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School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe
Influencing Disruption: Artistic Interventions on the Internet | 3-29 Oct | Barcelona, Spain

Amazing @schoolofmaaa course in Barcelona in October - Exploring the use of the web as a medium for activism, social change and political commentary. 

“Explore the streets of Barcelona while learning how to use the Internet as a tool to express our own ways of seeing the world. We’ll learn to design and to code and think through what it really means to disrupt, to be subversive, to try and get a message out to the world with irony, with humour, with provocation, with care.” 

Special early fees ends August 29th, apply quick!



Interactive webtoy by David Li is a fun fluid dynamics simulator which lets you play around with various parameters - here is a video of it in action:

Fluid simulation is a GPU implementation of the FLIP method (with various additions). Particle rendering uses spherical ambient occlusion volumes. 

You can find out more and try it out for yourself here