web foot


This is a ghostly web-footed gecko, they can be found and perfectly camouflage among the powdery reddish sands of the Namib Desert, their primary habitat.These geckos have adapted their webbed feet not only to help them stay atop, but to bury beneath the dunes of the Namib Desert. Strictly nocturnal lizards, they spend the day in self-dug burrows and emerge at night to feed.

Their bloodshot-looking eyes are massively oversized to help them detect prey, which includes crickets, grasshoppers, and small spiders. They move surprisingly quickly across the sand, and adhesive pads on their toes make them excellent climbers.

People sometimes hunt these tiny lizards for food, and human encroachment is destroying some of its habitat. Their estimated lifespan in the wild is about five years.

Sometimes, I Cannot Spell A Word. Sometime I Stub My Webbed Foot And Make A Shout. Some Time I See a Rat Man And I Swear At Him. I Not Always Perfect- But I Am Really Big And Wide


Rating: K+

Summary: In the early morning hours after the events at the House of the Lucky Fortune, there is some guilt and regret over decisions made that night. Apologies are made and accepted.

Illuminated by the pale orange glow of the sunrise, the group of ducks trekked towards the entrance of McDuck Manor. The Golden Cricket’s lackluster song, which was more soothing than ethereal, added to the fatigue weighing in their bones. Scrooge and Webby were the most awake out of all of them, Scrooge having endured many a sleepless night in his time and Webby harbouring a severe sugar rush from drinking directly out of the buffet’s chocolate fountain.

Dewey stumbled on the stairs, hitting the front of his webbed foot on the edge of the step. He was saved from a humiliating face-plant by Donald, who snagged him by the collar of his blue shirt with practiced ease.

He turned to thank his uncle, but the words paused on his tongue. The activities of the day had visibly worn Donald down, from the bags under his eyes to his unfocussed glaze. Concern bubbled within Dewey and it chased away his exhaustion.

The front doors parted to reveal Beakley, who regarded them with a bemused expression. “I would have thought the Golden Cricket’s song would have enlightened you rather than exhausted you.”

“The Golden Cricket’s song is naethin’ more than a lullaby,” grumbled Scrooge.

“Ah. I am sorry to hear that. I was hoping you would be able to impart wisdom the Golden Cricket shared on life’s great mysteries.” Beakley quelled a smirk when Scrooge shot her a withering glower. “Should I ask how you managed with Gladstone Gander?”

“Definitely nae nao,” muttered Scrooge. “Ah’ve got tae wash the casino grime from me feathers and then Ah’m goin’ tae bed, where I just might sleep for fifty years.”

“How can you sleep when there’s so much to do I’m not gonna sleep for a hundred years!”

Webby sprinted past Beakley, a blur of white and pink, shrieking gleefully at the top of her lungs. Beakley gazed after her and then turned to Scrooge with narrowed eyes. “How much sugar did you let her have?”

Scrooge shifted his gaze. “The lass may have been overeager at a chocolate fountain. But tae be fair, Ah did nae realize exactly how much she had.”

“She was fine until we were halfway home,” added Huey. “I guess it took a while for all that chocolate to kick into her system. Do you know how many cartwheels she can do in a row?”

“I can imagine,” said Beakley dryly.

She went to attend to her granddaughter and Scrooge made a straight path for his bedroom. Donald shuffled towards the stairs, the dazed expression only leaving his face when Dewey called out to him. “What is it?” he asked, one wing holding the banister as he paused on the third step.

“Um…I just wanted to say that when I said you were the worst, I didn’t mean you were the worst. I meant your luck was the worst. But I shouldn’t have said that at all. I’m really sorry.”

“Me too,” said Huey, shame-faced. “Just because you have bad luck doesn’t mean you’re a jinx. Uncle Gladstone is naturally lucky and look where that got him. He would have been a prisoner forever if it weren’t for you.”

His beak lifted upwards in a smile and Donald opened up his wings. Dewey and Huey immediately hurried into his embrace. “Thanks, boys. I love you.”

“We love you too,” they said in unison.

After holding them for a moment, Donald let go. “It’s way past your bedtime and you need a recommended eight hours of sleep.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” said Dewey with a yawn. “Louie, you coming?”

Louie stayed in the middle of the foyer, wings dug into the pocket of his hoodie and eyes downcast. Sensing his brother wanted to talk to Donald alone, Huey tugged on Dewey’s arm. “He’ll be up in a bit. C’mon.”

They disappeared up to the second landing and Donald stayed in place, watching Louie intently. “Are you okay?”

The simple concern injected into the words caused his guilt to intensify, to crawl into his throat and tighten around his vocal cords. He had treated his uncle with such disrespect, after everything Donald had done for him and his brothers. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay—”

“No it’s not. I was really rude and you didn’t deserve any of it. I don’t care that you’re unlucky. I shouldn’t have made fun of you for it.”

“I probably shouldn’t have taken it so seriously,” returned Donald, slightly sheepish. “It’s always annoyed me how Gladstone always gets what he wants without doing anything. I hate admitting it, but that does sort of make him cool.”

“It doesn’t.” When Donald regarded him with surprise, Louie nodded. “Yeah, he gets a bunch of stuff for free. I used to think that was cool, how life came so easily to him, but I realized something. You’re cooler. I mean, bad stuff always happens to you and you just keep going and somehow you always make it through, just like today. Heck, Uncle Gladstone got trapped because of his luck and he couldn’t save himself. He needed your help.”

Having not quite thought about today’s events in such a manner, Donald could not help but grin. “He did, didn’t he?”

“He totally did.”

“Thanks, Louie. It’s not always easy being so unlucky, but I have three reasons that help get me through.”

Louie blinked. “What are they?” Donald sent him a pointed look and realization dawned. “Ooh, gotcha.”

“Get over here.”

Louie ran into Donald’s wings, which tightened around him. He rested his forehead against Donald’s chest, gripping the front of his shirt. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The lingering shreds of shock from the events of the day disappeared and all Donald felt was a warm fuzziness in the pit of his stomach. He had spent so much time feeling jealous of Gladstone’s easy luck that he had forgotten he had something much better. He had Huey, Dewey and Louie, his boys, and they were all he would ever need.

“All right, now it’s time for bed. You get cranky when you don’t get enough sleep.”

Louie pouted. “I do not.” He let out a laugh and dodged the mock-swat Donald aimed at him. He wiggled his way past his uncle and hurried up the stairs. “Goodnight Uncle Donald!”

“Goodnight, Louie.”

His steps much lighter now that he had properly apologized, Louie headed down the carpeted corridor towards his bedroom. As he passed by the hall that led to his great-uncle’s quarters he slowed his movements, glancing over his shoulder. After a moment of thought he turned on his heel and approached Scrooge’s room, knocking on the door.

“What is it nao?” asked Scrooge as he opened the door, his burgundy bathrobe tied tightly around his waist. “Oh, Louie. What is it, lad?”

“I wanted to apologize.”

Scrooge furrowed his brow. “What did ye break?”

“Uh…nothing,” said Louie, slightly confused.

“Then what are ye apologizing for?”

“Oh—for accusing you of leaving Uncle Donald behind.” Louie self-consciously rubbed the back of his neck and said, “We still don’t really know each other all that well, but I should have known you wouldn’t do that.”

“Ye do nae have tae apologize,” said Scrooge, slightly bewildered. “It was a fast-paced situation an’ Ah do nae think anyone had time tae process it properly. Ye had a right tae be mad.”

“Maybe. But I should have trusted you. You wouldn’t leave any of us behind. It’s like Uncle Donald always says. Family helps family.”

“Aye.” Regarding Louie, Scrooge hesitated before continuing, “I suppose Ah should have been more considerate of your feelings. Donald means a lot to ye. Of course ye would be upset.”

“It’s okay.” Glancing over Scrooge’s shoulder, Louie could see water pouring over the edge of the marble tub and onto the smooth floor of the bathroom. “Your bathroom is flooding.”

“Curse me kilts, me bath!”

Laughing, Louie backed away from the door. Before it could shut in his face he said, “You mean a lot to me too, Uncle Scrooge. Goodnight!”

Scrooge watched the boy disappear down the hall, eyes wide with surprise. The continuous trickling of water on his expensive flooring urged him to move, his webbed feet splashing in the small puddle of water as he hastily reached over to turn off the tap. Pushing his sleeve up his arm, he reached into the bath to remove the drain, allowing the water level to diminish.

He watched the swirling water, Louie’s final words echoing in his mind. After a moment of pondering he left his quarters and went down the corridor. He planned to go to Donald’s houseboat, but when passed by the guest bathroom he distinctly heard the sound of more running water.

Donald answered his knock, towel wrapped around his waist, steam already fogging the room behind him. “Can I help you?”

“When me hot water bill comes in ye can pay it,” said Scrooge in disapproval. “What are ye tryin’ tae do, create a sauna?”

“It’s been a long day and for once I’d like to relax.”

“Aye…I suppose ye deserve it.”

“…did you interrupt me just to complain about the excessive water usage or did you need something?”

“I joost wanted tae say…well, Ah had no intention of leaving ye behind,” muttered Scrooge, giving an awkward cough. “An’ Ah’m sorry if ye felt that way.”

Surprised at this, for his uncle rarely apologized for anything, it took a moment for Donald to regain his words. “Wow. Where did this come from?”

“Nowhere,” said Scrooge gruffly. “Joost somethin’ Ah thought Ah’d say. Ah’ll leave ye to your shower.”

“Wait,” spoke Donald as Scrooge started to turn around. “Thank you, for saying that. I guess I didn’t really expect you to leave me behind. It was just…an unexpected plan. But if you hadn’t convinced Toad Whoever-He-Was to keep me, then Gladstone would still be his prisoner.” Donald paused and then joked feebly, “Which might not have been all that bad.”

Scrooge snorted. “For all places for Gladstone to encounter poor luck, it’s ironic he found it in a casino. I doubt this experience will change him. Ah never knew why ye were always so envious of him.”

Donald raised his brow. “What do you mean by that?”

“Gladstone is a freeloader who lets his luck take care of him. He’s family, but he’s arrogant an’ selfish. He knows nae the value of earnin’ what ye get. His life is shallow an’ one day it’ll all catch up tae him. Ye, on the other hand, know what it means tae work hard. Ye’ve provided nae only for yourself but for the lads. Ye made a lot of sacrifices—”

Scrooge froze at his use of vocabulary. Swallowing thickly, he looked away and said softly, “Ah did nae mean…”

“I know,” said Donald, taking a breath to combat the tightness in his chest. “I know. I get what you mean. I appreciate it…Uncle Scrooge.”

Nodding, Scrooge took a step back. “Ah’ll leave before ye use up all me water. Ye could leave the water off when you’re not usin’ the shower, ye know.”

“Goodnight Uncle Scrooge,” sang Donald, closing the door.

Rolling his eyes, Scrooge started back for his quarters. He encountered Mrs. Beakley on the way, where she carried a clearly ill Webby in her wings. “There’s a reason I tell you not to let her consume excess amounts of sugar,” said Beakley in ire.

“Sticking your head in a chocolate fountain is super awesome but also kind of a bad idea,” said Webby groggily. “Um…I also threw up on your Persian rug. I’m sorry.”

Lifting his eyes heavenward, Scrooge sighed. “So much for me bath.” Glancing at Beakley, he said, “Ah am the one who let her eat so much candy. Ah can—”

“Wonderful,” interrupted Mrs. Beakley, setting her granddaughter down beside her boss. “You can clean her up and put her to bed while I make her some soup. If you want to save your rug I’d suggest hiring a professional cleaner. For now, I’ll put it outside.”

Scrooge grimaced at the thought of his rare and expensive hand-made rug sprawled carelessly over damp grass, but did not protest. “Come along then,” he said and Webby hurried after him, a little bit more cheer to her features. “Tae think Ah used to be able to have nice possessions around here,” he said with a touch of fondness.

At the other end of the second floor, Louie was just collapsing into bed. His blankets were pulled over his head and he was just drifting off to sleep when his phone started buzzing on his nightstand table, startling him.

“Wha? Ah, man.” He picked it up, his scowl disappearing and replaced with surprise and bewilderment upon seeing Gladstone’s number flash across his screen. After a moment of hesitation, he answered. “Uncle Gladstone?”

“Hey, Green Bean! You won’t believe what happened. I just got a yacht for twenty dollars! You and the fam will have to visit sometime. It’ll be a constant par-tay!”

“I think I’ve had enough of your luck for a while, thanks,” said Louie flatly.

“Oh…I guess I get it. It can be overwhelming.”

Sitting up, his covers falling into his lap, Louie demanded, “Are you seriously calling to brag after everything we’ve been through the past few hours? Because if you are I really don’t want to hear it. Goodnight.”



There was a beat of silence on the other hand before Gladstone sighed. “Look, I wouldn’t have called you to help me out if I thought you all would end up trapped there with me. I thought Donald’s bad luck would be enough to sabotage Toad Creep-Face. It didn’t work out exactly as I expected, but I knew one way or another we would get out of there.”

“You know, it would have helped if you had told us immediately instead of at like, the very last possible minute.”

“He had eyes everywhere.”

“It was too risky for you and you thought your luck would be enough to work it all out,” summarized Louie.

“Something like that, yeah,” admitted Gladstone. “…I wasn’t really going to leave Don there.”

This Louie believed, because for all the gusto that was his uncle, he cared about Donald, even if he didn’t always show it in the right ways. “I know.”

“And…uh, I turned into non-cool uncle for a minute, and I just wanted to say that I didn’t mean it.”

“When was that?” asked Louie, feigning cluelessness. “When you let us think you were going to let Uncle Donald take your place as Toad Liu Hai’s prisoner?”


“How about when you convinced Uncle Donald to play all those games knowing he was probably just going to humiliate himself?”

“Also no.”

“Are you talking about when you didn’t try to help out Uncle Donald at all during the—?”

“No,” snapped Gladstone. “I’m talking about when I said I didn’t need you!” There was a beat of silence and he added grudgingly, “Way to make me say it, Lou.”

“You did a lot of jerky things so I just wanted to be clear,” said Louie smugly.

“I didn’t mean it, all right?” said Gladstone in slight exasperation. “Next time we get together I’ll show you kids a good time without the threat of a spirt trying to keep us prisoner for all eternity.”

“That would be nice,” said Louie sincerely. “Hey, does your yacht have a waterslide?”

“Heck yeah! It’s massive. I’ll take a picture and send it to you.”

“Cool. So did you really call to tell me about your boat or was that your way of starting a conversation that would lead to you apologizing without really apologizing?”

“Welp it’s late and I’ve got stuff to do that you’re too young to know about!”

Shaking his head, Louie said in amusement, “Whatever you say Uncle Gladstone. Don’t forget to call Uncle Donald, who by the way is obviously the cool uncle.”

“Wait a second—”

“See you later bye!” Louie hung up with a snicker and collapsed against his sheets, a smile on his beak.

As his nephews were falling asleep Donald stepped out of the shower and into the steamy room. He had just wrapped his towel around his body when his cell phone started to ring. Donald grabbed from where it rested on top of the hamper and his state of contentment quickly disappeared when he realized who was calling him.

“I am not rescuing you from anymore demons or spirits!” he snapped.

“Geez, hello to you too and I’m glad you’re safe,” returned Gladstone.

“What do you want?”

“You seemed pretty down today and I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your bad luck. It really helped us out today.”

“You mean it helped you out. We wouldn’t have been trapped in the first place if it weren’t for you.”

“Thanks, cuz. Nice to know I was just supposed to rot there.”

Donald realized how he sounded and let out a heavy sigh. “I didn’t mean it like that. If you had just told us directly, we would have figured out how to help you without getting blindsided.”

“All right, maybe I didn’t handle the situation the best way. But it all worked out.”

“Barely,” groused Donald.

“I wouldn’t have left you there.”

Surprised by this sudden admission, Donald said, “I know.”

It was an automatic response and Donald realized he believed it. Gladstone got on his nerves and was beyond selfish, but no, he would not have let him take his place as prisoner. Gladstone honestly believed that if he had won the game, he would be able to use his luck to get Donald out, or banked on the combination of Scrooge’s wits and brains and his luck would generate a successful rescue. However wrongly Gladstone treated this situation and how he used Donald, he would not have left his cousin or any member of his family behind.

“Good,” said Gladstone in satisfaction. “Hey, I got this new yacht for twenty bucks and you should bring the fam to check it out.”

Donald rolled his eyes heavenward. “You are the worst at apologizing.”

“It has a golf course,” persuaded Gladstone. “It’d be great if I could beat my personal best, especially if I do it while up against you.”

“And I’d be more than happy to cause unintentional destruction to your yacht while we play,” returned Donald.

“Eh, I’m sure there’s fantastic insurance that’ll cover everything. That’s usually always the case.”

“Goodnight, Gladstone.”

“Hold up, D-Squared. Were you serious when you said you wouldn’t rescue me from any more spirits?”

Donald smirked. “Are you scared your luck will get you in trouble again?”

“No! Weird things happen and it could happen again, not that I’m concerned. But if it does, and I happen to need some bad luck—”

“We’ll see how I feel,” said Donald casually. As Gladstone started to protest he hung up and let out a laugh. “Guess you’re not quite as lucky after all, cuz.“

|Awkward Dinner Pt. 2| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Request: Hahahaha, I really loved the one of Tony and Peter. Would u mind doing lke follow up where two months after Tony is not longer as mad, one night Pete goes to “watch a movie” with the reader before dinner but a condom falls from his pocket and Tony gots really mad because he “was about to break rule number 1” and then the reader confess it has been broken a long time ago, and Tony gots even more mad. And more funny and awkard conversations? Love how u write!

A/N: THANK YOU and i hope you like this!

Warnings: cussing, implied sex, awkward and hurt peter lol, funnish i hope

Words: 1027

Part 1


“Honey- Peter’s here!” My father yelled from the living room. I jumped out of bed and walked out of my room towards my dad.

“Coming!” I yelled back. When I stepped out into living room Peter had just walked in and him and Tony we’re doing some handshake hug thing… something guys do apparently. Just their way of hugging. Peter was still really nervous around my dad tho. He still called him ‘Mr. Stark" and occasionally 'sir’. Maybe just cause he was kinda his boss. They broke apart and my dad looked between Peter and me.

“Y/N said you would be stopping by a bit before dinner so you could watch a movie;” Yeah… a “movie”… “Well, I’m going out to handle something-”

“Are you going to go watch another basketball game?” I asked, crossing my arms and judging my father.

“Ah- What? No…” There was a strong silence and I sighed, walking over to open the fridge. “-Yes. Don’t tell Pepper. She’ll kill me. I said I was working on something for mine and hers two-month engagement thing.” I laughed and Peter walked up to the counter where I poured us two glasses of fruit punch.

“Well have fun, dad,” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

“I will- You too.” He said and I looked at Peter. I winked and he blushed.

“Stop…” Peter whispered, slightly smiling. My dad reached for the door but stopped.

“Oh- I almost forgot the tick-ets…” As my dad turned to us he froze. His eyes were glued to the floor ahead of him. I looked over Peters’ shoulder and gave Tony a confused look. He slowly walked forward and picked something off the floor.

“What?” I asked. My dad held up a square silver packet. Peter looked at my dad too and then looked back at the counter and snorted fruit juice out his nose. He started to cough violently and pat his pockets. He wiped his nose and shook his head towards me. He dropped the friggin condom.

“Uh… Y/N… Peter… What is this?” My father asked. My face turned a deep red and I sighed. My dad narrowed his eyes at Peter, who wasn’t looking at him. “Ay- Parker-” Peter slowly looked at him.

“D-Dad you know what that is…” I started.

“Did you know he brought this!?” My dad’s anger boiled and filled the room.

“Well, yeah… I’m the one who told him to bring it-”

“WHAT!?” Peter slowly put his forehead on the counter as my father basically yelled his head off. “Y-You were gonna- THAT WAS A RULE- NO SEX!” My dad yelled and flung his hands around.

“Can you play 'Another One Bites the Dust’ at my funeral?” Peter silently said.

“P-Peter, you’re not dying today-” I started to say before Tony cut me off.

“Oh don’t speak to soon!” I glared at my father. “You were gonna break rule number one!”

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time!” I screamed back, immediately covering my mouth. Peter looked up at me, wide-eyed. My dad’s eye twitched and he didn’t say anything for a few moments.

“What- the SHIT! Parker!” He screamed and Peter turned around as my dad was about to charge at him. Without thinking, Peter shot a web at his foot to stop him. His eyes went wide, probably twice then as before.

“Peter! Why did you do that!?” I yelled. Peter ran his hands through his hair.

“I don’t know! I panicked! He’s actually gonna kill me, Y/N!”

“Now I’m actually gonna kill you, you num nut!” Peter stumbled back off the chair and fell on the floor. When I looked back my dad had gotten one of his gloves and shot the webbing. “Peter-” I started but Peter had already jumped over the counter.

“M-Mr. Stark- let’s be calm about this.” Peter began to say, putting his hands up in defence.

“Oh- I’m calm. I’m calm alright. This-” He motioned to his face. “Is my calm face!” He yelled and then shot the glove at Peter. It shot him in the chest and he flew against the wall, causing a dent it in.

“Dad!- Peter!” I yelled, running around the counter to Peter. He slowly got up.

“I’m good, Y/N.” He groaned. I looked at my dad, who was fixing his tie.

“I feel a bit better.” He adjusted his glasses and glared at Peter.

“You know… It’s not just Peters fault.” I said.

“I know- by the way. You’re grounded.” He said to me and I scoffed.

“What!? I-” I was about to yell but stopped. It would just make things worse. “I mean- at least we were using… protection…” I crossed my arms and didn’t look my dad in the eyes.

“I know.. And I thank you for that. But that doesn’t make it ok.” He said, clearly still mad. Peter brushed part of the wall off his shoulder. “And Peter-” He looked at my boyfriend.

“Y-Yes sir?”

“I still like you- but I’m mad at you, again…” He said, his last word like it was venom. Peter gulped and nodded. He stood there thinking for a second. “Parker, you wanna go to a basketball game with me?” My dad asked. Peters’ eyes widened and he looked at me confused but smiling- barely.

“What? What about me!?”

“Oh- Sorry Sweetie, you’re grounded remember?” My dad walked over and grabbed the tickets from off the counter.

“So I’ll be stuck here while you and Peter go off and have fun?” I balled up my fist and glared at Peter, who shrugged.

“Who said he was gonna have fun? He’ll be sitting next to me thinking about this whole situation.” Peter shook his head at me, probably changing his mind about wanting to go to the game. I grinned and pushed Peter towards my dad.

“Have fun!” I smiled evilly. Peter pouted as my dad dragged him towards the door.

“You too.” My dad smiled back at me. I could tell he was still annoyed but was sort of calm now. Peter looked like he wanted to die as my dad threw him out and closed the door behind them.

I rushed to the couch and grabbed the remote, smiling while changing the channel to the basketball game my dad and Peter were going to be attending.

Go save someone, Spiderboy (Peter Parker x reader PT 1)

Requested : I don’t know if you’re taking requests (if not ignore me sorry) but if you are can you do a super angsty Peter Parker x fem Reader where the reader gets hurt by someone Peter if fighting because she followed him or something and it’s just super angsty? I LOVE your writing btw ( @emily-ily2 )

Warnings: swearing, kissing, angst!

Summary: While trying to find out Spider-Man’s identity, there are some unforeseen consequences.

Word Count: 2111 (whoops)

Dear Reader: probs not as angsty as u wanted bc idk how to write angst 😂. When I originally wrote this it turned out to be hella long so two parts yay! Here’s part 2 when ur finished reading this one (x)  thoughts are italicized   i also wrote this in a day les gooo

Originally posted by marvelheroes


“Do you think Spider-Man works out or he just gets muscles from fighting?” I mused, looking at the clock. Only 5 minutes left. Peter looked bored, focusing on anything but your question. I snapped my fingers in front of him, “Peter!” I whispered. He looked up from his trance, “What,” he mumbled. I sighed, “You weren’t listening were to me were you?” I asked. His eyes looked half apologetic, “You’re too obsessed with this Spider-Man.” He said (Although he really didn’t mind the attention ;) . “I’m hot on his trail, Parker! Just one more encounter and you can bet your ass I’ll find out who Spider-Man really is.” I winked. “Whatever you say, (y/n).” Peter mumbled. I pushed open the doors of Midtown high, ready to leave. “You walking home today?” Peter asked, running to my side. I  laced my arm through his, smiling. Before I could answer, my phone beeped against your pocket. The certain buzz I knew, the one alerting me of a crime that Spider-Man would definitely go to. My eyes gained a new look of excitement, and I hastily pulled my arm from Peter’s. “Uh, actually I-I got a thing I gotta go to, um, I’ll call you later though!” I said, already taking out my phone and looking up the location of the crime. Bay road. 

That was only a few blocks from here, i could make it if I ran. Peter called out, but I couldn’t hear him from the wind rushing past my ears.

(Y/n) doesn’t know what she’s getting into. I can’t keep saving her from this trouble. I have to get her to leave me alone (in the nicest way possible). It’s like I’m saving her more than other civilians, like a show of favoritism. I kept walking, keeping my head down until I got to an alley where I could change into my suit. Jfc (y/n), the things you gotta make me do. I threw my backpack into the air and glued it to the side of the building as I saw a familiar blue backpack race by. I threw a web to the top of the building and started running after (y/n) .

I caught my breath for a few seconds before continuing to run, luckily there weren’t many people on the streets. I smiled to myself as I saw the crime scene tape up ahead and slowed down. The next step I took was off the ground as a strong arm grabbed my waist and pulled me up. And guess who the fucker was? Spider-Man, I shit you not. I couldn’t process what was happening other than I was in the air when I was on the ground a second ago. My backpack and phone were still on the ground, webbed to the high part of a lamppost. I struggled in his grasp, yet something about his body seemed familiar. I shut my eyes and felt my nose get red from the cold air. “Hey, hey! I got you, (y/n).” He said over the noise. We flew over a building as he set me down on its roof. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah, yeah I’m- wait, I never told you my name.” I asked suspiciously. If only I could see his eyes through that damn mask. “Uh, what? N-no I’m pretty sure you told me your name, Miss.” He said in a fake deep voice. I couldn’t help it, something about his personality and voice seemed common to me, I laughed. He gave a nervous chuckle, “I’ve been noticing your attention towards me,” He started. Was he mad that I’m following him or something? “And I really have to ask that you stay safe, please don’t follow me. It’s for your own good.” He finished. My own good? He’s kidding me. I gave him the most incredulous look I could manage, “Look I get that you’re a superhero and all,” At the word superhero he flexed, as if to prove my point. “But there’s no reason for you to worry about me. With all due respect, who are you to decide what’s for my own good?” I retorted. Jesus Christ what am I thinking? Sassing a superhero for god’s sake? Spider-Man sighed, “I really don’t want you hurt, so please don’t follow me. It’s nothing personal.” He said. Wow, he played the personal card. “Seriously, it’s none of your business, Spider-Man.” I said, turning around and gripping the balcony ledge. “You made me do this.” He mumbled. “What?” I asked. In the blink of an eye, he shot out a web that kept my hand stuck to the balcony ledge. “Hey! You’ve gotta be fucking with me. Let me out!” I said, trying to rip my hand from the webs.

Then he did something unexpected, he raised his mask to show his mouth and put his hand on the small of my back. I blinked and stared at him, then his lips met mine in a gentle kiss. It wasn’t rough, but it wasn’t soft either. It was actually passionate, and curious. The masked hero wanted to explore my mouth, and I let him. He was a real good kisser, and I wondered if he kissed everyone he saved—but this kiss was different. It’s like he was trying to reach out to me, make me understand why he had to do the things he did. A pause went as we tried to catch our breaths. He looked up at me, his mask still open over his mouth. “Sorry about the web, should go away in about two hours.” He said. Suddenly I wasn’t mad at him anymore. He honestly didn’t want to see me hurt for some reason. After all, who could say no to a superhero? I kissed him again, this time not as long, I just needed to commit the feel of his kiss to memory. He was shocked, but quickly changed his emotion and smiled into the kiss. “Go save someone, spider boy.” I whispered. He gave me a mischievous grin and swung away. The only problem was I was still glued to the damn balcony.

 I grabbed my wallet from my back pocket and started flipping through, looking for anything remotely sharp. My eye caught a broken gift card, the plastic waiting to cut something. I grabbed it and set it aside as I shoved my wallet back. I blew the hair out of my face as I went to work sawing the webs off my hand. Took me a good 15 minutes until I realized I didn’t know how to get back to the ground. “Okay, this is where all that mountain climbing training should pay of right about now,” I mumbled. I jumped onto the ledge and swung myself over, screaming when I couldn’t find a foothold. I found one on the left side of me and started to climb down, making my own footholds if there weren’t any. I jumped the last 6 feet down, coming up in what was supposed to be a crouch but turned out to be a tangled mess of limbs. I backed out of the alley and saw unused webs hanging from the sides of buildings and followed them, hoping to find the spider that so willingly kissed me earlier.

She kissed back. 

(Y/n) actually kissed me back. 

Sure, she thought she kissed Spider-Man, but still. The way she looked with her windswept hair and wide eyes gave me a newfound source of power as I swung into the crime scene, trying to examine the enemy. It was the Sandman, in his signature green striped shirt. I swung onto the ground in a crouch and webbed his foot to the ground. Karen’s voice rang inside the suit, “Facial recognition shows this is the Sandman, formerly known as William Baker, Peter.” She said, targeting his mask. “Yes, I got that, Karen.” I mumbled. I spread my arms in a friendly gesture, but I knew no one could reason with a guy of this power. “Hey, William, I was having a pretty good day today and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t ruin it!” I said. Herman struggled against the webbing. “So the spiderling finally shows himself! Consider yourself lucky you’ll be killed in front of an audience.” He gestured to the crowd, who were roped in by a circle of sand, the local police trying to calm everyone down. “C'mon man it’s me you want!” I said, trying to stall him from hurting anyone. I scanned the crowd, making sure no one was hurt when a familiar face popped up. (Y/n). God, she has the worst timing. “(Y/n), no stay back!” I yelled, forgetting who was watching. She looked at me nervously, seeing who I was supposed to fight. William eyed (y/n), then looked back at me. He could see right through my suit that I was scared for her.

 He grinned and lassoed her next to him. He grabbed a gun from the nearest policeman, who let him (coward) and held next to (y/n)’s arm. “Such a good girl,” He said, “I really don’t want to hurt a pretty face like yours.” He cooed. His arm was around her neck, she clawed at it in a desperate attempt to get away. I felt sick to my stomach as he pressed the gun all around her body, as if wondering where he would shoot her. I held my hand up shakily, trying to ease the Sandman into letting her go. He chuckled, “So what’s so special about this little girly that makes the Spider-Man’s knees go weak?” He taunted. “P-please don’t do this, William. No one has to get hurt.” I stammered. He pulled the arm that was holding (y/n)’s neck back, she grunted, losing air to breathe. “Oh, you mean she doesn’t have to get hurt, right?” He said, choking her while he held her up off the ground. Her face was growing paler by the second. “How about I just leave a little cut right here, to remind your spider lover of that pretty little voice when you scream.” He said, leaving a deep (but short) cut on her left thigh. She screamed in agony as he dropped her to the ground. I could only watch, I felt like my own feet were glued to the ground. “NO!” I yelled as she scrambled away towards the sand barricade. The Sandman turned to face me, “Should I kill you in front of her or kill her in front of you? Hmm, options, options.” He said. “You’re a psychopath, you bastard!” I yelled. I spotted a cell tower nearby, shot a web towards it and pulled it so the light broke, emitting a shower of lightning as it hit the Sandman. “NO! I WILL COME BACK! I WILL!” He screamed as he turned into glass. 

I turned to (y/n), she tore up half her jacket as she tried to cover the wound. Then I heard the sound of a gunshot. Everything went into slow motion. (Y/n)’s arm jerked back from the force of the bullet. Her face went slack from the sight of the bullet lodged in her arm. I could hear her scream echoing off my skull, getting louder as it traveled through my body. “NO!” I screamed yet again. I ran to her side and held her head in my lap as I tried to pull the bullet out. I decided against it, since it could hurt her more. “No, no no no. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” I muttered. “(Y/n), please wake up, listen to my voice, (y/n), please!” I said. Her eyes fluttered, she coughed up blood. I winced at how hurt she was. “You saved everyone from that man. Good job, Spider boy.” She said, trying to smile. I was tempted to pull off my mask, then remembered there was still a crowd. I pulled up the bottom part of my mask and called 911. 


That bullet hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. I didn’t realize how fast it hit but how much it hurt. The pain was rolling through my body in waves. All I remembered is Spider-Man heaving over my chest, whispering “Don’t die on me now, (y/n).” before I was carried out onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

Oooo cliff hanger! Sorry y’all 😂. I’m gonna post part 2 in about 6 days, along with a few other imagines. Like and comment/reblog if u wanna be permanently tagged in my other Peter Parker/Marvel imagines! ❤️

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The Rutland Psalter

The Rutland Psalter was produced c. 1260 in England. Alongside the Psalms, the book contains a number of illustrations, full-page and partial-page miniatures, and historiated and illuminated initials. What is particularly striking about the manuscript, however, is the marginalia. Alongside the Psalms, the text contains images of men, women, animals, hybrids, dragons as well as scenes of daily life – albeit often influenced by Bestiaries.

The marginal image above depicts the wholly fictional creature, the web-footed sciopod, a tiny one-footed beast which could use its large foot as an umbrella. Creatures like the sciopod, which often had some human qualities, were thought to exist in foreign, unexplored lands.

anonymous asked:

So, bruh, this just happened to me last night, it's hilarious. What would the chocobros do if their s/o has like ptsd and while they were sleeping together. She heard shuffling in her room, so she thinks it's an intruder and bolts out of her sleep and grabs the bow she keeps next to her bed and shoots an arrow. But to her surprise, it was just a frog! (I will let you decide whether or not they hit the frog, spoiler alert: I did, and then i felt bad). And the s/o hit the wall and made a hole lol

BRUHHHHH! First of all can you travel with me everytime I go into frog country, that is like serious badass! I’m so scared of frogs! Secondly, YES! This sounds so adorably silly…


You blinked lazily from your sleep, a train member of the guard, your body always ready for a fight. It was unfortunate, yet you were good at your job and you could kick anyone’s ass to prove it right. You had trained your body to be aware of every little movement around you, every single movement!

Yet the downfall with training yourself for this, was that you could never turn it off. Not even when you were surround by your friends, or sleeping wrapped in your beloved boyfriend’s arms, the safest place in the world.

So when you heard that noise in the room, your body automatically went into defensive status and you were ready for blood! You didn’t have sense to summon a weapon, but instead grabbed a hold of your trusty bow on the side of the bed, an arrow ready and fired before you could even open your eyes fully.


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Trailer for AS YOU LIKE IT - Coming spring 2017!

Hello! It’s been a while! Foot in the Door Theatre are proud to present a new mini series of AS YOU LIKE IT, bringing a few selected scenes from Shakespeare’s play, filmed last summer with the cast from our 2015 production. The first episode is coming out tomorrow, and we’ll be releasing a new episode every few days, so subscribe to the FITD Channel to get the videos straight into your subscription box! 

Megamind daemons

One thing I do a lot for fandoms I enjoy (and I know I’m not alone in this) is imagine what species various characters’ daemons would be. However, I only started thinking about it for the Megamind cast in the last few days, inspired by this post about Discworld. If anyone wants to add anything, it would be great to hear other peoples’ thoughts! 

Note: I’ve tried to base these only on what we see of the characters in the movie itself, and leave out fanon stuff, since it would be impossible to cover everyone’s headcanons and imaginings. 


Megamind doesn’t know the name of his daemon’s species. 

She’s a creature native to the planet he was born on: a skinny, web-footed mixture of lemur and frilled lizard. Since humans know nothing about her kind, it’s easy for Megamind to make up stories about how she can spit acid, kill with electric shock, or rip someone open with a single swipe of her impressive claws. She goes along with the act, snarling and puffing herself up for dramatic effect, but anyone who’s seen her in private knows she’s really a shy and playful creature, who spends most of her time clinging affectionately to Megamind when she isn’t hopping excitedly around their evil lair. (When Megamind disguised himself as Bernard, he also disguised her as Bernard’s brown iguana daemon, and her hyper, bouncy nature almost gave them away more than once.) 

Part of him takes pride in having such a unique daemon. But there’s another, bitter part that sees her as a reminder of how much he’s lost, and how much he’ll never fit in. 

Unlike Megamind, Metro Man doesn’t remember his birth world. His daemon is an Earth creature, a mynah with handsome black-and-white plumage. The citizens choose to see the playful bird as a sign that their hero is kind as well as strong, and she certainly acts the part. They love to watch her singing along to the background music at Metro Man’s public appearances, or catching small children’s daemons in mid-air when they leap up to greet her. It isn’t until the fateful museum opening that Metro Man admits to himself what she really is: proof that he’s only been repeating what the city expects of him. When he reinvents himself as Music Man, and she can finally sing her own songs, both of them are much happier. 

Roxanne’s daemon is a scarlet tanager. He’s small and colorful, looks very photogenic perched on her shoulder, and most people don’t give him a thought beyond that. Roxanne, though, loves him for his courage - she’s seen him attack cat and fox daemons and send them squealing to their owners. Megamind’s daemon learned early on not to grab him during kidnappings (after he gave her a nasty pecking), and since then, they’ve been remarkably friendly. 

Hal’s daemon is a slinky brown mink: not much to look at, but a predator all the same (she watches Roxanne’s little tanager like a dingo watches a human baby). After Hal’s transformation into Tighten, she takes gleeful, sadistic pleasure in attacking any daemon they come across, knowing that they won’t fight back for fear of what her superpowered owner might do to their humans. 

Minion doesn’t have a daemon of his own. No one thinks this is strange - he’s obviously an animal, sapient or not. What they do find strange is how casually Megamind lets him touch his daemon. When they were children, she’d often curl around Minion’s ball for comfort, and they love swimming and playing together on the rare occasions he’s out of his suit.

(Minion might not have a daemon, but as his suit grows and changes with him, acting as an extension of his mind and body, he knows it holds a piece of his soul.)

The Dangers of Mattress Surfing: A short DT Fanfic.

I tried to post this three times :D

Short drabble based on a list of sentence starters I reblogged a while ago. Enjoy this because it took a million years to finally upload.

“We probably shouldn’t have tried to surf on the mattress down the stairs…”

“Pssh, Nah!” Dewey grunted as he attempted for the third time to dislodge his laziest brother from the old, now punctured, rotten wood of the mansion wall. “It would have been fine if this wall wasn’t in the way.”

“There was literally no way for there to not be a wall when we surfed the mattress down this particular flight of stairs.” Huey tapped his webbed foot worriedly as he observed Dewey’s failed attempts to free the third triplet. “In fact if it wasn’t this particular wall in the way, Louie’s head would be smashed in as well as Scrooges wallpaper.”

“So it worked out!” Came his bright response.

“It did not work out!” Huey exclaimed, panic becoming prominent. “We are still in so much trouble! How are we going to explain to Uncle Donald that we nearly gave Louie a concussion?”

“We don’t?” Louie’s voice, partially muffled by the rotten wood, sounded hopeful. Unaware of the wince and accompanying grimace his two older brothers exchanged when the gravity of the situation began setting in.

“Don’t be – huff – paranoid!” Dewey didn’t attempt to wipe away the bead of sweat crawling down the side of his face. Instead his unconvincing smile turned back to the, at any other time, HILARIOUS image of Louie’s tail end protruding from a dollar-sign emblazoned wall. His ducky legs appeared disproportionately gangly as they hung in quiet acceptance. “We know who the real authority is around here, and there’s no way Uncle Donald can be scarier than him!”

“And once we tell Scrooge we broke through his wall doing something stupid that you planned again?” Huey, arms crossed, stared at his troublemaker sibling with raised eyebrows.

“We don’t.” Louie called with more insistence, somehow catching wind of the change in mood and crossing his ankles nervously.

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||❥ the conveniently inconvenient neighbour

j o s h u a ! s c e n a r i o

p u n k ! a u

word count: 3, 644

includes: a slight christmas theme (i know, it’s kinda late lmao) + joshua likes playing his electric guitar at the most inconvenient times + some heated stuff but not smut, so just be warned!

✎ okay but srsly imagine punk!jisoo who plays in a band and plays electric bass guitar nd he’s got some piercings and the tousled hair with dark eyeliner, i’m sweatin. have an amazing holiday guys!! stay warm if yall got some of that cold ass weather. also he’s such a fluff it’s so hard 2 find badass gifs of him,,

That was the fourth time Joshua had strummed his electric guitar today, since the blanket of frost sticking persistently to your window had grown more opaque, shimmering under sunlight sprinkled from meringue peaks in the sky.

You knew because you were counting, every chord that thundered through paper thin walls warding your attentiveness from different tasks. The cacophony of harsh noises first erupted during early morning, when you rose from the soft linen pools swirling beneath you to greet the familiar frost, crisp against your window. It was a startling bark that shot a tremor up your spine, almost quivering the miniature hour glass on your bedside table. Your mind had been too cloudy to warble, your limbs too lethargic to set you outside his door and spew indignant nonsense.

So you made breakfast. Or at least, you tried to.

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I like to think one of the coins in the Money Bin belonged to Della. When Della was a small child she purchased one of Scrooge’s marbles. It was one of the rare occasions where someone successfully bargained with Scrooge McDuck, and she got the exact marble she wanted.

Although all of the marbles appeared the same there were slight differences. One had a slim crack. Another’s colors were started to dimly fade. A less observant person wouldn’t have noticed these distinctions.

Like the rest of his coins, or the coins he made directly from his adventures, he put the coin into the Money Bin for safe-keeping. Remember, his money bin is filled with his memories. When Scrooge finds this coin, earned through a meager purchase between a twelve year old girl, he thinks fondly back to her.

Thinks back to the little girl with a spark in her eye as she scrutinized each marble and stomped her webbed foot indignantly when he offered her one of the older marbles with the tiniest dents on its glass body.

“You may be smarter than the smarties, sharper than the sharpies, but you can’t fool me, Uncle Scrooge!

“Ah lass, with that attitude you’re going to be nothing but trouble,” he chuckles approvingly, “good thing for you, I’m made my financial empire through trouble.”

Her coin is buried beneath old treasures and gems, but one day, when he and the boys are going through some of his old things, he finds it.

“What was she like?”

“Oh, a lot like you, nothing but trouble, but of the good kind.” He sighs sadly, and for the first time his age starts to weigh on him, “Always sharper than she looked. Did you know she loved marbles?”

Oneshot: Reconnecting the Dots

A big thank you to @wiz-witch for beta reading! Took me three days, but it was worth it!

Another day, another business meeting. Scrooge dropped the last of the dull golden coins in the money bin. The coins were always in meticulous condition, but since that fateful day, the sparkles had dulled and the surface no longer shone brightly.

Swimming in his personal El Dorado no longer held the same appeal as it once did. All this money, all the jewels he’d accumulated over years of hard work and determination, sitting isolated from the world. 

It took a foolish man to believe that wealth was the most important thing in his life. In that case, there was nothing that separated him from any other foolish man, Scrooge supposed. 

He turned away from his wealth, climbing out of the vault. The hatch was shut once again. 

It was time to retire for the night and repeat the same routine tomorrow. 

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An Adventure With Peter Parker Pt. I (Peter x reader)

Hello lovies, hope your day is mighty fine. Sorry if this long or short I don’t know what the normal length with be but I hope you enjoy! xx

Description: A series of adventures and stories do you the reader and Peter Parker.

Today:You and Peter went for a swim and things almost happened?¿? Natasha than came in and made everything 100% more awkward and confusing.

Warnings: Slight cursing

It was a quiet evening in the tower. Everyone had been training all day so they could currently be found relaxing by the tv or in their rooms. Except for you and Peter, who both trained with Steve today, along with Nat, Bucky, and Sam.

Not fun.

Peter had asked if you wanted to go for a swim later on to relax and hang out. An offer which you gladly excepted since he was the only Avenger your age at the tower, besides you two had a thing. Nothing even close to anything, but something.

When you went down to the pool you found him there, sitting at the edge of the pool in his swim trunks. You knew he was deep into his head considering he didn’t notice you until your phone fell off the towel you had on a chair to the ground.

“Oh he-hey Y/N” He stuttered quite surprised.

You just smiled as he tinted blush on his cheeks, “ Hey Spiderboy.” He hated being called that so it was expected that he rolled his eyes in return.

Peter was going to complain but choked on words as you took of your oversized NASA shirt, revealing just your black mesh bikini. You felt his eyes on you but you actually felt more confident.

“Peter Parker get some manners.” The playfulness jumping out of your voice as you walked over to him. It took him a second to pull it together.

“I think we should come up with a name for you.” He planted at you.

Giving him a curious look you asked, “What’s wrong with Y/N?” Being it was your given name.

“I just think it’s unfair, I mean you call me Spiderboy, and it’s less fun when you don’t have a nickname.” You didn’t understand his logic but let him try to find a suiting one.

He pondered for a minute as you both sat on the pool edge, your feet dipped in the warm water. When the lightbulb in his eyes got noticeably brighter he started spitting out ideas.

All of them were either cliché or just bad. At some point he started spilling out names already used.


“Latest Star Wars.” You said, informing him of all his sources.


“You mean the greek goddess? No.” Totally out of character, sure she was the goddess of hunting, forest, the hills, and moon, but archery. That’s Clint’s greek mythological character.


“Peter that’s just sad and offensive.”

“She-Devil?” He smirked at that one, in which you took slight offense.

“That’s it im done with this.” You followed that by hoping in the pool but as you swam away something tugged your foot and pull you back.

“Why the hell do you still have that on you? It’s a pool.“ You asked as Peter took his webbing off of your foot.

“I mean for what I just did, you know it’s rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” He answered as you rolled your eye at him.

Swimming up to him, you let your arms and chin rest on his legs as he took of his webbing. You really hated that stuff, it was brilliant, but a pain in the ass to get out of.

“I thought when you asked if I wanted to go swimming after training that we’d actually swim.” That’s when he stood up and back up to the pool chairs.

You knew what was coming, suddenly he was running and jumped over your head into the pool. Water flew everywhere as it covered most of the floor around the pool.

Peter and you spent a while playing water games like Marco Pollo, or racing each other. Peter didn’t play fair all the time, being you were a faster swimmer than him.

This time you were tied 7-7 and this was the winning race. Almost to the finish side of the pool with Peter behind you he pulled your ankle back, but this time as you came up for air he was right there looking at you.

Both of your eyes were bloodshot from the chlorine but you just stayed, slightly stunned at your close proximity and his hand on your waist just by your back.

“Peter.” You manage to get in a small voice.

“Yeah Y/N?” He answered back but before you could find or speak any words something hurdling towards you came into your peripheral vision. Plummeting yourself underwater was the first reaction you had.

Then you noticed Peter talking to someone so you popped up like a rabbit. That’s when Nat’s presence was finally noticed.

“I didn’t want you two to get too thirsty with all that swimming so I brought you something to drink.” She said clearly wanting to make the whole situation more uncomfortable.

You looked at Peter and saw the can of Coca-Cola in his hand, identifying it as what you saw in the air.

“Anyways we were planing on watching a movie in a bit, along with ordering pizza. I was gonna see if you wanted to watch, unless I interrupted something?” She added which caused both you and Peter to shake your heads frantically while replying no in unison.

“Ok well we’re starting in half an hour so I guess i’ll see you both there.” With that she left and the both of you just floated there.

“Well um, I’m just going to go take a shower and change…so I guess I’ll meet you, I mean see you there.” You stuttered out.

“Oh uh, yeah yeah I’ll see you there.” He managed to get out.

As both of you climbed out there was a silence the whole time. Both tried not to look at each other but you could feel Peter taking glances as you dried off and put your shirt back on.

You couldn’t breath until you got into the shower, watching the shampoo and soap go down the drain as you rinsed the chlorine out.

Damn Natasha.

Meanwhile with Peter.

He couldn’t believe that just happened, what did happen?

He didn’t even know how you ended up in that situation, one second you were just racing and the next you two were so close. What would’ve happen if Nat hadn’t come in?

“Hey there Underoos.” Tony said coming into the kitchen. Peter jumped as his voice snapped him out of his thoughts of you.

“You ok there buddy? That can isn’t going to open itself you know.” Tony made him nervous, because well he was Tony Stark, his idol. He was always afraid of messing up in front of him.

“Oh yeah, of course sir.” As Peter was about to open the can it suddenly did it itself. Well except it was Wanda as she came into the kitchen.

“Who says it can’t open itself?” She asked Tony. Everyone than came in the kitchen to get either bowls of chips, or popcorn, and their own drinks.

Y/N still hasn’t come down, was all Peter thought as he watched the steps awaiting your entrance. He didn’t realize that Nat saw him doing so. That’s why when you finally came into the room with your hair in a messy bun, shorts and a sweatshirt she made a comment.

“Your Spider-Boy has been waiting for you.” She smirked and you tried not to let the heat rise to your cheeks.

“Leave it alone Nat, he just gets nervous around Tony. Is the pizza here yet?” You asked and as if on queue Steve and Bucky came out of the elevators with boxes of pizza.

Once everyone got food and drinks they sat down and the movie started, you and Peter would make eye contact from across the room once in a while which Nat caught onto. Then at some point you fell asleep.

Steve woke you up at the end credits, now everyone wanted to play UNO.

Old people.

At the end of the game Peter got up and went to the kitchen and when he came back he handed you an ice cream cone from the freezer.

“What’s this for?” You asked, gladly taking it.

“Just accidentally grabbed two and thought you’d like it.” He shrugged and you smiled up at him for the gesture. “Ok well I gotta get home before Aunt May freaks out, bye guys thanks for the pizza.” He said as he turned to leave while eating the ice cream cone.

“Goodnight Peter.” You called as he reached the elevator.

There was a slight smirk in his soft smile, “Goodnight.. Arsenal.”

You couldn’t object since the elevator doors closed and he disappeared. When you turned back to join the second game Sam commented, “Arsenal. I like that.”

You just smiled as you ate the vanilla ice cream cone. “Me too.”

Behold: 4 New Species Of Tiny Frogs Smaller Than A Fingernail

Four newly discovered frog species are so tiny that they can sit comfortably on a fingernail, making them some of the smallest-known frogs in the world.

[NEWS] Scientists said in a video that they were “surprised to find that the miniature forms are in fact locally abundant and fairly common.” The frogs likely escaped notice until now because of their tiny size and secretive habitats, hidden under damp soil or dense vegetation.

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Relationship: Peter Parker x Male!Reader

Prompt: can i request a peter (spiderman homecoming)  x male reader where peter starts realizing he likes boys because of male reader, they are both best friends and peter starts getting all flustered and nervous, and one day reader was going to get jumped (he did)…” I don’t wanna spoil it for you ;)

Summary: Today just happened to be the worst day of your life.

Warnings: Cursing, making out, homophobic slurs. 

Word Count: 1,259

A/N: I would like to thank the person who gave me this prompt! It’s really helped with my writer’s block, and I’m so happy I can write again! This does have homophobic slurs in it, but this doe not in any way reflect my own opinions on gay people. It is simply used to show how gay people are still treated in 2017. If you have a problem with it, just don’t read, it isn’t for you anyways. Please like, reblog, and send in any prompts you want me to write! I loved writing this! <3

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You hated walking home alone. Especially if it’s winter when it gets dark faster, and you have to walk through shady alleys with nothing to help guide you.

Now, it wouldn’t be as big a deal if you loved next to campus like you wanted to, free from homophobic assholes that want to kill you every chance you get, but no. Your dad had to get the nicer apartment in Queens. It was nice, sure, but in all honesty, you much preferred the cozy, almost run down apartment to the large, high tech, and expensive penthouse your dad just, for some reason, wanted to blow all his money on. It wasn’t like you were poor, far from it actually, but your dad had just gotten a raise, and moving halfway across the country wasn’t the first thing you had in mind.

It wasn’t all that bad though. Every day, when you came home, your dad always asked you, “Met anyone new today?” and you would always respond with a half-hearted “Not since yesterday.”

You loved your friends, especially Peter. He was amazing, the best guy anyone could ask for, and you have asked to find that person countless times.

That’s why, right now, as you were walking down the slimy alley, dripping with an unknown substance, and a stench that permeated the air, all you could do is think, “What if he were here?

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