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#18 Fears // Trans people are so brave omf, these are things I am personally afraid of and if you fear these things you aren’t alone. Even if I lose my singing voice, I’ll have a deeper more masculine voice to be proud of. Losing family is scary but if they stop caring about you for being yourself, they don’t deserve you. Needles and acne suck but so does my dysphoria and I think it will be worth it in the end.

Ten Whacky Rare Animals You Dornt See Every Day

Numbor Ten: Big Foot

This Whacky Boy Sure Does Love To Play Pranks On Me! I Often Catch Him Drinking Village Folks Blood But That Can Be Our Little Secret :-)

Number Nine: Benny Barry Bessie 

They Steal My Cameras

Number Eight: Animal. Alive. Breathing. Skeleton

My Time On This Earth Is Short

Number Seven: Rupert Holmes

YIKES! Lets Hope You Dont See This One After Dark Or It Will Give You Such A Fright!!! Hjman Descent

Number Six: Proboscis Monkey

Named For Their Incredibly Large Noses, Which Hangs Over Their Mouths And Can Exceed Four Inches In Length, Proboscis Monkeys Have Webbed Toes, And Both Males And Females Have Bulging Stomachs—In Other Words, Theyve All Got Potbellies. Their Vocal Range Consists Exclusively Of Honks, Roars, And Snarls. So, Its Pretty Obvious Why They Need Some Extra Love. Whats Less Evident Is That They Are Suffering From Habitat Loss: Their Population Has Been Cut In Half In The Last 30 To 40 Years.

Numbers Five Through Zero: Crochet Homunculus Loxodontus


“The southern house spider mating ritual is a lengthy (over an hour) and elaborate process with long periods during which neither the male nor the female moves considerably. When the wandering male encounters a female’s web, there may be an initial confrontation where each scares the other. Upon recovering, the male then constructs a large web around the female’s crevice. When this web is complete, the male pulls on its strands continuously to draw the female out of her hole, which may take several minutes. Following her emergence, each spider will tap at the other in an effort to grasp the other by the forelegs, with the male remaining suspended in his web.“

i only wanted to know if i should be concerned about this spider on my wall but now i know it’s a complete fucking goofus, thanks wikipedia

L'unico metro di misura per capire se una persona ti vuole veramente bene, è solo uno: il tempo. Il tempo che investe con te, senza mai lasciarti solo, nel bene e nel male.



Science side of tumblr, specifically entomologists, please help!! I found a black-legged male purse web spider at Red Top Mountain in Georgia???
Normally red-legged males are found in the eastern part of north america, so this was weird for me to stumble upon!

Could it just be a mutation? Possibly invasive? This was the only one I had seen and he was just crawling across the trail. Id love to know what you think!!