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Bad Idea

Peter Parker
Prompt : “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

“You’re an idiot.” [Y/N] huffed out. 

Peter reached for his mask, tearing it off his head, he frowned. “I am not.” 

[Y/N] rolled her head and dramatically gave him an irritated look. It had only been a few months of knowing that her best friend was Spider-Man and after she got past the initial shock, she started to help Peter learn the new gadgets and gizmos the new spider suit had to offer.  Arching a brow, she motioned towards their situation. “Really?” 

Groaning, he crossed his arms over his chest, which caused him to bounce slightly from all the webbing that was currently surrounding them. Peter scoffed, “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

Closing her eyes, she shook her head. “And how exactly did you think messing around with the coding of Tony Stark’s invention would be a good idea?” Opening her eyes, she arched a brow. “Please enlighten me. Because I’m having trouble comprehending why and how that was going to be a good idea.” 

“Well, I didn’t think it would blow up….” Peter trailed as he looked around him. They were strung up about ten feet off the ground with one of his webbing gadget sitting on the concrete floor. He had spent the last fifteen minutes rewiring the suit despite the warnings [Y/N] had gave him. 

"What did you think would happen?!” [Y/N] grilled, her eyes were narrowed as she gave him a look that could kill. She loved Peter with every inch of her soul but sometimes she swore he didn’t have a lick of common sense underneath that genius brain of his. And sometimes, she even dreamed of a life where Peter wasn’t causing chaos. “That unicorns and rainbows would be sprouting out of your wrists?” 

Peter grinned, “That’d be so awesome. A nice element of surprise.” 

“Oh my god….” 

“I’m kidding,” Peter joked. “It was kind of stupid to think I could mess around with the suit,” he started to yank the webbing off his arms and legs. “But, how can I feel safe if I don’t know it’s limits?” Crawling gracefully towards her, he frowned. “How can I keep anyone, even you, safe if I don’t know how far I can use it.” 

[Y/N] scoffed, rolling her eyes, “Oh, god, Peter. Please don’t give me that sappy hero talk about wanting the world to be a safer place for me.” Struggling to remove the web from herself, she whimpered out. “I…can…take care…of….myself.” 

Peter smirked, “Yeah, uh, I can see that. You’re doing great.” 

Giving up, she narrowed her eyes and motioned towards it all. “Just get me out of this thing, will you?” 

“Oh, yeah, sure, sure. No problem. I just, you know, didn’t want to assume you needed my help or anything.” He grinned at her expression. “Cause you know that would be the last thing I wanted to do.” 


“Okay, alright.” Peter laughed as he yanked her out of the web. Pulling her close to his chest, he smirked again. “Would you like some assistance or are you just going to jump and break some bones?” 

[Y/N] looked up at Peter and quirked a brow, “I prefer to have all my bones in tact but if I have to jump then I will.” 

Peter scoffed. “You wouldn’t.” 

“Oh yeah?” [Y/N] countered.

Panic started to set in his bones as he felt [Y/N] pull away from him. “[Y/N],” Peter warned. “What are you doing?” Struggling to get a better grip on her, he yelled out when she pushed off of him and started to fall. “[Y/N]!” Using the one webbing gadget that was still attached to him, he shot out a web and gave a sigh of relief as he caught her just in time. 

Jumping down from the height, he narrowed his eyes at his best friend. “You’re fucking insane.” He growled. 

[Y/N] gave him a cheeky grin, “I mean…..you said I wouldn’t and,” she poked him on the nose, “I did.” 

Grabbing her by the waist, he yanked her completely down to the ground. “What would you have done if I didn’t save you?” 

Shrugging her shoulders, “I dunno, I probably would have died and there’s not much I could have done at that point.” 

Peter shook his head as she started to leave the warehouse, “You’re such a dick.” 

Laughing, [Y/N] turned around, “Actually, that was you. I only retaliated.” Walking backwards, she motioned towards the door, “Come on, Spiderboy. Change out of that hideous spandex onesie and let’s go grab some pizza.” 

“It’s Spider-Man and it’s not a onesie.” Peter called out as he walked towards his backpack. 

“Whatever, Parker. You keep telling yourself that to sleep at night.” She hollered back. 

Webbed || Peter Parker x Reader

A\N: Guys send me some more requests to write out before I leave for vacation. Enjoy tho!

Prompt No.7: “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.”

Prompt No.9: “Congratulations. I think you found the world’s thinnest argument.”

Request: “Can you do a Peter Parker x Reader prompts 7 and 9 together? Greatly appreciated if done so!”

You chewed on the end of your pencil while staring a hole in your maths textbook. You were over at Peter’s apartment to do your homework. Why you weren’t at your house? Well your parents had some important guests over and you had been unceremoniously kicked out of the house. So now here you were. You were sitting on Peter’s bed with your books sprawled all over his bed. 

You glanced up at Peter who was sitting on the desk, his head bent over his webbing gadget tinkering with it. His back was to you so you couldn’t exactly see what he was messing around with. You confusedly looked at your book and then back at him, wondering why he wasn’t working as well.

“Hey Pete? Why am I the only one who’s currently working?”

“Oh I uh finished ten minutes before you got here,” he answered not looking up.

“Huh,” you shrugged. “Sure why not? By the way what are you even doing?”

“I’m trying to improve my web shooters,” Peter answered turning around with a screwdriver in his hand. “I also developed a new formula for the webbing so that it’s more stronger. Makes it harder for the bad guys to rip it apart.”

“Such casual, much vaow,” you smirked at which he rolled his eyes. “A totally normal day. I just developed a new formula. Tomorrow I’m gonna go to Mars and come back in time to find a cure for cancer. Maybe even solve world hunger.”

Peter threw a crumpled up paper ball at you but you successfully moved out of its way. “Thank you for your support in my crime fighting business.”

“Are you kidding? My best friend is a kickass human spider. Things could not be more supportive.”

Peter grinned at you and turned back to his gadget. After a few minutes he put the screwdriver down and stood up yelling success in a triumphant manner. 

“What’s the matter? Found a cure?” you sarcastically said scribbling the solution to a question in your textbook. 

“Oh haha. Very funny. No I finished the improvements. Do you hear that?” he said putting his hand behind his ear. “That’s the sound of my awesomeness.”

You rolled your eyes. “Lame. Besides be careful. May might walk in.”

“Oh don’t worry she isn’t home,” Peter furrowed his eyebrows as he prodded the device. “Now where is the- AAAH!”

Peter had accidentally shot himself with his web shooter and he was currently stuck to the wall in an awkward position. 

“Holy shit Peter!” you burst into laughter as you clambered out of his bed. “What did you even do?”

“It’s not funny!” he managed to say as you were clutching your stomach in laughter.

“It’s not? Well you should see yourself from where I’m standing. It is hilarious!”

“Oh come on [Y\N],” he pleaded as you dissolved in a fit of giggles. “Help me out here!”

“Should I though? You didn’t help me out with homework.”

“Congratulations,” his voice dripping with sarcasm. “You just found the world’s thinnest argument.”

“That tone won’t help you out in this situation buddy.” He simply glared at you. “Okay okay sheesh.”

And you bustled off to find something that could get Peter out of his mess.


ilarual  asked:

Um, okay. Soul and Maka are newspaper reporters and Maka is also secretly a superhero because I'm feeling nostalgic.

so im gonna do like a little Spiderman AU for this cause idk i thought it would be nice. hope you like it!

Maka cursed as she heard her phone ring from her bag. She fished it out, glancing at the screen to see, of course, Soul calling. Her partner sure knew how to interrupt at the worst moments possible. Right now there was some giant ass lizard roaming New York and she had to get down there and kick it’s ass. Yet, she slid her finger over the screen and pressed the phone to her ear.

“What,” she hissed, looking down from the roof of the thirty story building. “Do you need now, Soul?”

“Hey, don’t get your panties in a knot.” He grumbled from the other side of the line. “I need you to get down to Ninth Street ASAP. Scales for Skin is back and I’m not letting this chance go to waste again.”

“Christ,” Maka gripped her mask in her hand, kicking her bag to the side. “Take care of it your self, I’m not … feeling well?”

“Not feeling well,” Soul scoffed. “As if. Get down here Tiny-” Maka held the phone away from her face as she pulled her mask on. On the street below her, cop cars flew down to the scene of crime. When Maka brought the phone back to her ear, she was met with an angry, “-sirens I hear?”

“Ah, pfft, no.” Maka adjusted the phone so she could hold it with her shoulder and cheek. “What are you talking about?”

“Maka, I swear to God, if you are following the cops again I am going to kick your ass. Last time they threw you in jail.”

“Oh, come on.” Maka shot a web out from the gadget on her wrist, and tugged on it, making sure it held. “They were just being poor sports about the whole situation.”

“You were taking pictures of their secret files once they got out of their cars!”

“Like I said,” she said gruffly, stepping back to get a running start. “Poor sports.”

“Just get your ass down here, Albarn.”

“On my way, Evans.”

Maka tossed her phone to the side and ran to the edge of the building, throwing herself off of it. She let out a laughed as she flew through the air, swinging on her web before shooting another one and turning down a new street. She maneuvered her way through the busy city, mostly following the sirens and the loud crashes that the creature made. By the time she got to her destination, three building had been torn down, two fires had been started, and one person was injured.

Maka swooped down to the lizard, landing in front of it with a squat. The creature screeched as it laid its eyes on her before glaring to the superhero. She gave a small three finger wave.

“Miss me, Godzilla?”

The creature growled and swung it’s tail, sweeping Maka’s feet from under her. She let out a curse and back flipped out of the way. She looked up and yelped as the creature brought its claws down, scratching her arm. She twisted out of it’s grip, landed a web onto it’s hand- or paw- and sticking it to the wall. The lizard cried out as she began to wrap it up in her web. 

“Man, some one needs to teach you a lesson.” She whistled, finishing wrapping the lizard up into a cocoon. She looked at the cut on her arm and her fingers skimmed over the area that was showing through her ripped suit. She flinched before looking at the cops that pulled up. She pointed her thumb the the creature before shooting her web up and swinging out of their range. She’s had enough trouble with cops, she didn’t want-

“Shit!” Maka fell from the air as her web snapped in half. She needed to perfect this swinging thing. Sometime she put a little too much weight into the swing and her make-shift rope was split right in half. As she fell, she landed a web onto a short building and swung herself to the ground, her feet skidding the concrete.

“What the hell?” An all too familiar voice came form behind her and she looked over her shoulder to see Soul standing there; camera and all. His eyes traveled over her before he froze in placed and his mouth open in a small gasp. “Is that fucking you, Maka?”

“Ah … wow, this is awkward.”