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Happy AoKaga Month 2016!

So, it’s finally that time of year when AoKaga fandom blooms like a beautiful bunch of flowers with hundred of fanfics, drabbles, fanarts of every kind, from kinky and dirty/badwrong/ bdsm-ish to fluffy and stupidly romantic ones. It’s my first AoKaga month, so I’m extra excited, like super super excited to see all the things prepared by this wonderful fandom, and also to contribute by myself with a fiction or some graphics (literally the only things I’m capable of OTL I wish I could draw /sobs/) This layout itself is kind of a contribution to AoKaga month, so if I made someone happy by making it, know that I’m like 100 times more happy than you are, ‘cause it is just wonderful, alright. I need to stop my gross sobbing while writing this- Seriously, just wtf is wrong with me, I’m way too sensitive. ANYWAY, ENJOY AOKAGA MONTH, FELLOW AOKAGA SHIPPERS!



Haven’t gotten around to watching Inhuman Condition? Now’s your chance. Check out Season One! 


SCANDAL will be releasing a photo album of their european tour!  It features 144 pages full of exclusive content. Those who purchase it on 2/14 will receive a Valentine’s postcard present.They randomly come with autographs from the band.

The photobook will be available at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya and Kitty Entertainment Web Shop from 2/14 along with new goods!

Feedback! Long sleeve T-Shirt

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Introducing… the all-new web series Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero!

First up, Adamo chats with his Degrassi co-star and real-life BFF Lauren Collins about their time on the show, love of #Parco, and Adamo’s coming out.

Look for new episodes of Straight Talk every Tuesday and Thursday until November.

xoxo, Team Degrassi

[150121] Kim Young Kwang Confirmed to Star Alongside 2NE1’s Sandara in New Web Drama

It has been confirmed that model-actor Kim Young Kwang will be acting alongside 2NE1’s Sandara Park in a brand new web drama.

On January 21, Kim Young Kwang’s agency, Enpino, revealed, “Actor Kim Young Kwang and Sandara Park have been cast as the lead actors of the Korean-Chinese joint production web drama ‘Dr. Mo Clinic.’ Filming will begin at the beginning of February.”

“Dr. Mo Clinic” (tentative English title) is a story of hurt and healing, as a man and a woman try to forget about their painful past love.

Kim Young Kwang will be taking on the role of a psychiatrist and hypnosis therapist, Mo Yi Ahn, while Sandara will be acting as a patient who receives treatment from Dr. Mo.

Meanwhile, the web drama is scheduled to be revealed mid-March through Naver TV Cast as well as China’s Youku.

via Soompi