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I made my first repeated background! At least the first one consisting of all things I drew. These are free to use, and I would appreciate credit of just a message saying “I’m taking this yo”.
There are also phone backgrounds! I made one for myself and figured I might as well make other colors too.

flangrande  asked:

What about a guy that already has a programming background in web development? this guy has no university degree, just some superior degree on multiplatform development (2 years degree). He goes to the interview presenting a humble CV and a website containing his own works (maybe an android game or two, some game maker studio small games, nothing fancy though). This guy can demonstrate he has programming skills, no art skills at all and a lot of will. Can that guy get into the industry?

Once again… doing what? We’re not going to hire people who’s only qualification is wanting to be here. We need people who can do a job for us. You need to be honest with yourself about what it is you want to be doing. Web development? Gameplay programming? Combat design? Concept art? Production? QA? What sort of work do you want to go into the office and do each day? Unless you can answer that, I really don’t know how to answer you.

Do you want to be a programmer? If so, you should be knowledgeable on common algorithms and data structures. You should be able to come up with efficient code, and that includes knowing which data structure to solve the problem with great run time efficiency. You should understand terms like “Big O Notation” and “Object Oriented Programming”. If you want to get into AAA dev, you should probably know C++ very well, because it’s the go-to language for consoles and most PC development. You probably should also know your linear algebra - you should be able to demonstrate mastery of matrix math, vector operations, and how to represent objects in 3 dimensional space. You should understand what the word “virtual” means with respect to computer science. The term “cache” and “multithreaded” should hold special meaning for you.

Do you want to be a designer? Then be prepared to demonstrate your ability to craft experiences with the tools you’ve learned. You need to show that you understand how to represent complex processes and manipulate the awareness and feelings of the player. You need to show that you can build content and systems that are intuitive and require minimal amounts of hand holding, but are still engaging and fun for many types of players. The content the designer creates is what the players will directly be interacting with, so you should be able to demonstrate that you can construct engaging and interesting quests, conversations, lore, items, and/or systems.

Do you want to be a producer? If so, show us that you can manage tasks for a team of people working together. We need to understand that you can prioritize tasks for everyone, that you can communicate with people working on different parts of a project and keep everything coordinated and on schedule. Be prepared to talk about problems that your team encountered, and things you did to deal with those problems. Even better, tell us about how you empowered others on the team to solve those problems. 

I’ve been getting a number of these questions lately, but I can’t give a real answer unless I know exactly what sort of job it is you want. It can’t just be “I want to work in the industry” because there’s a lot of different roles in the industry, each with a skillset and knowledge base. The different roles exist because the work that they do needs specialists and experts, which means that anyone who is going to do them needs to be a specialist and/or expert. I’m not the sort of person who will pat you on the head and say “Keep dreaming big and one day you can do it too” because I don’t think it’s particularly helpful advice. If you want to work on games, you need to have a clear idea as to what it is you’ll be doing day in and day out to contribute to the project. If you don’t know what sort of jobs there are, I heavily suggest you read my past posts tagged with [roles in the game industry] to help figure it out. But you have to bring something useful to the table - some sort of skill that we need that you’re so good at that we’ll want to pay you for it. I’d be more than happy to tell you “You should know this, this, and this” if you ask “What do I need to know if I want to be a _______?” However, if what you’re looking for is reassurance that you might someday have a place here if you just keep dreaming, I’m the wrong person to ask. “Game developer” isn’t an actual job description, it’s a collective descriptor. If you want to work with us, you need to know what it is you’ll be doing.

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Short Code or Feature Video

In addition to background videos, companies are also beginning to use short product or feature videos to highlight a specific use case. These short videos are great at bringing your solution to life, while not overwhelming the visitor with a long experience that they must sit through.

A strong example of this comes from the folks at InVision. They display this short illustrator of how easy it is to use their product by dragging-and-dropping a design directly on their homepage:

Why is it useful?

According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of B2B customers watch online video, and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business. Therefore, B2B companies need to create videos that explain their products because it is influential in the buyer’s decision-making process.

These short videos allow for your prospect to quickly understand value without watching a really long, in-depth experience. Sure, both have value, but the shorter videos allows for quick understanding that is best for top of the funnel.

Background Videos For Modern Web Design

Videos that automatically play in the background can add a lot to a page. They can be used to tell a story and significantly reduce the amount of other content that is needed to explain your business.

Let’s take Wistia’s website, for example. When you land on their homepage a large video automatically starts playing in the background, and by clicking on the play button, you get a deeper look at Wistia:

This background video serves as a brilliant way to get the visitor engaged to click-through to the main video.

Why is it useful?

Background videos focus on enticing the visitor from the moment they land on your page. The video allows your visitor to understand the key points about your company without ever having to read a single line of text.

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MODie: This beautiful, gorgeous art is made by my bestest friend mytrainerisanidiot. She’s a very talented artist and also the most sweetest and kindest person you’ll ever talk to! I couldn’t believe she actually made me a full colored, detailed comic! The short above is fantastic! It stuck to the point, had some hilarious moments and also touching moments from the beginning to the end. She had my character’s personality perfect as well as putting down facts about her. That was brilliant and I have so much respect for her doing so :3. Also now, Fennekin is my new favorite Pokémon :) Beautiful art, beautiful story, beautiful EVERYTHING! Please follow mytrainerisanidiot to view, like, and reblog all of her art. She deserves this promotion and NEED lots more recognition! Thank you, enjoy the comic and have a nice day.

mryddinwilt  asked:

One thing I have wanted to know about you is do you have some kind of background in web design or is it just something you have picked up? You always do interesting things with your tumblr theme.

Ha, well, no official background, but I have taught myself basic HTML and a lot of Photoshop over the past…many years. I started playing around with Photoshop in college and thanks to MySpace (yeah, I’m old) I started down the path of learning HTML. I used to do freelance graphics and MySpace designs for musicians before everyone just migrated to Facebook. Now I use both skills ALL the time in my job. If any younger followers out there see this, learning HTML and Photoshop (or another design program) have been invaluable and I strongly recommend both.

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