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I’m proud to share the first trailer for missrinachan‘s series, Dragon Star. I’m very honored to be a part of this project. This is a story that is very important to her, and I’m happy to be able to help her bring it to life along with kirbopher. They’re both people I respect and am able to call friends. It’s going to be a challenge for me to work on this since I’m working on Shattered Heaven, but it’s going to be a good learning experience. 

I’m wrapping up the last few minutes on Shattered Heaven Episode 5′s clean up for a May release. Dragon Star Episode 1 is beginning production and will be worked on at the same time as I work on Shattered Heaven’s Act 1 finale. It’s going to be a busy summer, but this is the sort of stuff that I love. 

So give it a look and hopefully this will be something you can enjoy. A lot of hard work is going into this!


Trailer for the all-new animated miniseries “Dragon Star: A Story of Competitive Gaming!”

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Summary: High school student Kazumi Imuro is a casual fighting gamer who works part-time at the arcade her brother manages. However, her interest in fellow student and pro gamer Hiroshi Tanaka leads her to join the after-school Competitive Gaming Club, where she trains to become a better player and navigates the complexity of social and romantic relationships within a tight-knit fighting game community.

Animated by Adam Tilford
Written & directed by Kira Buckland
Character designs by Chris Niosi
Additional script consulting by Alan Lee

SERIES CAST (in order of appearance in trailer)
Kazumi Imuro - Kira Buckland
Tatsuya Imuro - Ben Diskin
Junichi Saito - J.P. Baas
Akihiro Yoshida - Chris Tout
Hiroshi Tanaka - Chris Niosi
Dokuo Yamaguchi - Curtis Arnott
Aiko Kaneda - Tamara Fritz
Chisato Fumiya - Katy Johnson
Daichi Kanno - SungWon Cho
Masao Hashimoto - Daman Mills

Game Announcer - Xander Mobus
Ryoku - Edward Bosco
Karen - Jane Redd

Music provided by audiomicro

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