weaver of dreams

The Fire Signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Split open by light

In the beginning, there was Fire. First we have Aries - the big bang. The eruption of light, emulsion and stardust into something beautiful, surging and gorgeously primitive. Then we had the Sun. We had Leo. The warmth of God’s unconditional love, the nourishment of soul and body, the protective force, and the bedazzling energy rays. And finally, Sagittarius bursts with conscious intuition, the broad spectrum of understanding and knowledge, the spindle of enlightenment, the pinnacle of free will and cosmic vision. The Fire signs are the beacons of flame throwing and extroverted creativity. They have the Earth knowledge of nature particles and the energy to manifest earthly magic. They have the Air mental power, fresh curiosity, and ability to float above the emotional bed of tears. And they have the Watery divine instincts, the action that follows intuitive impulse, the loss of body as the soul takes flight.

Aries is the brand new cosmic breath that replays the baby’s first giggle. This is the moment of first breath when the astrological imprints entangle in our psyche. Then we have the battle for individuality and self worth in Leo - and this process creates group consciousness. In Sagittarius, the ego has died, repeatedly in Scorpio and finally risen with his spiritual third eye spinning in imaginative and esoteric dance. In archetype, we have Cardinal Aries - a pioneering dragon who breathes heavenly fire to dissolve the boundaries and push the limits further. With the sunlight leaking from his bones, Fixed Leo emits the global solar power and navigates his way into the spotlight, encouraging focus into the creative talents of man, the supple beauty of the body and the artistic, theatrical exquisiteness that springs from the human hand. Mutable Sagittarius is the rainbow chameleon, the dream weaver that spends his days in the stars, dreaming and dreaming from today until tomorrow, quivering his bow and arrow into the clouds as he paves the way for the manifestation of fantasy in the Midheaven.

The Fire signs represent the moment of initiation, when we start breathing (Aries), when we start exhibiting and loving (Leo), and when we start understanding (Sagittarius). With Fire, we are specifically speaking of intuition, and the strokes of divine purpose. The Aries newborn still stitched in the protective arms of God. Leo, who thinks he is a God in human form. And Sagittarius, who aggressively seeks an intimacy with God that leads him on a trail through philosophy, psychology, astrology, and religious history. The Fire individual rarely looks for a deity or a spirit guide to dictate him purpose and direction. He expresses, explodes from his own, pure emanating source, the guru that sits and waits within

art: Vladimir Volegov *

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]