kylo: master skywalker,,,we meet again

luke: mm yes it would appear that would be the case

kylo: any last words

luke as a single tear rolls down his cheek: yes…..ben……….listen

kylo: come to beg for your life ?

luke: no….i just cant believe my life was threatened by someone unironically wearing a top coat hood and scarf made of Custom Milled Basket Weave Cotten With Coating with a Neck Seal Made Of Faux Leather with Velcro Closure and a shirt with An Off Center Zipper With Pleated Sleeves And Pants Made Of Coated Black Denim With Faux Leather Tipped Suspenders

kylo: ….b,ut i picked all th,ese out mysel f

luke: yes and it shows with the forever 21 sticker you still have attached to your cape


I had the opportunity to visit the mill that weaves my blankets and pillows this week in North Carolina :) 

Music by Daniel McKee

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“*gestures to come closer*” - Orphne (bloodnights)

Of late, there hadn’t been much reason to venture out. With the doctors at the hospital in Dalaran having given explicit instruction to avoid work, Bad began to languish. This state never proved healthy, so eventually he forced his wiry frame out of the overstuffed chair he’d spent so much time in and decided on an early evening walk. 

Letting booted feet wander, the redhead found himself in a nearby marketplace. Casually eyeing the various foods and goods as he passed each vendor, weaving around the milling crowd, Bad locked eyes with a familiar face. Turning an even more unhealthy shade of pale, he found himself staring at someone he knew very well to be dead. He rushed through the street toward the man, but the path was blocked momentarily. When it cleared, the alley ahead was empty. A sigh of resignation slipped his lips.

Why? Why was this happening? Every time Bad left his room, he’d see them. Every time he closed his eyes, he’d see himself doing terrible things that were familiar, yet not. It was starting to feel like madness. Had he just simply had enough of the war? Or was it something else?
Turning around to meld back into the sea of moving bodies, Bad hoped no one had seen him acting nutty. It didn’t seem anyone had. At least, until he caught the piercing gaze of a woman near an apothecary’s shop across the street. His heart sank, and he gave her a sad smile, about to turn away when she beckoned to him with a gloved hand.

How curious.

Realizing he quite possibly had nothing to lose, Bad went over to her.

(Thanks for the prompt, @bloodnights! )


       “Rosby is quite not a bad place, is it?  Cheap land for building, conveniently close to King’s Landing and major roads…” One could tell that the Lady walking next to him was the daughter of a businessman - she did not mention the beautiful castle that would just need some polishing after having been unclaimed for a while and she did not mention the beautiful areas, but first considered the opportunities these lands would offer them. Certainly, her father had waited too long to make the necessary arrangements, always hoping a better suitor might just be around the corner - but now, with the unclaimed acreages of Rosby to sweeten the Deal, he had settled for someone he might have disregarded five years ago. 

      “We should maybe consider getting a significantly large herd of sheep, the weaving mills in King’s Landing are always short on wool,” she continued. So far, Miss Janna had been reserved, speaking mostly of possible business and additional sources of income to assure a comfortable life, such as the one she was used to by now. The awkwardness of knowing she was speaking to her future husband was one she did not even try to overcome, trying to sway away from it with rather pragmatic thoughts and ideas instead. 

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please finish that minpuff inspired jikook fic :'(

i didn’t finish it bc i didn’t know how to finish it but i do feel kinda bad about it so here is…a potential ending i was thinking of. idk. it still feels kinda unfinished OTL but here. 

((timeline is that they’re already dating so you’ll have to fill that in for yourself))

“you keep saying you’ll let me see them and then you never do,” jimin pouts. “are you even taking pictures at all? or are you just pretending.” he peeks at jungkook when he doesn’t laugh like he’d expected. “jungkook? i was just joking, i know you’re actually taking pi – “

jimin blinks as jungkook slides an envelope across the table to him, a small smile on his lips. jimin shoots him a confused look and jungkook just nods at it. 

“open it.”

jimin picks up the envelope and slides his fingers inside to find a piece of glossy cardstock. 

it’s a ticket. 

“the exhibit is next weekend,” jungkook says. “all of my class’s final projects will be there, mine included. i hope you can make it.”

“of course,” jimin breathes and jungkook grins, small and bunny-like. 


jimin tugs nervously at his sleeves. the ticket had said semi-formal but everyone’s dressed way formal and he feels underdressed in just a dress shirt and slacks. 

“jimin,” he hears and he jumps, turning around to see jungkook, impeccably dressed in a suit. he looks…really good. jimin usually thinks his boyfriend looks amazing in just jeans and a t-shirt but dressed up like this, suit hugging ever curve…

jungkook blinks at him. “you okay?” 

jimin shakes his head. “fine. i’m fine.” he points an accusatory finger at jungkook. “the ticket said semi-formal,” he pouts. “you’re breaking the dress code. all of you are,” he says, gesturing at the rest of the room. 

jungkook laughs. “you look fine. c’mon.”

he drags jimin into the exhibit hall, weaving through the milling crowd of people and – 

jimin stares. it’s a wall. of just him. photographs of him in various sizes, of him dancing, eating, singing. smiling. jimin catches one from awhile ago when jungkook had accompanied him to a solo dance practice and right after jimin had finished stretching, jungkook had pressed him against the mirror and kissed him until he was flushed and panting. jimin thanks god that to the unknowing eye, it just looks like he’d finished dancing and was flushed from exertion and not….yeah.

but underneath the shock of seeing so much of his face blown up for people to see, is something that makes jimin feel like crying. because jimin might not know a lot about photography, but there’s something about the photographs that lets jimin know that these’ve been taken ever so carefully, mindful of the way jimin’s curves and angles create shadow, how the light falls to illuminate his face, each detail crisp and clear and – 

jungkook had put so much effort into this. 

for jimin. 

“do you like it?” jungkook asks, right in jimin’s ear, voice soft but rising above the buzzing murmur of the crowd. 

“wow. you made me look so good. i don’t think anyone will recognize me here,” jimin says, voice embarrassingly wobbly. “god, this must’ve taken hours. i suck at being photogenic and i –”

“i find you very photogenic,” jungkook says and god, jungkook always just says these things so nonchalantly whereas jimin would die and cringe in embarrassment if they ever left his lips. “these pictures are largely untouched.” he turns jimin to face him and brushes at his cheeks. “don’t cry.”

“i’m not,” jimin says even though he totally is. jungkook’s look at him, soft and tender, and it makes jimin feel incredibly vulnerable, it always does. “what was your theme anyways, you never told me.”

jungkook’s eyes don’t leave his.


jimin’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth to say something, what he doesn’t know yet, but someone approaches jungkook and they break apart. 


“professor,” jungkook bows. jimin hides a little behind jungkook, feeling like an intruder. 

“my star student,” jungkook’s professor says, addressing a group of people behind him. “been winning photography awards left and right since he came into the major.” 

jungkook’s never told jimin anything about his accomplishments as a photographer but jimin had gotten an inkling that jungkook really was better at photography than he’d claimed. hoseok and yoongi especially, had always dropped hints.

he’s picky about what he wants to photograph,”  yoongi had said. “comes with being in love with your craft. and being real damn good at it too. he doesn’t photograph just anything.” 

“but,” jimin had said, confused. “the first time we met, he just randomly took one of me dancing.”

yoongi had laughed. “yeah, it surprised me too. but now his whole apartment’s covered in them. photos of you, that is.”

“really?”  jimin had never been allowed in jungkook’s apartment. jungkook’s stupid rule of never letting jimin see the pictures even though they were of him.

yoongi had laughed, sitting back against the couch. “yeah. he really loves photography .”  he’d looked at jimin then, and it had been back before jungkook had confessed so jimin hadn’t known what he meant. “and now you’re a part of it.”

“jungkook, these are some colleagues of mine. they’re art critics, they’re here to help me judge the projects.”

“we saw your exhibit and it’s quite something,” one of them says. “would you mind elaborating on your creative process? your theme is so versatile. could’ve been used for a multitude of things. so why this model? why these photos?”

“because,” jungkook says and although he’s standing in front of his professor and a bunch of art critics that could determine his future, he, for some goddamn reason, turns away from them to look at jimin, dark eyes soft and tender and god, jimin hates it because what has he ever done to have someone look at him like that. jungkook laces his fingers with jimin’s and turns back to face the judges. 

“i think he’s beautiful.” 

Shots Fired - A Chris and Riley story

Riley sat cross-legged on the sofa, her text book in her lap and a highlighter lying next to her. She wrote a note in the margin and then sighed, dropping her head back against the cushions and closed her eyes. The guy who wrote this textbook might be a genius in the field, but he wrote like he had been beaten to death by a drunken thesaurus.  The quiet of her studying was interrupted by the police scanner crackling to life.

“Shots fired.”

The book was forgotten as she recognized Chris’s voice.

“We have shots fired. Requesting immediate backup from all available units at 543 Grenville Avenue.” More gunshots echoed in the background.

Other voices came through the scanner as Riley found herself kneeling in front of it. Responding units, the familiar voice of the dispatcher, but not Chris’s voice.

“Officer down, we have an officer down. Need immediate medical assistance.” It wasn’t Chris’s voice. She didn’t recognize the officer’s voice at all. Riley started praying, begging God to make Chris be okay and pleading that the other officer – because she couldn’t even begin to consider that it was Chris that had been shot – would be okay.  They wore bullet proof vests sometimes, right? She knew he didn’t wear it every day, but if they were going into a situation where they could be expecting an armed response, they definitely would, right? Right. She reassured herself between her prayers. Goosebumps covered her arms as she hugged herself, wishing beyond all hope that Chris would walk in the door and turn off the scanner and give her one of his full body hugs and make everything okay again.

The door stayed shut.

She stayed kneeling in front of the police scanner, trying to piece together what was happening by the cryptic codes and messages being passed back and forth. She heard ambulance sirens in the background at one point. After a long while another message cut off as more gun shots were heard. The only thing holding her back from driving down to 543 Grenville Avenue herself was the certain and absolute knowledge that Chris would be furious at her for endangering herself like that.

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Edinburgh Tartan Weaving Mill & Exhibition

If you spend any amount of time in Edinburgh you will of course walk the Royal Mile. It begins with Edinburgh castle and works its way down the hill full of different shops with different touristy items as well as other buildings including “The Real Scotch Whiskey Experience”, “Camera Obscura” and of course the Tartan Weaving Mill & Exhibition. If you don’t walk down this street then you are just silly for being in this gorgeous city.

The Traveling Tigers in the Tartan Weaving Mill

As stated on their webpage, “The Tartan Weaving Mill occupies the building which used to be the Castle Hill reservoir, the main water supply for the occupants of the Royal Mile. The mill is surprisingly large inside with five stories to explore. Now run by Geoffrey Tailor Kiltmaker the mill exhibition shows the whole process involved in tartan production from sheering sheep to making a kilt. There are working looms and the atmosphere of a busy factory.” Not only do they show the processes of making kilts, for anyone of Scottish decent they have the entire lists of all the Scottish clans and their respective kilts. For any of those who aren’t totally acquainted with their history most families actually have four different tartans including: Modern, Dress, Ancient and Hunting and as any true Scot will tell you a tartan is not just simply “plaid” and those who think so should be stoned. Okay maybe that’s a bit harsh, but if you’re here you should really know the difference. It is really facinating to see how much work goes into the making of a kilt and while we have lots of machinery today it makes me appreciate the Ancient Scots so much more for how they managed such intricate patterns with such simple tools is a true testament to their skill.

This mill is currently working on the MacGregor tartan.

As well as showing you the processes of making a kilt, and of course being able to purchase numerous different Scottish items including not only kilts but all the accessories that go with them as well as Celtic jewelry, sheeps wool rugs, blankets and more, they also have the exhibition of tartans through the ages.

The Traveling tigers with the kilt fashion that began in the 1600’s.

The Traveling Tigers sitting on the knee of Rob Roy MacGregor. Any self respecting Scot or Liam Neeson fan should know who this is.

The Traveling Tigers with the more modern style of kilt.

Now if you cannot afford a kilt, and they are quite pricy (although in my opinion totally worth it) The Tartan Weaving Mill offers you the opportunity to dress up and have your photo taken in the full get up. This was something I had done with my father the first time I came to Edinburgh and knew that I would have to repeat with Peter. Again I totally recommend this to anyone if you can spare the 20 pounds for it. It’s probably one of the best souvenirs you can take home from Scotland.

Peter and I at the Tartan Weaving Mill.


Fujiyoshida :3

These are photos that I took on various strolls through the city of
Fujiyoshida (^-^)

Fujiyoshida has many shrines and temples that are less famous than Fuji-Sengen-Jinja but quite nice too look at and visit :3
Since there are few tourists around these it feels very calm and relaxing to visit them and on my way to this particular temple I passed a weaving mill and enjoy listening to the rhythmic rattling of the loom :)
Also a guy repairing a motorbike had a nice short “chat” about motorbikes with me that mostly consisted of pointing at parts of the motorbike saying manufacturers names and me demonstrating the kick-starter of my motorbike and by him starting his motorbike to demonstrate its sound :D
I guess motorbike guys kind of understand each other at some level (^-^;)

I enjoy this particular part (second photo ;) of Fujiyoshida every time I look at it :3
The lush green along the water rushing by and the houses that seem to grow from it like mushrooms make me feel more grounded and calm (^-^)
The tubes projecting from the walls remind me of roots while the roofs remind me of the top of mushrooms :)

Next you can see a little overview of the city with Fuji-Q Highland in the background :)
I didn’t go there but it seems to be quite famous and is supposed to sport the most haunted house in Japan :D
I’m just not the amusement park kind of guy (^-^;)
If I want to get a certain thrill I give the throttle of my motorbike a jolt or step a little harder on my bicycles pedals (^-^;)
I certainly enjoyed seeing its lights from my hotel rooms window though :3
I enjoyed seeing this quaint little shrine too :)

Most of the time I didn’t see Fuji-san as it was hidden by clouds.
On my first visit I didn’t see it at all until I was on it… Fuji-san is very shy indeed :)

What I long for while being in Germany is to see those dense green mountains again :3
It is nice to see how there is nature right next door to human dwellings so that you can escape whenever you need to :3
Hiking on those mountains is quite nice :3

And finally a cat family :D
Or maybe cat delinquents (猫ぼうそうぞく :) at least they look a little like they are wanting to say: “Are ye looking for trouble hoomin?” <=sorry for using internet cat talk (^-^;)
I wanted to cuddle them all but I was afraid they’d run away or that they’d take my camera ( ミΦﻌΦ)ฅ
The second photo shows one of them drinking from a sharpening stone pond :D I assume that there is a woodworker living in this place :)

This week and the next one I’ll be quite busy as the first exam will be this Thursday and the next one on Saturday of the following week (^-^;)
So I will accomplish very little in my workshop/living room…
Also I fell sick last weekend and lost a lot of time because I fell asleep quite often while reading my textbooks (>_<;)

I don’t feel like universities care about students or about teaching or indeed about anything besides making money and kicking people out.

So bear with me and the dying that is part of the very word studying (^-^;)

I feel sorry to keep postponing making a post about workshop related things but it is the way it is :D

So I wish everyone a great time and sweet dreams for the time being (^-^)/