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Relationship: Rebekah & Mikael (for totofufu)

Rebekah obviously had reason to believe that Mikael was capable of viciously murdering their mother so I’m sure throughout her life she’s seen horrible cruelty from him. I picture him as having been very physically abusive not only with Klaus but with all his sons. I can imagine Rebekah being exempt from this but still being significantly frightened of her father do to his treatment of her brothers.

I don’t think Mikael was ever very loving with any of his children but we did see softness in him with Rebekah. I think that in his own dysfunctional way he did care for them. I imagine his strict, abusive nature was some kind of misguided attempt of trying to teach them. To protect them even. A way of trying to draw out their weaknesses.

I think the death of Mikael and Esther’s first child severely changed both of them. Not only their relationship with each other but as individuals. I also envision their first child as having been a girl. A little girl with flowing blonde hair, like Rebekah. I see her and Rebekah as having very similar features. Pale skin, light hair and crystal eyes. I can imagine Mikael watching Bekah as she grew and thinking of his first child. I think this is part of what may have endeared her to him more than his other children. I believe she represents a happier, simpler time for him.