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Deadly Love: Part 1 (Peter Parker x Reader)

@shadowstark asked: Hey, i was wondering if you could write a angsty story with Peter Parker where he meets reader on the street when she feels bad and helps her, they keep in touch, but then he gets to know that she is sick pretty bad and he is devastated bc he fell in love with her and wants to save her and ask Tony $tark if he could help him and confess him that he cant loose her etc. Peter tells her that he is Spiderman and he takes her on a ‘web ride’ and confess his love to her. Love xxx

A/N: I decided to split this request in 2 parts, so it doesn’t take up so much space!! I will post the second part later today :)) hope y’all enjoy, and please let me know what you think!!

Word Count: 954

Warnings: Angst? Swearing? Mentions of death and cancer.

Peter walked along the streets of Queens after school, making his way to Ned’s house to finish building the Death Star he had messed up after Ned found out his secret. As he was busy on his phone, Peter did not notice the girl walking in his direction, rushing with a pile of books in her hands. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she did not take notice of the boy coming directly towards her.

Thus, they collided, Peter quickly shoving his phone in his jacket pocket as he discreetly used his web shooters to pull the girl towards him, while catching all of her books in his free hand, only missing one. The girl was clutching to his shirt, and as Peter looked down at her, he noticed the tears staining her face. He felt his face turned red as he thought about how beautiful she looked, even when she was sad. She felt his gaze on her, so she looked up to meet his brown eyes. She saw the small twinkle in them as he gave her a small smile before slowly letting her go. She quickly looked down at her feet as she pulled away from him, embarrassed.

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The other shoe drops: here’s my version of Steve Ditko’s rejected cover for Amazing Fantasy 15, featuring Spider-Man’s historic debut. Eventually printed on the back cover of a mid-eighties publication indexing the earliest adventures of the Web-spinner, I’ll confess that I vastly prefer Mr. Ditko’s version to Mr. Kirby’s. Maybe editor Lee hedged his bets, passing on the comparatively quirky style of Ditko for Kirby’s more traditionally robust approach, but it wouldn’t have been MY call. Ah well, whatever the reason, it’s all webs under the dam now,,,