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Haven’t gotten around to watching Inhuman Condition? Now’s your chance. Check out Season One! 

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Do you think the ot5 reunion could possibly be this year??

At this point that’s exactly what I’m thinking.  Based on the chatter we’ve heard coming from various parts of the entertainment industry web, we seem to be headed for something around the end of the year.  Even if they don’t actually return by then, I think we’ll get more idea of a solid date at the very least.

There seems to be something going on right now because Niall’s album is officially delayed, we keep hearing nothing about Zayn’s 2nd album, and Liam’s first single should probably have come out by now and it hasn’t. They’re waiting for something which makes me fairly certain that none of those albums will be under 1DHQ.  The timing also makes me fairly certain that we’ll see some good things in the next month or two.

They stopped hinting at Zayn reconciling with the other boys sometime around March 2016.  They started slowly reintroducing the idea around late October or November 2016 and it’s definitely picked up since the new year started.  That trend along with the delays in the release of materials tells me we’re headed in a good direction.


You never know where the path to your dreams are gonna take you. This is little ol’ me, between the glossy pages of big ol’ Pride Magazine talking about the path to my dreams and it’s crazy to see in print. My mum  was  a dedicated reader of this mag and now she’s reading it with her daughter in it (you already know she posted it on Facebook to brag to her people lol). Like how dope is that? Every time I hit a new milestone I keep thinking ‘Fucking hell, I started this shit on Facebook and now look!’. It’s overwhelming, but it’s so fucking amazing.

Sometimes things will get tough and you will feel like throwing in the towel and getting a 'regular job’, but don’t. Those challenges are there to help you grow and to reiterate to the universe just how badly you want your dream. Work your ass off. Be grateful for every damn thing you get, good or bad. Love those who love you and pay no mind to those who don’t. You can do it, you can make shit happen. All you have to do is keep on going.

I know that the universe will continue to throw more greatness my way and it is my job to make sure that I am ready to receive it. I’m going all the way man.

“It’s a good life, Hazel Grace.”

Happy AoKaga Month 2016!

So, it’s finally that time of year when AoKaga fandom blooms like a beautiful bunch of flowers with hundred of fanfics, drabbles, fanarts of every kind, from kinky and dirty/badwrong/ bdsm-ish to fluffy and stupidly romantic ones. It’s my first AoKaga month, so I’m extra excited, like super super excited to see all the things prepared by this wonderful fandom, and also to contribute by myself with a fiction or some graphics (literally the only things I’m capable of OTL I wish I could draw /sobs/) This layout itself is kind of a contribution to AoKaga month, so if I made someone happy by making it, know that I’m like 100 times more happy than you are, ‘cause it is just wonderful, alright. I need to stop my gross sobbing while writing this- Seriously, just wtf is wrong with me, I’m way too sensitive. ANYWAY, ENJOY AOKAGA MONTH, FELLOW AOKAGA SHIPPERS!



Brown Girls a web series for millennial WoC

Being able to come across this series from a newsletter that landed in our inbox, Brown Girls is a mini-series directed by Sam Bailey and written by Fatimah Asghar.

It follows the lives of a pair of roommates, Leila and Patricia exploring the best problems of the 20s: love, commitment, sex and keeping a viable steady job. 

Black is Beautiful!

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Introducing… the all-new web series Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero!

First up, Adamo chats with his Degrassi co-star and real-life BFF Lauren Collins about their time on the show, love of #Parco, and Adamo’s coming out.

Look for new episodes of Straight Talk every Tuesday and Thursday until November.

xoxo, Team Degrassi

WB Developing Live-Action ‘Static Shock’ Series and More DC Comics Spinoffs for Digital Platforms

Warner Bros. announced Blue Ribbon Content, its new digital short-form studio that will produce a number of live-action and animated series to debut on digital platforms.

The most exciting of its announced offerings, which will include a number of DC Comics spinoffs, is a live-action 'Static Shock’ series. The property tells the story of Virgil Hawkins, an inner-city kid who is exposed to a mutagenic gas, transforming him into Static, the cocky hero with mastery over electromagnetism. 

In addition to the comics, 'Static Shock’ had a run as a Kids WB! series in the early '00s, in which actor Phil LaMarr voiced Static.

In addition to the live-action 'Static Shock’ series, Blue Ribbon Content will also produce a new 'Mortal Combat’ series, a virtual reality 'Batman: The Animated Series’ experience, and “multiple projects” centered on DC Comics characters. 

Frederator Networks is hiring!

Why grow up, when you could work with the cool kids at Frederator? Seriously - it’s not brain surgery.

Frederator is seeking someone to head up our Social Media activity and what better place to look than amongst our fans. Read on for the full job description. Please read thoroughly and make sure you meet all of the requirements and submit for the job correctly!

Social Media Coordinator

Job description:
- Will represent several companies and properties on various social media outlets including Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more.
- Interact with our fans and have an understanding of how best to respond to them.
- Ability to analyze and evaluate performance, come to conclusions.
- Stay in touch with production and programming departments for current information.
- Evolving the position with changes in social media platforms.
- Constantly engaged in content and platforms.
- Ability and willingness to respond to relevant content/posts during off hours.

Minimum job requirements
- Must be familiar with YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, twitter, G+, Instagram (at a minimum)
- College graduate or high school with equivalent experience.
- Work full time on-site (New York or Los Angeles metro area)
- Basic understanding of Photoshop (crop images, apply text)
- Interested in being a team player
- Ability to follow instructions and finish projects.

We’ll get extra excited about you if you:
- Are familiar with Frederator properties
- Are interested in web-based entertainment beyond Frederator content
- Have any art skills
- Are comfortable in front of a camera on occasion, taking selfies

To apply:

Send a cover letter, resume and some links where we can see what you do on social media to jobs@frederator.com This can be personal content, but should be appropriate for a job application. Please no phone calls.

Failure to follow instructions will reflect poorly on your application.

Good luck!