Your smart home could help “bring the internet to its knees,” expert says

Sure, it’s fun to use your smartphone like a magic wand to control your house, but what are you willing to sacrifice for this so-called convenience? If your answer doesn’t include: your privacy and the security of the entire World Wide Web (and maybe even your life), put the Internet of Things devices down.

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Cyber attack brings down Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Paypal and more this morning

If you tried to browse Twitter, Easy, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopify, Reddit, Netflix, Paypal or a host of other sites on Friday, you were probably met with the sad webpage face and “This site can’t be reached.” All because of a DDoS attack on one company.

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Interactive webtoy by David Li is a fun fluid dynamics simulator which lets you play around with various parameters - here is a video of it in action:

Fluid simulation is a GPU implementation of the FLIP method (with various additions). Particle rendering uses spherical ambient occlusion volumes. 

You can find out more and try it out for yourself here