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How do yu maintain that hairstyle?? Sry if yu answered that Q already...lol

Hmm i may not have. I just tie my scarf on it at night ensuring that my leave out are laying  down flat and fluff out in the morning, row by row if it’’s necessary. I may spritz with water and add some HE condish if it’s needed. Thats it! As for wash day that’s easy too, i dilute my shampoo n conditioner with water and spray my scalp in btwn the parts. I add a leave in and seal with an oil and let air dry. Fluff when dry it’s soo easy! 

FOR MORE INFO IN MY CURRENT HAIR JUST ADD /tagged/weaveinquiry to my url and see the FAQ’s

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hi. are you wearing a u-part? and where did you purchase the hair if so? what kind is it? sorry for all the question but your hair looks so beautiful and i have been searching for something to blend with my natural hair. :)

Hi! The second most recent photo of mine is linked to the YouTube video I followed with ALL the info. Click the link

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Hay hun I love your new hairstyle but what I was wondering is what brand it is? Been looking for a new style but I doubt if you do tell me the brand that Im going to find it seeing that I live in Barbados... I hope I do though and what are your thoughts on diff colours? I want to die my hair in two diff colours or something like two diff colours in a weave but I dont know what style to do it in...yea I know its kind of a dilemma :S

I posted the pic of the hair. Google it and you’ll find the sites that carry it online. As far as colors goes i wanted to try a different color other than natural black but i didn’t want the blending to be an issue so i decided against it. It definitely would make things complicated. 

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how much did you leave out? whats your base look like beehive or straight back? Does this hair shed? I need details!! lol I thot it was Bohyme looka great

I left out like maybe an inch or two. The braid pattern is modified behive i guess since i have the side part. Shed? Uh yea! It’s not Remi haha but it’s not shedding as much as i remembered though. I think cause im not trying to detangle it with a comb. I’ve learned my lesson. finger comb only or you’ll want to kill yourself over the tangles lol. Yea i was going to try the Bobraz but im scared of shedding. If the hair is cheap it’s expected but not when im spending more money.

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I knowww. I've had all types of milky way hair and they usually get taken out within a month. The only hair I've NEVER had a problem with, is this brand called ONYX. I made a wig out of it some months ago, last year, actually and It is still wearable with low maintenance. I'm lazy when It comes to tracks lol. Thanks soo much :) Have any tips on how to take care of Milky Way? I still haven't mastered it.

Well for the wetnwavy for the most part i treat it like my own. Wash weekly, moisturize and seal, air dry, use a scarf and satin pillow case at night. Finger comb only and i like the clumping so i don’t use a comb to detangle. Im a soldier when it comes to my hair/weave so i go to any extent to make sure it’s on point, how ever many hours it takes. I’ve never met another person with as much patience. So i don’t know if any of you guys have the tolerance for this hair haha. But it looks good ImO lol 

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heyyyy =) have a few q's
did your milky way hair last a good while or does it just looks good for the first couple of days then start shredding and looking crazy?? i adore it and it looks beautiful on you.

second, does doing sew-ins damage your natural hair in comparison to braids/twists as protective styling??


 I’ve gone 2-3 months with one install of the milky way hair. The way i take care of it it just looks better and better the older it gets. I don’t allow it to get like a bird’s nest. Why would i do that to myself! lol. It is high maintenance tho if your new to this. From my experience sew-ins has been a better form of protective styling than the senegalese twists i had. I had a lil breakage at the hairline and i’ve never had any setback with sew-ins while transitioning and since being natural. When i was relaxed? Hella damage! But i now know how to properly care for my hair no matter the style it’s in. 

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I just wanted to comment on the shedding thing:
I heard that if you use frayblock on weft that it cuts down on shedding. I don't know if that's true though.

Yes ma’am i do that for Remi hair…but i don’t have the patience or desire to do that for BSS hair lol. Thanks alot though for the info!!!!! You were lookin out!

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so that hair can be straightened? and how much was it because i've been searching for something to put in this head of mine for prom.lol

Yes it comes straight in the pack. It’s not as straight as depicted on the package though. But who cares…if you want straight hair just buy straight hair right? Price varies. Google it