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ninjakitty100  asked:

Deadpool and Spiderman, who would win?

If we ignore the fact that Deadpool can’t die then it’ll be more even.

Deadpool has an unlimited healing factor and has a deal with Lady Death so he can’t die….this automatically makes him a winner which I don’t think is fair. So…Deadpools other abilities include fighting skills, healing factor, teleportation (thanks to gadget) and swords and guns.

Spiderman’s abilities include the ability to climb any surface, enhanced speed and strength, spider sense and also web shooters and other gadgets.

In a one on one battle Spidey has the upper hand thanks to his speed absolute spidey sense. Deadpool can fight very well and pain is no obstacle in his fights. Spiderman will win because Deadpool is kinda sorta in love with Spiderman so I can’t see him hurting Spidey badly…so because of this and Spidey’s battlefield advantage I think Spiderman will win

When I was like 13, I surfed the web to find Inspector Gadget stuff (Don’t question me) and I found tons of fanart of Gadget being shipped with a female character named Inspector Prince.

I read more into this, ans apparently most of the inspector Prince fanart came from an user called Axelalloy, who also claimed there was some new Gadget show named “go go gadgetinis”, a show where Gadget hooked up with Inspector Prince.

There were some screenshots and site articles about “Go go Gadgetinis” and character profiles for Gadget and Inspector Prince. 

But the catch is that nobody had seen “Go go gadgetinis” or knew who was Inspector Prince, except for Axelalloy and her circle of friends. 

An user discovered all the internet articles covering this new Gadget cartoon were created by alt accounts of Axelalloy and that the screenshots of Inspector Prince and Gadget were fakes, edited screencaps from “Gadget and the gadgetinis”.

I share this because most information about this events has vanished off the internet.