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playlist 06.02.17

Forest Swords Compassion (Ninja Tune)
Cartoon Sortie (Cuneiform)
Ragnar Grippe Sand (Dais reissue)
Helm World In Action EP (Trilogy Tapes)
Colin Stetson All This I Do For Glory (52Hz)
Free Salamander Exhibit Undestroyed (Web Of Mimicry)
Meredith Monk Piano Songs / Do You Be (ECM)
Solution Solution (Catfish)
Peter Wyngarde When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head (RPM)
Michael Nyman A Zed and Two Noughts  (TER)
Rabbit Rabbit (Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi) Rabbit Rabbit Radio Vols 1-3 (Rabbit Rabbit)
Kenyon Hopkins Rooms/The Sound of New York (Righteous)
Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean (Polydor)
GAS Narkopop (Kompakt)
Swingle Singers Jazz Sebastian Bach Vols 1 and 2 (Philips)
Miriodor Signal 9 (Cuneiform)


Happy 115th birthday to E.B. White! During his life, White wrote some of best known children’s books of the past century, such as Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of the Swan. He captured the imagination of children everywhere with his talking animals, while at the same time teaching them important lessons, like the value of friendship.

Here at NYPL, we love children’s books! So much, in fact, that we decided to create an exhibition, The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter, where you can actually hear E.B. White read from Charlotte’s Web! If you want relive some memories of your childhood, come check it out at the Stephen A. Schwarzman building through September 7th. Or, you can always stop by your local NYPL branch and pick up a copy of any of E.B. White’s stories today!

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Ten ways to realize your Internet connection is a little slow

  1.  Text on Web pages display as Morse Code and…
  2. Graphics arrive via FedEx.
  3. You believe a heavier string might improve your throughput
  4. You post a message to your favorite Newsgroup and it displays a week later.
  5. Your credit card expires while ordering on-line.
  6. Playboy web site exhibits “Playmate of the year”…for 1989.
  7. You’re still in the middle of downloading that popular new game, “Ping Pong”.
  8. Everyone you talk to on the ‘net phone’ sounds like Forrest Gump.
  9. You receive e-mails with stamps on them.
  10. You click the “Send” button, a little door opens on the side of your monitor and a pigeon flies out.

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Miles for a Monday

Miles Davis in American Cool Exhibition: Of Course

The National Portrait Gallery’s exhibit of 100 Americans who epitomize cool, opened February 7. Whom have they chosen for their web page announcing the exhibition? Why, of course, Miles Davis. Take a look at the web page the National Portrait Gallery has devoted just to Miles and why they think he’s cool. As if you, the Gazette reader, didn’t already know…

In case you haven’t seen it, go here to see the Gazette’s recent post on photographer Aram Avakian, who took that portrait of Miles in the studio.

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SCANDAL; “Yesterday night, after our magazine x LEICA’s photo exhibition’s talk event was held, which involved SCANDAL, the members also decisively sat down for an interview regarding their new release. It’s scheduled to be up on our magazine’s Web soon. The photo exhibition is now open at Daikanyama’s TSUTAYA store! Please come and visit!” - Rolling Stone JP