Today is the #WorldWideWeb Day marking the birth of the #Web in #August 1990 at the Europe Laboratory for Particle Physics (#CERN) in Geneva, #Stitzerland. Tim Berners-Lee (now Sir Tymothy Berners-Lee) and Robert Calliau developed a prototype Web #browser and introduced Hypertext Markup Language, #HTTP.
The first ever #website was published on August, 6, 1991. It was a page explaining the World Wide Web project detailing on how to set up a #server, create websites and #webpages and search the web for information. Its url is no longer available, unfortunately.
The good thing which is available is the World Wide Web itself a medium to read and write via computers connected to the #Internet.
We celebrate World Wide Web Day by getting #online, taking hasty #selfies to post on #social platforms, arguing with trolls on #blogs, taking notes from #podcasts, holding VoIP conferences to discuss the weather, backing up our data to servers across the world, syncing #photos for the whole family to see, booking our doctor’s #appointments online and generally expressing our opinions in discussions which are oftentimes much ado about nothing.
I think there is a good idea to start tomorrow a new #WWWWeek. Will you join?
Adactio: Journal—On The Verge
Verging on the ridiculous.
By Jeremy Keith

Read this, please.

It’s an interesting piece from Jeremy Keith about The Verge’s statement ‘mobile browsers suck’.

“Bloated, invasive ad tracking isn’t a law of nature. It’s a choice. We can choose to change.”

Do you want a really great example of performance and ads working decently together?

Look at tumblr.

How many ads do you see when you load your dash?
One? Zero?

But you are gonna say: “Marlon, tumblr is a different kind of business”.
Well, it is, let’s compare with facebook then, it’s not the same, but kinda similar.

Open your facebook feed.


Thumblr has 420mil++  users, man!
It really is a matter of choice and like it or not, business plan. In my opinion, tumblr does it beautifully and sometimes, even with a bit of fun to it. Like the 90′s ads.

I wanna know your thoughts on the matter.

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