web foot


This is a ghostly web-footed gecko, they can be found and perfectly camouflage among the powdery reddish sands of the Namib Desert, their primary habitat.These geckos have adapted their webbed feet not only to help them stay atop, but to bury beneath the dunes of the Namib Desert. Strictly nocturnal lizards, they spend the day in self-dug burrows and emerge at night to feed.

Their bloodshot-looking eyes are massively oversized to help them detect prey, which includes crickets, grasshoppers, and small spiders. They move surprisingly quickly across the sand, and adhesive pads on their toes make them excellent climbers.

People sometimes hunt these tiny lizards for food, and human encroachment is destroying some of its habitat. Their estimated lifespan in the wild is about five years.


Trailer for AS YOU LIKE IT - Coming spring 2017!

Hello! It’s been a while! Foot in the Door Theatre are proud to present a new mini series of AS YOU LIKE IT, bringing a few selected scenes from Shakespeare’s play, filmed last summer with the cast from our 2015 production. The first episode is coming out tomorrow, and we’ll be releasing a new episode every few days, so subscribe to the FITD Channel to get the videos straight into your subscription box! 

Megamind daemons

One thing I do a lot for fandoms I enjoy (and I know I’m not alone in this) is imagine what species various characters’ daemons would be. However, I only started thinking about it for the Megamind cast in the last few days, inspired by this post about Discworld. If anyone wants to add anything, it would be great to hear other peoples’ thoughts! 

Note: I’ve tried to base these only on what we see of the characters in the movie itself, and leave out fanon stuff, since it would be impossible to cover everyone’s headcanons and imaginings. 


Megamind doesn’t know the name of his daemon’s species. 

She’s a creature native to the planet he was born on: a skinny, web-footed mixture of lemur and frilled lizard. Since humans know nothing about her kind, it’s easy for Megamind to make up stories about how she can spit acid, kill with electric shock, or rip someone open with a single swipe of her impressive claws. She goes along with the act, snarling and puffing herself up for dramatic effect, but anyone who’s seen her in private knows she’s really a shy and playful creature, who spends most of her time clinging affectionately to Megamind when she isn’t hopping excitedly around their evil lair. (When Megamind disguised himself as Bernard, he also disguised her as Bernard’s brown iguana daemon, and her hyper, bouncy nature almost gave them away more than once.) 

Part of him takes pride in having such a unique daemon. But there’s another, bitter part that sees her as a reminder of how much he’s lost, and how much he’ll never fit in. 

Unlike Megamind, Metro Man doesn’t remember his birth world. His daemon is an Earth creature, a mynah with handsome black-and-white plumage. The citizens choose to see the playful bird as a sign that their hero is kind as well as strong, and she certainly acts the part. They love to watch her singing along to the background music at Metro Man’s public appearances, or catching small children’s daemons in mid-air when they leap up to greet her. It isn’t until the fateful museum opening that Metro Man admits to himself what she really is: proof that he’s only been repeating what the city expects of him. When he reinvents himself as Music Man, and she can finally sing her own songs, both of them are much happier. 

Roxanne’s daemon is a scarlet tanager. He’s small and colorful, looks very photogenic perched on her shoulder, and most people don’t give him a thought beyond that. Roxanne, though, loves him for his courage - she’s seen him attack cat and fox daemons and send them squealing to their owners. Megamind’s daemon learned early on not to grab him during kidnappings (after he gave her a nasty pecking), and since then, they’ve been remarkably friendly. 

Hal’s daemon is a slinky brown mink: not much to look at, but a predator all the same (she watches Roxanne’s little tanager like a dingo watches a human baby). After Hal’s transformation into Tighten, she takes gleeful, sadistic pleasure in attacking any daemon they come across, knowing that they won’t fight back for fear of what her superpowered owner might do to their humans. 

Minion doesn’t have a daemon of his own. No one thinks this is strange - he’s obviously an animal, sapient or not. What they do find strange is how casually Megamind lets him touch his daemon. When they were children, she’d often curl around Minion’s ball for comfort, and they love swimming and playing together on the rare occasions he’s out of his suit.

(Minion might not have a daemon, but as his suit grows and changes with him, acting as an extension of his mind and body, he knows it holds a piece of his soul.)

An Adventure With Peter Parker Pt. I (Peter x reader)

Hello lovies, hope your day is mighty fine. Sorry if this long or short I don’t know what the normal length with be but I hope you enjoy! xx

Description: A series of adventures and stories do you the reader and Peter Parker.

Today:You and Peter went for a swim and things almost happened?¿? Natasha than came in and made everything 100% more awkward and confusing.

Warnings: Slight cursing

It was a quiet evening in the tower. Everyone had been training all day so they could currently be found relaxing by the tv or in their rooms. Except for you and Peter, who both trained with Steve today, along with Nat, Bucky, and Sam.

Not fun.

Peter had asked if you wanted to go for a swim later on to relax and hang out. An offer which you gladly excepted since he was the only Avenger your age at the tower, besides you two had a thing. Nothing even close to anything, but something.

When you went down to the pool you found him there, sitting at the edge of the pool in his swim trunks. You knew he was deep into his head considering he didn’t notice you until your phone fell off the towel you had on a chair to the ground.

“Oh he-hey Y/N” He stuttered quite surprised.

You just smiled as he tinted blush on his cheeks, “ Hey Spiderboy.” He hated being called that so it was expected that he rolled his eyes in return.

Peter was going to complain but choked on words as you took of your oversized NASA shirt, revealing just your black mesh bikini. You felt his eyes on you but you actually felt more confident.

“Peter Parker get some manners.” The playfulness jumping out of your voice as you walked over to him. It took him a second to pull it together.

“I think we should come up with a name for you.” He planted at you.

Giving him a curious look you asked, “What’s wrong with Y/N?” Being it was your given name.

“I just think it’s unfair, I mean you call me Spiderboy, and it’s less fun when you don’t have a nickname.” You didn’t understand his logic but let him try to find a suiting one.

He pondered for a minute as you both sat on the pool edge, your feet dipped in the warm water. When the lightbulb in his eyes got noticeably brighter he started spitting out ideas.

All of them were either cliché or just bad. At some point he started spilling out names already used.


“Latest Star Wars.” You said, informing him of all his sources.


“You mean the greek goddess? No.” Totally out of character, sure she was the goddess of hunting, forest, the hills, and moon, but archery. That’s Clint’s greek mythological character.


“Peter that’s just sad and offensive.”

“She-Devil?” He smirked at that one, in which you took slight offense.

“That’s it im done with this.” You followed that by hoping in the pool but as you swam away something tugged your foot and pull you back.

“Why the hell do you still have that on you? It’s a pool.“ You asked as Peter took his webbing off of your foot.

“I mean for what I just did, you know it’s rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” He answered as you rolled your eye at him.

Swimming up to him, you let your arms and chin rest on his legs as he took of his webbing. You really hated that stuff, it was brilliant, but a pain in the ass to get out of.

“I thought when you asked if I wanted to go swimming after training that we’d actually swim.” That’s when he stood up and back up to the pool chairs.

You knew what was coming, suddenly he was running and jumped over your head into the pool. Water flew everywhere as it covered most of the floor around the pool.

Peter and you spent a while playing water games like Marco Pollo, or racing each other. Peter didn’t play fair all the time, being you were a faster swimmer than him.

This time you were tied 7-7 and this was the winning race. Almost to the finish side of the pool with Peter behind you he pulled your ankle back, but this time as you came up for air he was right there looking at you.

Both of your eyes were bloodshot from the chlorine but you just stayed, slightly stunned at your close proximity and his hand on your waist just by your back.

“Peter.” You manage to get in a small voice.

“Yeah Y/N?” He answered back but before you could find or speak any words something hurdling towards you came into your peripheral vision. Plummeting yourself underwater was the first reaction you had.

Then you noticed Peter talking to someone so you popped up like a rabbit. That’s when Nat’s presence was finally noticed.

“I didn’t want you two to get too thirsty with all that swimming so I brought you something to drink.” She said clearly wanting to make the whole situation more uncomfortable.

You looked at Peter and saw the can of Coca-Cola in his hand, identifying it as what you saw in the air.

“Anyways we were planing on watching a movie in a bit, along with ordering pizza. I was gonna see if you wanted to watch, unless I interrupted something?” She added which caused both you and Peter to shake your heads frantically while replying no in unison.

“Ok well we’re starting in half an hour so I guess i’ll see you both there.” With that she left and the both of you just floated there.

“Well um, I’m just going to go take a shower and change…so I guess I’ll meet you, I mean see you there.” You stuttered out.

“Oh uh, yeah yeah I’ll see you there.” He managed to get out.

As both of you climbed out there was a silence the whole time. Both tried not to look at each other but you could feel Peter taking glances as you dried off and put your shirt back on.

You couldn’t breath until you got into the shower, watching the shampoo and soap go down the drain as you rinsed the chlorine out.

Damn Natasha.

Meanwhile with Peter.

He couldn’t believe that just happened, what did happen?

He didn’t even know how you ended up in that situation, one second you were just racing and the next you two were so close. What would’ve happen if Nat hadn’t come in?

“Hey there Underoos.” Tony said coming into the kitchen. Peter jumped as his voice snapped him out of his thoughts of you.

“You ok there buddy? That can isn’t going to open itself you know.” Tony made him nervous, because well he was Tony Stark, his idol. He was always afraid of messing up in front of him.

“Oh yeah, of course sir.” As Peter was about to open the can it suddenly did it itself. Well except it was Wanda as she came into the kitchen.

“Who says it can’t open itself?” She asked Tony. Everyone than came in the kitchen to get either bowls of chips, or popcorn, and their own drinks.

Y/N still hasn’t come down, was all Peter thought as he watched the steps awaiting your entrance. He didn’t realize that Nat saw him doing so. That’s why when you finally came into the room with your hair in a messy bun, shorts and a sweatshirt she made a comment.

“Your Spider-Boy has been waiting for you.” She smirked and you tried not to let the heat rise to your cheeks.

“Leave it alone Nat, he just gets nervous around Tony. Is the pizza here yet?” You asked and as if on queue Steve and Bucky came out of the elevators with boxes of pizza.

Once everyone got food and drinks they sat down and the movie started, you and Peter would make eye contact from across the room once in a while which Nat caught onto. Then at some point you fell asleep.

Steve woke you up at the end credits, now everyone wanted to play UNO.

Old people.

At the end of the game Peter got up and went to the kitchen and when he came back he handed you an ice cream cone from the freezer.

“What’s this for?” You asked, gladly taking it.

“Just accidentally grabbed two and thought you’d like it.” He shrugged and you smiled up at him for the gesture. “Ok well I gotta get home before Aunt May freaks out, bye guys thanks for the pizza.” He said as he turned to leave while eating the ice cream cone.

“Goodnight Peter.” You called as he reached the elevator.

There was a slight smirk in his soft smile, “Goodnight.. Arsenal.”

You couldn’t object since the elevator doors closed and he disappeared. When you turned back to join the second game Sam commented, “Arsenal. I like that.”

You just smiled as you ate the vanilla ice cream cone. “Me too.”

Behold: 4 New Species Of Tiny Frogs Smaller Than A Fingernail

Four newly discovered frog species are so tiny that they can sit comfortably on a fingernail, making them some of the smallest-known frogs in the world.

[NEWS] Scientists said in a video that they were “surprised to find that the miniature forms are in fact locally abundant and fairly common.” The frogs likely escaped notice until now because of their tiny size and secretive habitats, hidden under damp soil or dense vegetation.

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||❥ the conveniently inconvenient neighbour

j o s h u a ! s c e n a r i o

p u n k ! a u

word count: 3, 644

includes: a slight christmas theme (i know, it’s kinda late lmao) + joshua likes playing his electric guitar at the most inconvenient times + some heated stuff but not smut, so just be warned!

✎ okay but srsly imagine punk!jisoo who plays in a band and plays electric bass guitar nd he’s got some piercings and the tousled hair with dark eyeliner, i’m sweatin. have an amazing holiday guys!! stay warm if yall got some of that cold ass weather. also he’s such a fluff it’s so hard 2 find badass gifs of him,,

That was the fourth time Joshua had strummed his electric guitar today, since the blanket of frost sticking persistently to your window had grown more opaque, shimmering under sunlight sprinkled from meringue peaks in the sky.

You knew because you were counting, every chord that thundered through paper thin walls warding your attentiveness from different tasks. The cacophony of harsh noises first erupted during early morning, when you rose from the soft linen pools swirling beneath you to greet the familiar frost, crisp against your window. It was a startling bark that shot a tremor up your spine, almost quivering the miniature hour glass on your bedside table. Your mind had been too cloudy to warble, your limbs too lethargic to set you outside his door and spew indignant nonsense.

So you made breakfast. Or at least, you tried to.

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Sidlink Drabble 6

UM. This is a lot longer than I expected it to be. BUT yeah. This is my play on if Sidon were Hylian and Link a Zora. I’ve been meaning to write it, BUT after seeing Gummysquid’s amazing designs for them that priority got bumped up QUITE A BIT.

You can also read it on Ao3 here. I was thinking about making it its own post there, but nah I’m lazy.

Reiner was getting impatient, Sidon noticed. The white stallion flicked his head back and forth and whinnied as Sidon gently tugged on his reins. It was strange: Reiner was typically a much more mellowed horse, which was the main reason he decided to bring him out of all the Royal Family’s horses.The stallion never disobeyed Sidon’s commands in all his time of riding with the prince, so it was concerning that Reiner kept trying to veer off the lonely path leading from Hyrule Market to Zora’s Domain.

With a frown, Sidon sighed and tugged Reiner to the right. Perhaps if he gave Reiner a short break, the horse would feel better.

“Why, Reiner. This is my first, important mission to get a working relation with the Zora people!” he chastised the horse as he gently yanked the reins and steered the stallion to a halt. He climbed down, gave a reassuring pat to his flank and reached inside the satchel attached to Reiner’s saddle. He pulled out one of the horse’s favorite treats–an endura carrot–and held it out for the steed. “Surely you understand that I need this to work perfectly, since Mipha entrusted me to go alone, correct?”

The horse snorted and quickly chomped into the thick carrot. Sidon smiled, reached for the horse’s soft yellow mane and brushed his fingers through the nice and straight hair. The Hylian prince carried his glance past his steed’s body and eyed the lush, colorful grasses of Hyrule field. It was a cool summer morning; the sun was only starting to rise and a damp mist rolled along in the air. He had already gotten a few hours knocked out of the way of his journey, but Hyrule castle still lingered in the distance and looked much closer than it really was.

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asksecularwitch  asked:

All the bird ones were the most hilarious yo me, and I am not entirely sure why. XD lmao. The best.

Geese literally take over our parking lot from February to June because this is their breeding ground. Mother Goose builds a nest on our corner annually and the dad patrols the parking lot.

This results in him harassing customers regularly.

We had to put carts up against the building because he would just fucking stare at his own reflection for hours, leaving a trail of goose turds. When he was shooed away from the windows, he started going after cars. 

Most days, I drive in to work and he’s right there. Right there in the parking lot. And as soon as I put my car in park, he starts circling  me. I’ve been late to work TWICE because he’s waiting for me to get out of the car. 

He just fucking STANDS THERE and waits for me to either move or attack and I can’t do anything because I am scared shitless of this 20 pound web-footed dinosaur. (And also the law.)

You honk your horn at him and he just fucking HONKS BACK like he’s not threatened by a one-ton hunk of metal that can MURDER HIM into tiny little bits. He’s not scared of you OR your death machine! His children are fucking protected by the US Department of Agriculture AND the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Can’t. Touch. Dis. 

And all I wanna do is get out of my car and get into the building with as little injury as possible. Do you know how hard it is to explain that you’re walking funny because you got bit by a goose? It’s fucking embarrassing. 

Go back to Canada. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on the Tumbls -It’s about Gautier visiting Petrus Borel and Jules Vabre, and especially interesting as a little vignette of tobacco use at the time. This would have been around 1830-1833: 

From Theophile Gautier’s A History of Romanticism, specifically the chapter on Jules Vabre: 

On a shutter placed upon trestles were laid out the drawings and working-plans of the job, a package of cigarette paper almost used up, with its engraving of smugglers and its Catalonian motto, and a tobacco-pouch made out of the webbed foot of some sea-bird, and whence escaped, as golden hairs out of a net, a few bits of Maryland tobacco, too few, alas ! to  furnish material for a last cigarette. 

At that time I had not yet taken to smoking, but I was already aware that there is no greater privation for men in the habit of gargling themselves with tobacco, than the lack of the weed. I had therefore brought a package of Maryland in the hope that my friends' pride would not take offence at so insignificant an offering…

They had had no smoke since the night before, however, and Petrus, opening the package, drew out some of the tobacco, rolled it under his thumb, the colour of burnished gold, in the small leaf of papel de kilo, lighted it at the candle stuck in the neck of an empty bottle, and put it to his lips with an unmistakable expression of enjoyment such as rarely showed on his stoical countenance. His great eyes, half Spanish, half Arab, flashed for an instant, a faint blush coloured his olive skin, jets of smoke  shot out alternately from his nostrils and his lips, and ere long he disappeared within the encircling cloud, like Jupiter, the cloud-compeller. Needless to say that meanwhile Jules Vabre, the miraculous comrade, was engaged in doing precisely the same thing.  

His World: Teachers

1. The Desk

There were several things that set Mrs. Murawski off. Fire, chemical spills, Kyle Drako hogging the teachers’ lounge computer to watch baby bat videos….

And the two men who were insisting that they needed to inspect her desk to make sure it was up to par with company guidelines. “Take it up with Principal Milder,” she growled, standing protectively in front of Oakley (yes, she named it. Named him. It-him?). “The school paid for this desk. I don’t actually own him.”

The taller of the two men frowned. “Him?”

“Oakley, my desk,” Mrs. Murawski said. “Call him an ‘it’ and I’ll judo chop you to ribbons.”

“She named him?” the other one asked, bewildered. “Hey, I think this must be the same classroom where we got attacked by the sentient blob. I didn’t even know they taught middle schoolers how to create those things, considering how it’s classified as a Rank B under the Dangerous Evolving Mut-oomph!” He was cut off by his colleague, who’d grabbed him by the arm and yanked him down the hallway. 

He was scolded all the way down, and Mrs. Murawski couldn’t help but listen in. “You can’t just spurt that information willy-nilly! You’ll blow our cover! How else are we supposed to gain valuable information on the counteragent if we can’t figure out his schedule?” 

She closed the door of her classroom, sighing. “They get crazier and crazier every year.” Lovingly stroking the polished wood paneling, she opened a pack of wet wipes and started cleaning one of the legs. “No man can possibly compare to you, Oakley.”

2. Debate

The class was completely immersed in the debate. Drako couldn’t possibly have been more proud to help teach a new generation how to passionately defend their sides. As usual, there were many students who spoke once or twice just to have the minimum participation grade, but all of them were listening intently or waiting for an opening so they could help add a new point. 

“Vampires are vampires 24/7,” Chad explained. “They don’t need to wait for the full moon. They can just go out and suck an unsuspecting maiden’s blood!” 

Melissa stood up to give her point. “Both vampires and werewolves are creatures of the night. Unlike vampires, werewolves face no danger from sunlight. Also, werewolves aren’t completely reliant on one source of sustenance. They’re free to hunt in the forest, or terrorize a village. They may require a little more meat than a normal person in the daytime, but are ultimately not dependent on human blood.”

“There are ten minutes before the bell,” Drako announced. “Let’s wrap it up.” 

Chad’s side fell silent as they tried to combat Melissa’s point about dietary needs. Surprisingly, it was Amanda who delivered the conclusion of her side. “I just wanted to add that petting animals relieves stress, and in some works there are werewolves who don’t lose their mind during the full moon. The bigger the animal, the more fur there is to pet, and the less anxiety you’ll have afterward.” 

The bell rang, and Drako dismissed the class. As soon as everyone left, he shook his head. “At least vampires are immortal.”

3. Who Hires These Subs Anyway?

“I’m all right, guys!” Milo shouted, hoping to reassure his class from the giant golem that had been formed by a combination of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock. It was now on a rampage downtown, almost squashing Elliot under its giant foot. “Well, you know what they say. Impromptu field trips are the best kinds of field trips.”

Milo leaned his elbow on a rocky thumb, wondering if it was possible to persuade the golem to scale the tallest skyscraper in the city. That always looked cool in movies. 

“Why is that when you people go, ‘you know what they say’, you always make up a sentence that literally nobody says?” Zack yelled back, trying and failing to lasso the golem’s massive arm with a rope. 

As they passed by a water tower, a hovercar zoomed out of nowhere. The driver, a small teal platypus, threw his fedora at it, releasing a hidden buzzsaw which cut through the metal. Water gushed out of the hole, soaking the golem and Milo, as well as the entire class. 

The golem eroded away, and Milo easily slipped out from beneath the crumbling fingers. The hovercar caught Milo as he fell and brought him safely to the ground. “Milo!” Melissa exclaimed. “Are you all right? How does this rank on your kidnapped by monsters list?” 

“It’s above the Mothman when we vacationed in Oregon, but below the time we were trapped in a haunted house overnight and had to deal with that creepy organist,” Milo replied. The rest of the class expressed relief at a safe distance, surprised when the platypus glared angrily up at their substitute teacher. He tapped a webbed foot and crossed his arms, as if waiting for a good explanation. 

Dr. Doofenshmirtz scowled. “Boy, you trick out the class supply of rock tumblers and accidentally create a golem that kidnaps a student and potentially cost millions of dollars in property damage and suddenly everyone thinks you’ve defected back to evil.”

I think it’s pretty obvious I favor werewolves. 

Classmates - Peter Parker x Reader

Based off this gif imagine I posted earlier. (Reader is maybe a little bit Black Cat in this)

Since Peter had greeted you at the start of the fight, you hadn’t really seen him. Maybe a flash of red or blue as he swung around, stealing Cap’s shield, webbing him, zipping in and out of the building, but you’d never had a chance to fight with him.

You’d been running around,  a short fight with Natasha before Clint stepped in. You were after all the youngest of team Cap and there was a certain protectiveness. 

Maybe that was why yourself and Peter ended up in a fight.

You were helping Bucky and Sam, running beside them. Steve had wanted you safe, and he seemed to think that that was with Bucky and Sam.

A sudden shatter of glass, a whoosh of red and blue slamming into Sam and knocking him out before bouncing back and colliding with Bucky.

“You have a metal arm? That is awesome-” Peter exclaimed, cut off by your leg swinging around and swiping his legs out from under him. 

“Hey!” He yelled, glancing up at you, “I thought we had a truce.”

“Unfortunately not.” You laughed, nodding at Bucky and Sam who continued on their way, leaving you to fight Peter.

“Look, I’ve only got one job here today and I’ve got to impress Mr Stark.” Peter shrugged, propping himself up on one elbow. He moved fast, webbing your foot to the floor and then webbing your hands together before you could do anything.

You pulled back, taking Peter only slightly off balance. 

He attached your hands to the floor as well, bringing you to your knees.

“Sorry.” He winced.

“Oh that makes this all better then.” You laughed bitterly.

“How’s the physics going?” He asked, crouching down to your level.

You looked away, not in the mood to talk about physics. It wasn’t exactly your strongest subject.

“I can help you if you’d like, when this is all over.” He continued.

“Maybe if you unweb me.”

“Oh yeah, let me just let you go to stop me from stopping them.” You could almost see Peter’s smirk through his mask.

“Seems like a good idea to me.” You said, stalling a little.

“Hey, okay. I’ve got to go then.” Peter turned away and started walking off. 

 He started to turn on his heel to say one final thing, “Physics Monday after- whoa!”

You leapt at him, grabbing one of his arms and twisting it behind his back.

“Oi! Hey! Ow!” Peter exclaimed, leaning back into you to ease the pain slightly.

With his free hand, he tried to web you but you stepped to the side, causing him only to trip himself up slightly. He continued to try to snare you but with you holding him at awkward angles and distracting him, he only managed to tangle both of you up.

“Uh…” He managed to rub the back of his neck, just, with his arm glued to his chest, “We’ll get out of this in just, one, sec.”

With one swift movement the ground seemed to be swept out from underneath you and you were whisked upside down, hanging from a beam in the airport.

“How did you manage that?” You asked, quite confused.

Peter peeled the remaining web off himself before snapping his fingers at you. 

“Physics! I can teach you on Monday?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes as Peter stood in front of your upside down head. “Fine.”

“Brilliant. See you then.” He leaped out the window, weaving a quick hammock below you as he left so when he pulled the string and came crashing down, you’d be stuck tied up in a hammock but at least you’d be safer than hanging head first from the roof.

fourteen year old emos au summary post where its too long and im tired

harley: a terrifying scene/mallgoth/juggalo hybrid. early on she accidentally kills the joker and calls up ivy to help her bury his body and thats how they start dating. chubby and adhd and loves chaos.

ivy: snobby classic goth from a snobby classic goth family. pretends 2 b the resident weed expert. she and harley like to sit in the mall parking lot and throw stuff at the Nasty Boys/watch them fight. sometimes they place bets. 

catwoman: says “nya nya” and licks herself in public. never takes off her cat ear hoodie. she loves committing minor property damage and petty theft and she is banned from the mall. she doesnt hang out with harley and ivy fully bc she has issues about trusting/not assuming she is automatically better than other girls but she will slowly get over it. she rps her fursona with bruce wayne on facebook but he doesnt know its her, or that their threads are public. oh how he wishes he could meet xXxCatwomanxx:3Nya~ irl, his dream girl

the joker: the same as jared leto joker but in middle school. comes from a perfectly normal suburban family. no one knows why he is like that.

penguin: aggressively disgusting, dresses the same as he does in canon but with even more stains and flecks of bird shit, bites people and gets his sweaty webbed foot out at any opportunity (its his debate tactic/weapon). his parents r three lesbian zookeepers who love him and dont see anything wrong with him. they adopted him specifically bc he looks like a penguin.  he has so many health problems and talks about it constantly.

scarecrow: aspiring psychology student and wont fucking shut up about it. horrid little streampunk man. he hangs out with penguin bc they are both emo and too disgusting to have other friends but they fucking hate each other. along with the riddler they are collectively dubbed The Nasty Boys which they hate bc they dont want to be associated togther but they are

riddler: third wheels scarecrow and penguin, facilitates their rivalry, whoops and hollers whenever penguin starts taking his shoe off (the mere sight of penguins awful foot can bring scarecrow 2 tears). one day penguin and scarecrow team up and turn on him and harley and ivy throw their entire lunch in excitement. constantly trying 2 convince everyone that Edward Nygma is his real name. pfft yeah rite eddie. freak perfectionist academic overachiever in constant competition with his smug older sister, cluemaster

mr freeze: has no friends bc no one shares his incredibly niche taste in music. its mostly droning and clattering noises but he will not accept anything else as art. nora is his Fake GF From A Different School he has a myspace account 4 her and everything

two face: class rep, on the debate team, tries so hard to hide his freak self from his neurotypical prep brethren. secretly moshes to black parade alone in his room every nite while crying

killer croc: older kid who got held back for behavioural reasons, hes pretty chill otherwise, hes a soulful bi emo that has a lot of friends who respect him, he still has a crocodile head bc of his fake bullshit skin disease what makes u have a crocodile head. sometimes he walks by the mall parking lot where the other emo kids gather on his way back from the gym and throws his empty soda cans at penguin and penguin picks up the can and sniffs it/takes it home/treasures it

man-bat: too terrified of everything to make friends, the most dedicated furry of all the furries at gotham middle school. his wall is covered in commissions of his fursona and he is saving up 4 the luxury bat fursuit of his dreams. can scream incredibly loud and for a long time which earns him grudging respect from harley and ivy + the Nasty Boys who all spend most of their time screaming

babydoll: actually a few grades above everyone else, needs to catch up on her education due to her failed career as a child star getting in the way. she initially bonds with penguin over having health problems and being obsessed with death but they become rivals after she develops a crush on killer croc, penguin’s chosen future husband

the ventriloquist: just the nicest kid. everyone leaves him alone. he has a nice time at school.

batman: hes still a richboy crimefighter and shit just on a smaller level, like he spends his evenings flagging youtube videos on his 5000 dollar laptop. one time he used a spray bottle on catwoman while she was smashing a fire hydrant and she beat the shit out of him. in a shittier au alfred would b a teacher or something but here hes another misc emo kid who batman pays to be his friend. instead of wise advice alfred just quotes mcr and batman acts like it was wise advice

From the Ground Up - Ch 12 Preview

An extended preview of Ch 12 of From the Ground Up to make up for the loooong gap between chapters this time! Enjoy!

Words: ~1000
Work: From the Ground Up
Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

To the untrained eye, the Eastern Reservoir appeared empty, its waters so still they could be mistaken for ice. The Prince dipped a webbed foot into the water and winced; ice the water nearly was, as close as possible to freezing. Yet the cold that came with the onset of winter didn’t reach under Sidon’s scales. There was too much salt within, thickening his blood, deterring the crystals that would dig their way underneath and seek to push him out.

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Tar'van’s team trained their weapons on the web footed creature that were around and in where the water gathers. They were significantly smaller than that of an Emu. Tar'van shudder at the thought of that creature. It was well known not to discredit an earthly animal based on its size. The ‘Badger’ taught them that.

Tar'van knew that it was better to ask the human guide rather than assume as assuming had cost more than one of his kind their life. “Human Soo-zee, what is that creature?”

“It’s just a duck.” The Human bared her teeth at Tar'van signaling a smile. “You’ll be fine.”

Tar'van had come to trust the humans guides (prisoners) bestowed upon him. They had yet to steer him wrong on what animals to avoid. This one was of the subspecies ‘hunter’ native to the region shaped like the five fingered appendage humans referred to as hands.

“Human Soo-zee, are all these creatures ‘ducks’?”

Suzy started to laugh, “No. That big white one? That’s a swan. Beautiful aren’t they?”

Tar'van didn’t understand why Humans conceptualized appearances but nodded in the way of human understanding.

“Swans are a piece of work; beautiful but aggressive and mean. Avoid them at all costs. And that gray motherfucker” she pointed to the stout gray and black creatures with a wicked grin “is a Canadian Goose.”

Tar’van’s comrades had come to understand that it was universally acknowledged among humans that the breed of human know as Canadian were docile and considerably more friendly than other humans. And getting them to agree on something was a feat in itself so they didn’t doubt this as an absolute fact.

Tar'van accepted this explanation from the human and directed two comrades to retrieve some to eat. After all, it made sense to Tar'van and his crew that they were Canadian and therefore harmless. As two from the squad approached the first goose, it charged in a flurry of wings, noise, and seething rage that seemed to large for such a small creature.

The squad backed away wearily as Suzy cackled from where she was bound.

“Human Soo-zee! You said they were Canadian Geese. Canadians are considered to be the friendly breed of your species!”

Suzy continued to laugh as the geese started charging two of Tar’van’s companions that had again wandered too close.

“They absorb all of the hate and rage from the Canadians.” she smirked, “Geese are the vikings of the animal kingdom. They get what they want, when the want it and they will stop at nothing. They’re a very relentless species. Even humans have a healthy respect for the geese. Hell, I debated entering a building to get food because a Goose guarded the door.”

As Suzy spoke, she had enraptured the attention of the entire team, and as Suzy spoke, geese crept closer to their huddle. She smiled widely as a loud noise rang out from the stout bodies. The squadron jumped in surprise which seemed to only fuel the rage. The gaggle raised themselves up and charged; wings flapping and necks stretched out to attack. Tar’van’s squad scattered in different directions in an effort to evade the hateful creatures.

Tar'van snatched up a laughing Suzy and shouted for the team to fall back. But it was too late. Two had been cornered among some of the fauna, the geese were hissing and honking as they continued their attack on the intruders. Another of the squad, Chuz, was running into the body of water. Tar'van watched in horror as these creatures raised themselves up and propelled themselves at Chuz, coasting through the air, much like the eagles they had encountered before. There was nothing Tar'van could do but watch as he was surrounded by ‘geese’ and the ‘swan’. Tar'van called once more for a retreat and ran from the home of the fowl.

The aggressive manner in which they attacked and the rage and nothingness in their beady little eyes would certainly be added to the list of nightmares Tar'van experienced.


Suzy smiled to herself at a job well done. The Resistance would be happy to hear that they were now afraid of Geese. She could only hope that they stayed in the Northern Hemisphere long enough to meet the Buffalo, and wide range of bears and big cats that inhabit here. They’d sworn off Australia, Africa, Asia, and they were well on their way to swearing off North America, especially after the Louisiana incident. There was only so many places they could go because they only had the ocean. Make way for the Orcas and Great Whites.