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#18 Fears // Trans people are so brave omf, these are things I am personally afraid of and if you fear these things you aren’t alone. Even if I lose my singing voice, I’ll have a deeper more masculine voice to be proud of. Losing family is scary but if they stop caring about you for being yourself, they don’t deserve you. Needles and acne suck but so does my dysphoria and I think it will be worth it in the end.

L'unico metro di misura per capire se una persona ti vuole veramente bene, è solo uno: il tempo. Il tempo che investe con te, senza mai lasciarti solo, nel bene e nel male.


©Luna Tiny

Stephie belongs to a comic that I’ve followed for a while now, and one that actually inspired me to start anonymous asexual! Sophie, the artist for the comic, is extremely talented, and for those of my followers who don’t know about her, you should totally check out the comic Assigned Male, which is on tumblr and facebook and wherever else Sophie updates to. She’s really great- check her out!