of design too! - design is such a broad spectrum- it’s not just pretty graphics! mock logos! advertisements! web mockups!!! the list can go on, but it’s important for you to pursue what you want to specialise in!
  • trial and error is your best bet in what works for you and not. design is not first design is the right design- it’s more often than not: first design is your first iteration, do at least 15 more to get to perfection.
  • read the portfolio/admission requirements for your desired institution~ different institutions will ask for different things. I also suggest looking into other portfolios to see the formats people use. often it’s just going to be 5-6 pages with a quick description of your works!

hoped this helps you out with your preparation, friend! ^^ do send me any more questions!

i also suggest reading through some of these resurces!