weaver's cottage


I am seeing things so differently during this reread of ACOTAR/MAF. Until this point, I’ve always read this passage and thought that the Weaver stopped singing because the ring was touched. 

But now I think it had nothing to do with the ring at all. The Weaver never should have sensed Feyre’s presence.

“She will not notice a knife, as she has knives in her cottage for eating and her work. But things that are out of place–objects that have not been there  … A sword, a bow and arrow … She might sense those things.”

“If we’re correct about your powers,” he said, “if the Bone Carver wasn’t lying to us, then you and the object will have the same … imprint, thanks to the preserving spells I placed on it long ago. You are one and the same. She will not notice your presence so long as you touch only it. You will be invisible to her.” (ACOMAF pg. 211-12)

Feyre never felt the presence and tug of the ring until she realized she and Rhys were one in the same. At that moment, her magic…Rhysand’s magic…connected with the ring, and the two recognized each other as one. Like calls to like. 

The Weaver never noticed Feyre at this point because her newly Made essence was that of something that already existed in the cottage. The Weaver has some trinket or other from every High Lord, and Feyre is made up of each of them. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

That is…until Feyre reconnected with her human fear and memory. And that’s when all Hell broke loose.

( … ) soaking that human part of me that hadn’t died and belonged to no one but my miserable self. (ACOMAF pg. 221 - emphasis mine)

The Weaver had nothing of the human Feyre amongst her hoarded baubles. Feyre’s humanity, her mortal soul, stuck out like a sore thumb.

Why is this passage significant? The ability to go completely undetected by the most feared and horrendous creature in all of Prythian (the Weaver of the Wood), so powerful and evil that even Amarantha had kept her distance, might play a humungous role in ACOWAR. Feyre could potentially use this power to a war-altering advantage. And I hope she does. You slay, Lady!

Honestly, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out. But I was super hyped at this realization and thought I’d share. 

Ianthe's Power

Even at her end, we never learned anything more about her power than an ability to light a ball of faelight. I guess you could interpret Ianthe as either being powerful or weak.
I tend to lean towards the latter.
We know what Ianthe is like, she makes a spectacle of EVERYTHING. I find it hard to believe that Ianthe could have been sitting on a goldmine of power and never to have properly used it.
I think a lack of magical power could explain how hungry she was for political/sexual power. She only seems to pursue very powerful High Fae (Rhys/Lucien/Tamlin). Why go to such extreme lengths for one type of power of you’re already powerful in other ways?
Even when she entered the Weaver’s cottage, all she did was lift a faelight. You could argue that she didn’t have time to reach to the weaver, but surely a powerful fae might have done more.
Maybe Ianthe’s backstory is one of a child who disappointed her parents with inadequate magical talents, so clawed her way upwards. Becoming a High Priestess and forcing powerful High fae to bow before her.

15 Beautiful Villages in Europe

The idea of a beautiful village is to have a picture postcard scenic value with ideal seclusion and serenity. For years many villages in Europe have been hidden to the human eye, but Europe is full of beautiful villages which travelers find beautiful and breathtaking.

1. Bibury, England

Described as ‘the most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris (1834-96), Bibury is considered one of the most picturesque villages on Earth. It is a charming and typical Cotswold village in England. The major attractions in Bibury are the Arlington Row, a row of weavers cottages built of local stone, the Bibury Trout Farm and the Saxon Church, the Church of St Mary.

2. Smögen Village, Sweden

Once an old fishing village, the island of Smögen is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque places you can enjoy in all Bohuslän. Here, you are welcomed by a long quay of seafront wooden houses that run for several hundred miles along the sea border and many tourists find it the perfect holiday spot to enjoy the awesome west coast beaches of Sweden.

3. Najac, France

Also known as “l’un des plus beaux villages de France” (one of the most beautiful villages in France), is among the top beautiful places in France. The population here varies with the seasons. Though during the winter not more than 100 people live in this town, during the summer this place is heaving. It is considered remarkable for its seclusion and tranquility.

4. Hallstatt, Austria

Located between Salzburg and Graz, in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria, Hallstatt is considered the most beautiful lake-by village and is a UNESCO heritage site. Boating, hiking, surfing, visiting the salt mines and the ice caves are few of the many things you enjoy doing at Hallstatt.

5. Colmar, France

Colmar provides the travelers with the wonder of a medium sized town combined with the rich heritage of France and Germany both together. A range of architectural styles, from German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque, can be spotted in the old town. You can have the perfect seclusion and enjoyment along the silent canals, cobblestoned lanes and half- timbered houses.

6. Reine, Norway

Also called as ‘the soul of the Northern Norway’, this is the perfectly picturesque village with blue-watered bays, long stretches of meadows covered with flowers, dramatic cliffs, towering mountains together with the wonderful silken Arctic light. They have a fishing fleet as well as long attracting artists to keep you engaged while admiring the beautiful scenery around.

7. Albarracín, Spain

A small town 30 minutes from Teruel and two hours from Valencia, Spain, and this beautiful village gives you the feeling of being in the middle ages instantly as you enter. This little sleepy town amidst of its wonderful mountain ranges has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site mostly for its medieval architecture, narrow streets and the tranquility.

8. Cong, Ireland

Cong is the most famous village in Ireland for fishing, historical significance and peace of the surroundings giving you the peace of mind and relaxation you are craving for. Ireland’s school of Falconry, Cruises, the royal abbey, Ashford castle and the ‘Quiet man’ museum are among the famous tourist attractions.

9. Gruyères, Switzerland

The town has its name given mainly for the area as well as its’ famous cheese. Situated at the foot of the Pre-Alps, you will be amazed and totally mesmerized by the breathtaking view and the medieval architecture this village has to offer to you. This village not only offers you many places of interest including the Gruyères castle, HR Giger museum, Tibet museum and the cheese factories, but also lets you enjoy sports and hiking as well.

10. Bled, Slovenia

Bled ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water and is famous all around the world for its beauty and picturesque views. The fresh air around Bled gives you the divine pleasure of relaxation with the serenity of being cut off from the noisy and busy metro life.

11. Manarola, Italy

Besides the beauty of this little town, hiking your way down to other towns nearby is the main reason why tourists find this village attractive. This is a small fishing town which belongs to the Cinque Terre if Italy which translates to five lands which are connected by one walking path.

12. Pučiśća, Croatia

This is one of the finest holiday locations for people out from the busy towns looking for relaxation and fun. Apart from the picturesque value, this village also offers you many archaeological sites for those who are interested.

13. Telč, Czech Republic

This is one of the most beautiful villages in the Czech Republic, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it is said that the facades of the houses surrounding the city main square are one of the most photographed places in the whole of Moravia.

14. Monemvasia, Greece

This town, which is separated by an earthquake from the mainland of Greece is with a history of hundreds of years of kings and queens and its castles are much older than the USA itself. Tourists can hike in the rocky hills of the island, swim in the Mirtoon Sea, and enjoy the fresh, local cuisine.

15. Montresor, France

Montresor is a small village complete with a Renaissance castle and the old protective walls and is listed among the 157 most beautiful villages in France as well. Montresor has the charm and the beauty of a small low-key village but together with the history and architecture of the middle ages.

zeaalyszea  asked:

can we get just one more cute feysand scene pretty please? :)

Lucien did not bother to hide the slight curling of his lip. As if he could see the mating bond glowing between Rhys and me. His eyes-both russet and golden-slid down my body. To my hand.

To the ring now on my finger, at the star sapphire sky-bright against the silver. A simple silver band sat on Rhysand’s matching finger.

We’d slid them onto each other’s hands before coming downstairs- more intimate and searing than any publicly made vows.

I’d told Rhys before we did so that I had half a mind to deposit his ring at the Weaver’s cottage and make him retrieve it.

He’d laughed and said that if I truly felt it was necessary to settle the score between us, perhaps I could find some other creature for him to battle- one that wouldn’t delight in removing my favorite part from his body. I’d only kissed him, murmuring about someone thinking rather highly of themselves, and had placed the ring he’d selected for himself, bought here in Velaris while I’d been away, onto his finger.

“A ring.

   A ring of twisted strands of gold and silver, flecked with pearl, and set with a stone of the deepest, solid blue.  Sapphire - but different.  I’d never seen a sapphire like that, even at my father’s offices.  This one… I could have sworn that in the pale light, the lines of a six-pointed star radiated across the round, opaque surface.

   Rhys - this had Rhys written all over it.

   He sent me here for a ring?”

 — Feyre in the Weaver’s cottage, p. 220 & 221 in A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas