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My 2016 summary of art~
I drew a lot last year (yay!) and was indecisive so I ended up making 3 versions.
The last one is a best of version (not related to months, just picked what I thought to be my best works)~

Here’s to hoping to improve even more in 2017! ·`ω´·)9

2014 http://jisunshines.tumblr.com/post/106677987623/2014-work-summary-january-sheryl-nome-macross
2015 http://jisunshines.tumblr.com/post/136006765808/my-2015-works-summary-in-2-versions-sure-drew-a

anonymous asked:

So I've felt like I should start working with Frigga for a little while now, but a big part of her aspect is about motherhood. Children aren't in the plan for me and I'm not entirely fond of spending too much time with them, either. Would that be a problem? I love the kids of my friends, I just don't want any of my own and I don't really like spending time around random children.

I don’t think that’s a problem, there’s a lot more to Frigg than motherhood she is also a völva. To me she is also a goddess of domestics and hospitality, she aids me in my journey in of self love, she is the weaver of skies and fates. 💞 
She’s a welcoming woman, give it a shot! I love working with her.


I participated in a fun hashtag in Twitter where I drew a series of effort-free drawings for RTs!
The two big ones on the top are FE characters (Lon'qu and Silas).
Some of the rest of them are Lanziee (Tales Weaver / Children of Rune) and Princess Lucia (Song of the World).
I realized this is a good way to give back to my followers. Wonder if there’s a way I can do the same on Tumblr?

Apparently, he thought it would be a good idea to have an unbeatable boss.

Context: I was playing a game where my party consisted of me, a fate-weaver that is essentially Fate itself, my son, a death-reaper, a half-ifrit, and a shape-shifter. Our DM was subbing so that our usual DM would have a chance to play. He happened to be heavily into Pokemon at the time, so he decided to make Giratina, a legendary Pokemon, as the final boss.

DM: (After having Giratina transport us to another realm) There is absolutely no way that you could defeat them.

Me: Wait, can’t I just cut its life tapestry?

DM: No!

Me: Yes I can.

DM: No, you can’t.

My son (Our usual DM): Yes she can.

DM: No, because it’s a god.

My son: She has the tapestries of everything that lives, this has been established before. She even has Death’s tapestry, along with her own and mine.

DM: (Several minutes of silence)

Me: Yeah, I cut the tapestry.

DM: (Obviously upset) Fine. Giratina disintegrates into dust.

♔ ; I can’t believe I’ve actually reached such a massive milestone. I have never had this many followers on a role playing blog & when I picked up Malzahar only six months ago as both my début into the league community & with as a new muse, I never dreamt I would have this many followers. I know I can be very slow with my replies so it means so much that you have all stuck with me for as long as you all have. I hope in this new year I’ll get to know you all better & get to write fabulous threads with all of you !!

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so today is the anniversary of this blog & i have also passed my last milestone. i just wanted to say that i absolutely enjoyed the last year & can’t wait to thread with more of you in the future. i really appreciate every single one of you & you all encourage me to write to the best of my abilities & branch out to try new things. i hope you all enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing it for you. once again, thank you for supporting me !!


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