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Raise your hand if you would marathon the hell out of a TWD spin-off of Daryl and Carol that mainly consisted of them being domestic as shit and making heart eyes at each other.

I know I’m not the only one.  


Another often underused aspect in post-apocalyptic fiction: clothes

In olden days, before industrial clothing manufacturing was a thing, people used to own a single set of clothes. Medieval wanted posters and missing posters often described people by what clothes they wore, because the idea of them switching clothes as unlikely. Giving somebody new clothes was a big thing, and giving them your clothes as collateral meant you put a lot of trust in them.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, where the industrial and agriculture industries that are responsible for our abundance of clothes (cotton, wool, mechanical weaving, etc) don’t exist anymore, things are ought to be similar. People would own a single set of clothes, maybe a few if they collected some old world dresses that haven’t burned up or got eaten by mutant moth.

[lmaooooo so i stumbled across this blog two days ago and immediately fell in love. I may have accidentally contradicted established canon in here b/c i haven’t read everything and i really wanted to join in, so i really hope i’m doing this right.]


You think it was, perhaps, a bad idea to name yourself after your characters. You think it was, in fact, a bad idea to go to Elsewhere at all. It wasn’t even the university you wanted to go to; you had wanted somewhere close to home, where you could maybe visit on weekends and call up your mom whenever you managed to fail at doing adult things like laundry, as you knew would inevitably happen.

And yet…when you found Elsewhere University, it was in your state. It was not thirty minutes’ drive from home. And it was intriguing. You still probably wouldn’t have gone, would have chosen the college you’d been dead-set on for two years, would have slipped the net and been normal

Except you saw one of Them. You saw a flash out of the corner of your eye, and you didn’t know the rules, so you spun to do a doubletake, and you saw it, saw Them.

You aren’t sure what happened after that–it gets a bit blurry–but the next thing you knew you were sitting at orientation, your things already in a dorm guarded by salt and an iron horseshoe.

You have been told you’re one of the lucky ones.

You major in animation. Or you had wanted to. The memories of your classes don’t stay in your mind all that well, but you manage to churn out the same A-to-B grades you had produced in high school. You aren’t sure how you’re doing it.

You try to follow the rules. You try to remember. You have seen the consequences. For once, instead of trying to stuff everything into your head and hoping your shit brain won’t forget something, you write them down in a notebook that never leaves your backpack.

This is probably a bad idea. It may even be a disastrous one, but if it is, you haven’t heard the rule that warns away from it, and you are scared enough as it is that you, with your autism, might miss a social cue or be unable to pick up an unspoken rule and end up offending the Gentry anyways.

You once read a tumblr post that said changlings were the explanation people came up with to explain kids with autism in the far distant past. Obviously, this is not completely true, because the Fair Folk are real and real changlings are too, but you take some measure of comfort in that post and pray your own autism will endear you to the Gentry instead of offending Them.

But the real problem is, you became an animator (or wanted to, at least) because you are a creator. You invent things, weave worlds, and when you came to Elsewhere University you came already carrying a large, elaborate tapestry of a world, filled with magic and a fey that had its own internal systems, thought out, explained in depth, and with the sketches and maps to go with it, formed over four, five years of loving care and writing and drawing.

You have your own magic, and your own fey, and they do not mesh well (they barely mesh at all) with that of Elsewhere. Nobody knows about this, and you have put your world to the side, because everything in you screams DANGER at having something like this around the Gentry. You keep all you have of it in your closet, and you salt the edges of the closet plus a circle around the bag you keep it in, then scatter iron nails inside the circle. That world is precious to you, and you will take no chances with it.

So it was probably a stupid idea to name yourself after one of the characters in it.

That isn’t even the only problem, or necessarily the true problem. The true problem is you put yourself into the characters you create, and this makes that name almost as dangerous as a True Name after you get used to it.

You didn’t realize this until you looked into the mirror, and your hair was several shades lighter than it should be. You were able to puzzle out the problem, fortunately, and in a spasm of panic you switched your alias to a different character before it got too far and you became your character.

Except, because you’re a moron, you switched it to a character just as close to you.

This carried on for a while, and your eyes got bluer, and then your skin got darker, and then you got taller, until finally, in desperation, you ran a name generator until you found something with no association to your characters, but still felt nice as a name. Not too nice, of course.

By then, though, you didn’t look much like yourself anymore. You curse your idiocy, but the only way you can think of getting your original appearance back is to use your real name, or else the name you used on the internet. You aren’t that stupid. And it’s nice, sometimes, the way you look now.

You really, really hope the name you generated doesn’t end up being a True Name for this other you.

You are learning the true dangers of being a writer, artist, creator, in Elsewhere University. You are far too close to your stories. And if you write yourself into them, you worry that story will become Truth.

The Gentry are like that, you’re fairly certain.

So you watch your words and make sure your characters don’t resemble anybody (or anything) too closely when you sketch them idly in class, and when you write, you do it inside a circle of salt. It isn’t exactly comfortable, but you need your words, your art, your stories.

You do not know if you are doing this right.

You really, really, really hope you are.


drippy--paint  asked:

Could you make a post on little things you can do to be happy? I just got evicted and my mental state just went down a lot. I find happiness in small simple things but I can't think of anything right now. Sorry for being annoying. thanks.


Here are some sea cows to make you feel better ; u ; I’m so terribly sorry about your situation. Do you have a safe place to stay? If you set up a gofundme or youcaring account for us to donate to, please send it my way so I can share with everyone! I can’t imagine how hard it must be right now, please hang in there. This might be a tough situation but I believe that you’re tougher, especially with some help from friends who care about ya! I love you so so much. Okay anyways onto the list. 


weave silk into cool patterns (artsy and easy to use)

mood boost!!! (get flattered by a computer)

strangers give you hugs (videos of strangers offering hugs)

look at cute animals (blog of baby animals!!!)

1 correct answer = 10 grains of rice (help donate rice to feed the hungry) 


1. Make some slime!!! {here’s how}

2. Try out one of eighteen different facial masks {diy recipies here}

3. Here’s a playlist of popular songs but in musicbox form. It’s nice to just listen to it while laying down {click for link}

4. Take a nice bath with oatmeal lavender soak in it! It’s easy to make!

 1 cup Epsom salt 

1 cup quick oats

 1/2 cup baking soda

 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Grind up your oats in a food processor and mix all this stuff together, store it in a big jar or gallon sized plastic baggy. It should be good for about 4 baths! The oatmeal will soften your skin and the lavender’s aromatherapy properties will help calm you down!

5. Take an epson salt bath. You can buy a big bag of it from Target for about $5 and you’ll have enough for A LOT of baths!! They come in different scents like tea trea/eucalyptus/lavender/etc and are all pretty darn awesome for calming down any muscle tension. Light up a few candles and relax. Bonus Points if you do it after a nice workout/neighborhood walk. 

6. Have a laugh. Listen to some Louis CK stand up performances while laying on the couch or sitting outside. It’s even more fun with friends {click for comedy}

7. Make a bonfire with friends. You don’t even need a beach or woods to do this. Just find someone with a firepit, go to the backyard and burn some wood when it starts getting dark outside. You guys can roast marshmallows and sing karaoke together. It’s a cheap way to make sure everyone has a relaxing night, just make sure you’re safe around the fire (keep a gallon of water nearby just in case)!!!

8. Bake some sugar cookies and decorate them with friends. A pack of sugar cookie mix is like $2 and you can form them into funny shapes or cover them in sprinkles/frosting. You and your friends will have fun making a mess in the kitchen. Plus they taste awesome. 

9. Snuggle. A pillow. A pet. A friend. A lover. A family member. Build a fort of pillows and blankets to snuggle in, grab your buddy, and go go go. Snuggling is great when you feel like poo.

10. If you’re not a touchy person with others, try spending time with a pet. If you don’t have one, find a friend who has one and see if they’re cool with you sliding by. Tell them you wanna take their dog on a walk even and see if they’ll let you. Or brush their cats. Or pet their rats. Or lizards. Feed their fish. Cute animals just make everyone feel a little better ahhaha.

A small psa. 

Those enormous franchises with super detailed world building, an amazing and large cast of characters, and a complex plot that weaves all those things together at the same time? Those are written by TEAMS of writers over a period of years. 

“All popular characters start out as a person’s OC.” True, but they are also finessed by multiple minds who are paid for the privilege. If your universe isn’t as sprawling as Mass Effect, or your character designs not as visually interesting as Overwatch, or the plot’s not as good as Fullmetal Alchemist, please remember that none of these things sprang into fruition fully formed. It took blood, sweat, and tears of many people to make them happen.  

What I’m saying is, don’t beat yourself up comparing your creations to tv shows, video games, book series, etc. You’re one person. Set goals and standards based on what you as an independent individual are capable of, not what successful teams have already achieved. 

Taking A Question: Where Does Magic Come From?

Hello people of the Internet…

We’re back with the 2nd episode of Season 2 of our Taking Questions, where we take the most popular, strange or just thought provoking questions and answer them in the many ways we know how…

And today’s question is on “Where does Magic actually come from? According to D&D Lore.”.

So if you want to hear the history of magic, where it comes from, and some super secret magical stuff…

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Little Star Wars Headcanons

You know those people who always, without fail, lean too far back on their chair, so casual it looks practiced? 

Han Solo is one of those people. (He never falls though) 

You know those people who are always moving, ever so slightly, their fingers drumming on tables or weaving things of the air, their feet jiggling? 

Jyn Erso is one of those people. 

You know those damn people who always wear tight or sleeveless shirts while exercising so everyone can be blessed by their muscles? 

Kylo Ren is one of those people (although everyone’s too frightened to look) 

You know those people who casually brush your back with their palm as they walk by, a friendly reassurance as soft and unobtrusive as they can make it? 

Obi-Wan is one of those people. 

You know those people who can silence an entire room with a single look? 

Leia Organa is one of those people (Rey is training to be) 

You know those people who drag their feet and stumble, but not because they’re dejected, because they’re looking up at the sky and it’s so captivating a view they can’t be bothered with this walking nonsense? 

Luke Skywalker is one of those people. 

You know those people who look stern and solemn and you’re not sure if they like you or not, but when they smile it’s like someone has split open the sky and let every beam of sunlight and starlight pour in? 

Padme Amidala is one of those people. 

I’ve spent so long dreaming of fictions that they become real, in some way. They assume mannerisms and their own sphere of existence. 

Feel free to add your own ‘little’ headcanons! 

Honestly we should get a bunch of therianthrops to get together and go on an adventure. Go hiking and camping up through some woods headed up a mountain. Want want want want like everyone could just be shifty when they felt it and not when they didn’t and it would be so fun
I can just see stuff like foxkin running around together
Felidae napping in trees together
Wolfkin hanging out together and acting as protectors in a way
Avian kin teaching eachother birdcalls and weaving things out of sticks and bows
Bear kin lumbering around together and marking trees

Anonymous asked:

How do you avoid an info dump when world building? My story takes place in a futuristic world where a lot of the plot is based on what happened in the past, so I’m finding it hard to avoid explaining and just show the reader.

My post Weaving Details Into the Story talks a bit about this. Ideally, you want to spread those details out by weaving them into other things that are happening. For example, say you have to characters who have to make a spaceship cargo run. During that flight, they could strike up a conversation that leads to discussion an important historic event. That way, the details play out in dialogue while something else important to the story is happening. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Story Shard 575

Fruit Dragons:

-They carefully cultivate an orchard of their favorite fruit trees, since fruit is their main food. If a bug infestation occurs though, they will eat every harmful bug to protect their trees.

-To start their orchard, they will find an open field or meadow and plant the seed of their favorite fruit. Once planted they use a special spell only known to their kind to rapidly grow the tree. 

-Usually the size of a large housecat, they are long and slender with dexterous clawed paws. Their scales change to match either the fruit of the tree they’re in or the fruit they are craving.

-They can fly but have no wings, as they would get in the way as they check the branches on their trees. They are often checking their trees for dead branches, damage, and such.

-In their oldest trees they weave hammocks from things like vines and stash their hoard their. If one tries to approach one such tree, they will be viciously driven from the orchard.

anonymous asked:

What are some fun backyard DIY activities for dogs? A small pool? Agility jumps? Weave poles?

All those things are great. You’d be amazed what you can do in a small space with a couple of jumps. For a pool, you can add toys that float and some that sink to make it more interesting, or you can fill it with sand and bury toys and treats. You can toss food around the yard for your dog to sniff out and hang toys and treats from trees if you have any available. I like to teach my dogs to wrap trees so I can send them across the yard and then back to the other side to fetch a toy. Wrapping trees is also a great way to teach directions (wrap left vs wrap right). If you don’t have trees, any vertical object works; I’ve used pool noodles held up with garden stakes, and lots of people use trash cans. Flirt poles are great for small spaces, but remember to incorporate impulse control training in every session. That’s a game that can become too stimulating for many dogs, and the impulse control training helps prevent them from being overwhelmed. Some dogs like sprinklers, water guns, or chasing bubbles. You can use an unscented soap for the bubble mixture and add your own scents, like thin broth or vanilla, to make things extra interesting. You can wrap treats in newspaper and toss it out in the yard for the dogs to shred. My dogs love to shred paper and boxes even without food, and it’s easier to rake up the bits outside than pick them up inside. You can try hiding toys and treats under plastic flower pots, cones, or cans so your dogs can knock them around. (Of course, be careful using cans that might have sharp edges. You can cover them in electrical or duct tape to ensure they’re not sharp.) Some dogs enjoy playing with big blocks of ice; you can try freezing some in metal bowls and it should fall out naturally after warming in the sun a bit. Some people hide toys and treats in ice blocks, but I have yet to see a dog who will play with a ice block with stuff in it who wouldn’t play with an empty ice block.

This list is getting kind of long, so I’m going to stop here. I hope that gave you some ideas to try out.

anonymous asked:

hi, do you know what kind of offering is appropriate for Athena ? I already tried olive oil but I used this offering several times and I'm afraid she could be upset about it. Also do you know any other way to worship this goddess ? thanks

So, first things first, you do not need to worry about mixing up offerings. You can give the same thing every day for as long as you worship and it’s still a good offering. Think about libations, mixed wine was the standard since that’s what people were drinking with dinner, so they’d pour out some mixed wine for the Theoi. Different offerings are/were appropriate for different festivals, celebrations, holy days, and rituals; but different offerings for daily worship are not a necessity.

Next, for the most part, historical offerings on a general basis did not vary between different Theoi. You’d get slightly different types of offerings between Ouranic and Khthonic Theoi, and you could give special offerings based on what things are sacred to a Theos, but the offering list for the most part is going to look the same for any given Theos.

For Ouranic Theoi (like Athene) you’re looking at a general list like this:

  • Branches 
  • Bread 
  • Cakes 
  • Cheeses 
  • First Fruit of the Season 
  • Fruits in general
  • Honey 
  • Incense
  • Libations
  • Meat, especially cattle
  • Milk 
  • Olive Oil 
  • Statues
  • Thigh bones, the tail, vertebrae and the sacrum of animals 
  • Vegetables 
  • Wheat 
  • Wine mixed with water

If you’re looking for inspiration for specific/special offering based on what is important to a Theos, then looking at the way They were portrayed in ancient art, the cultic practices surrounding Them, and Their myths can be great places for inspiration. Theoi.com is a great place to start, and searching Pausanias’ Descriptions of Greece for Athena can be a big help as well.

Snakes, horses, owls, and a Gorgon head all appear frequently in art depicting Athene. Along with a helmet, spear, and shield. She’s also strongly connected to weaving. Images of these things (or taking up hobbies relating to them) can be good offerings.

Reylo Oneshot - “Star Weaver”

I originally made this as a spam convo for @cobwebbing inspired by this post, and then she wanted me to share. 

Seated behind her, fingers tangled in her hair, he tells her they are jasmine flowers.

He pauses in the middle of his ministrations to show her one. They’re so outrageously tiny and his hands–suddenly huge, cumbersome, oafish for such delicate work–methodically try to weave these little things like stars into the silk of her hair.  

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Tentative inverse leg weaves, using the rear feet target to get her turning inwards.
(um.. iOS imovie messed up the audio so I just replaced it using YT, no need to turn it on)


So lately I’ve seen a lot of people on my dash down and so I decided to update this list with the hope of helping someone feeling down. So:

  • here are some photos that will hopefully also help :)
  • and here is a list of people you can always talk to :]
  • here are some calming posts 
  • here are some hotlines
  • here are some cute animals
  • here are some distractions
  • here are some funny posts
  • here is the page that i will keep updating
  • here is my ask box if you need anything

To help you relax/calm down:

Do nothing for 2 minutes / The dawn room / To help you calm down / Things to help you relax / calm sounds / Pop balloons / The quiet place / A calm place /search up calm noises / calm tune / how to nap / how to make a comfort box /emotional baggage check / rainy mood / bouncy balls / calming manatees /Neon flames / weave a silk / create a sound / nature sounds / explore the sky /make it rain / cloud flow / imagine / yoga / take a long nap / sea cam /  storm sound /  ocean waves / make a calm jar / virtual piano / any noises / self soothing / self soothing techniques / meditate / easy meditations / guided meditation / lucid dreaming yoga / breathing exercises / how to calm down / helpful tips / 3 practices / how to calm anxiety / 3 breathing exercises / 6 breathing exercises / yoga bunny / meditation for beginners / about meditation / yoga video / yoga routine  / yoga to make you happy / guided meditation / meditation tips / belly breathing / muscle relaxation / bouncy balls / grow some flowers / tangle things / make your own spacey wavey thing / explore the universe / 10 relaxing games / paint / bloob

cutting alternatives:

self harm alternatives / fatal to the flesh *trigger warning* / alternatives / letting it out / for when you’re feeling angry / instead of cutting / feeling down /

Suicide hotlines:

help phone / imalive / 7 cups of tea / The comfort spot / blah therapy / worldwide hotlines / survivors of suicide / different hotlines / mental disorders explained /hotlines / online help/ resources / us & uk hotlines /give/get comfort

understanding mental disorders, info, and coping:

invisable disabilities / types of anxiety disorders / what is a panic disorder / panic disorders & agoraphobia /coping with an anxiety attack / helping someone with an anxiety attack / what not to say to someone having an anxiety attack / what a obsessive compulsive disorder /  more on ocd / coping with ocd / living with someone who has ocd / whats ptsd / coping with post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) / understanding ptsd / what is a social anxiety disorder / coping with social anxiety / how worrying effects the body / ptsd explained / ptsd and dissociation / what anxiety thought are like / coping with triggers / managing stress / living with anxiety /explanation of anxiety and tips for dealing / understanding your own feelings /

cute things:  

animal images / animal videos / games / cute animals / kitty cam / calming manatee / puppy / movies / more games / plant some flowers / play with a pet / sleeping dogs / animals vs mirrors / ipet companion / cat bounce /


places to see / help someone else / watch a movie / distractions & coping skills / inspirational stories / learn new things / weave a silk / when youre bored or sad / music thing/ lucid dreaming/ learn guitar / learn a new language / creepy websites / the color game / make a mind palace / explore the world / musical sea creature /babies experiencing things / 7 day positive challenge/  beautiful nature / draw a nebula / suger cookies recipe /100 things to do / anasomnia / 100+ games / make your own font / travel withought moving / play with a pet /sonic bubbles / useless websites / explore the universe / animals playing dead / recipe masterpost / recipe resources / fandom recipes / 10 relaxing games / paint / create picasso heads /

To help yourself:

get motivated / how to love yourself / how to care for injuries / how to take care of a burn / how to stop bleeding / how to handle an overdose / natural antidepressants / how to fade/cover scars / what to do when someone sees your scars / how to change your life / self injury guidence / positivity / make a comfort box /  self injury recovery  / reasons to stay alive / how to be alone /advice / self-care / confidence / how to take care of yourself / addiction recovery / coping skills / easy meditations / guided meditation / lucid dreaming yoga / breathing exercises / anasomnia / social anxiety test / how to boost your confidence / motivating video /not having a good day? / thought diary / coping with triggers / managing stress / distractions / grounding techniques / more grounding techniques / even more ground techniques / mindfulness / mood diary / help guide / work outs / recovery tips / taking care of yourself / be positive

things that will hopefully make you happier:

get compliments / make everything okay / get hugs / feeling okay? / hope /feeling bored / reasons to smile / kitty cam / partied out balloon / reasons to stay alive / feeling down? / self soothing  / self soothing techniques / yoga to make you happy / not having a good day? / more compliments / things to remember /plant some flowers / play with a pet / get morivated / you deserve to live // bat dad vine //

playlists :

don’t be down / happy, happy, happy / cheer up!! / feeling down? /upbeat / for when you’re feeling sad.. / be happy! / songs to listen to when you are feeling sad. / anxiety/panic attacks / dashboard session / nostalgic. / it’s okay, not be okay. / anxiety’s lullaby / don’t be sad / songs that make you feel better / hey man, it’ll be okay. / note to self. / forget about it / baby don’t cut / note to self. // good feelings / close your eyes /exhaustion / breathe /  

acts of kindness:

/ free hugs experiment / tipping servers $200 / little acts of kindness / 21 acts of kindness / paying for peoples groceries /  givesmehope

if anyone knows the source of the picture please let me know so I can give them the credit