blackout clarifications

black self-love is NOT white oppression

any white people feeling particularly uncomfortable with all this great gorgeous melanin on their timelines today should look into why those feelings exist.

post your selfies on the whiteout tags, too, don’t let them take this.

don’t let the self-love die down after today!

now, some make-upless/weaveless selfies because those are cool too 

My hair growth journey.

My hair was damaged and just got disgusting from years of perms ranging at about 3 inches long (No Lie!) . My hair is about 12-13 inches long now. i’ve been growing it for 2 years now. ive decided to stop perming and just let my natural havr grow back. No big chop! i refuse to cut it. Keeping my hair well moisturized and braided up helped it grow tremendously. 

My hair before perms … 

My hair 2 years ago …. 

My hair after a few months without a perm … 

My hair after a year without a perm … 

My hair today …. (Straightened)

The conditioner i use …