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Can Cartoon Saloon’s Amazon Pilot ‘Eddie of the Realms Eternal’ Make It To Series? (x)

“’I took this as an opportunity to make the kind of show I would have wanted to see as a kid,’ added O’Muiris, whose current influences veer from Brad Bird and Satoshi Kon to David Cronenberg. ‘I was thinking about everything from Moebius to Teen Wolf, a little Miyazaki, some Chuck Jones. Hobi’s definitely got a little Bill Murray in him! It’s filmmaking Jenga.’

‘In planning storyboards and designs, we left elbow room for elements we could draw on for future plot threads and character development,’ he said. 'But it comes down to the TV gods, or accountants, or whatever. I believe if something is made with passion and conviction, it will find its audience.’”


LA Times TV critic Robert Lloyd declares, “’Bravest Warriors‘ is my favorite thing on the planet.” Cartoon Hangover agrees.

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