weaving 101

Weave 101

Hey tumblr wouldn’t let me rev log your ask from BWC, but here is my answer and tips in regards to your submission:

Braids are a good option. I would suggest Senegalese twists or box braids. I usually leave mine in for 6-8 weeks.

But weaves are good too. Here is almost everything you need to know about getting a hair weave(sorry for the long post😁)


1. Get a closure , or a full sew in. If you don’t, you will end up flat ironing your leave out too much and damage your hair. 
If you don’t get a closure or full sew in just be careful not to put heat on your leave out more than once a week and use a heat protectant spray every time.

Do not get a vixen or a 2 part sew in. If you’re leaving hair out tell your stylist you want to have the minimum leave out

2. Don’t get an outrageous length the first time. I’d say stick to 18in or shorter.

3. Get 2 bundles if you are getting 10-14 inches. 3 bundles if you’re getting anything from 16-24 inches and above 24 I’d suggest 4 bundles.

4. Do not get hair from the beauty supply store. Here are some affordable hair companies that have quality hair:
Blossom bundles
Pretty hair weave
Kendra’s boutique
The closures are good from all of these places too and they offer bundle deals

Blossom bundles is my favorite and Kendra’s boutique is a close second. All companies Have a website and Instagram, you should check both out.

I’d suggest a deep wave or curly texture if you’re leaving your hair out. It’s easier to blend coarser textures with curly hair that is flat ironed than it is to blend your natural hair with wavy hair.

If you’re getting a full/ closure sew in if suggest wavy, loose wave, or body wave hair. It’s easier to manage and you still have some texture if you choose to wear it in the natural state.

I’d only suggest curly or deep wave for a full sew in if you plan to wear the extensions in its natural state the majority of the time.

5. Get your ends clipped before each install and make sure you’re scalp is washed and properly oiled before each install too.

6. Don’t use too many products. I only use Argan oil, heat protectant spray and a flexible hold hair spray.

7 . Get a set of flexi rods. I use 6-8 on my head every night. It’s an easy way to maintain your curls and you hardly ever have to do your hair. You’ll wake up every morning looking like Beyoncé when you use them over night. There are a lot of good tutorials on YouTube

Weave advice courtesy of: memoirsofasugarbaby @http://memoirsofasugarbaby.tumblr.com/

dual college credit in HS

because i just got done talking to my sister about this and she was really confused..

if your high school* offers what’s called “dual college credit” (from an accredited local community college or university) for certain classes, please consider signing up for it. this is how it works:

  1. say you’re talking algebra ¾ this year, and your school offers dual college credit for that class as MAT101 and MAT102 from the local community college. you sign up, and pay the fee (which varies)
  2. go to class as you normally do. you don’t do anything differently–you don’t need to step foot in the actual college, you don’t need to take any special tests, etc etc. 
  3. get a passing grade (C or above)
  4. earn 3 (or 4, depending on the class) college credits for that course per semester. you will now have an official transcript from that college that says you earned those credits in MAT101 and MAT102 (1 year in hs = 2 semesters in college)
  5. when applying to universities, request a transcript to be sent from that college you did the dual college credit course in. these are your transfer credits.
  6. get the transfer credits applied to your (new) university transcript! so you’ll have started off with 3 credits in MAT101 and 3 credits in MAT102 and if these are required courses for freshmen, then ho boy you’re ahead of the curve!

it’s like having a clone sit in on bona fide college courses while you’re still in high school. you are literally earning an actual college transcript with college credit. 

some questions, cuz i know you got em:

so these are real college credits? they won’t show up on the transcript as “taken in high school”? yes they are real college credits! your transcript will say that you earned them at so-and-so accredited college. Even though it shows the semester and year you earned them in, your transcript won’t say “this person actually took a high school class for this”. it’s like… if you took evening courses at the local community college. or, as i said, had an overachieving clone. 

is this different than AP credits? yes and no. it’s the same as in you can “skip” a certain course in university because you’ve “already taken them”, but with dual college credits, it’s accepted by graduate schools (like med school, etc) as well, whereas some graduate programs do not recognize AP credits as college credits. also, with dual college credit you don’t have any pesky extra exams to take, and you really just gotta get a C or above to get the credits (getting an A or a C will still earn you the same 3 credits)

will every university accept dual college credit from my local community college? it depends if your university recognizes that course as part of its official syllabus. the most common ones will be accepted (like… MAT101 or BIO101). underwater basket weaving 101? maybe not.. 

but is it a waste of money? it is if you don’t plan on going to university, or if the courses you take aren’t recognized by your university. but keep in mind dual college credits are usually waaayy cheaper than the $ per credit at a university.

also remember: unless you attend the same college, your dual college credits are on a separate transcript. you will need to request it should you transfer universities or apply to graduate schools. 

and if you have specific questions regarding dual college credit, it’s best to talk to your school (either your teacher or your advisor). the gist of it is the same, but specifics may vary between schools/college. (i also don’t know if dual college credits work when applying to international programs, so if that’s the route you want to take, talk to your advisor first)

i took dual college credits in high school for some math and language courses, and when i got to university, i didn’t have to take any math classes, and i used the language courses towards some required “humanities” credits. so it got me pretty far ahead in the game. it’s really a good investment for the university-bound. 

(*this is for high schools in the US.. i’m not sure if other countries have this program)


weaving material studies for my (extra)ordinary materials class. weft materials include stainless steel and rice paper in a plain weave on an 8-harness loom. some of my warp threads are getting stuck in the heddles and not lifting but i like the pattern that it is creating. it’s been so long since i’ve woven…i’ve forgotten how cathartic the process can be. 


See this right here is what nasty, oily unwashed hair with bad extensions look like. Dont say they styled her hair for the video to look like this. Why does all the other girls hair look healthy but just teased and Perrie’s hair look disgusting. She needs to stop with the hair dye and give her hair a break. Her hair is so damaged even the extensions she gets dont match her natural hair and that a big no no in Weave 101. Someone help this child out before all her hair falls out!